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Period : August 28 - September 6, 2000
In this issue : K3, Marrakesh Emballages Ensemble, Think of One, Ann Christy, Hooverphonic, Eavesdropper, TMF-Awards

September 6, 2000

K3, the girly threesome which has been breaking each and every sales record in Flemish music over the last year with the singles from their album "Parels", have a brand new cd up and ready (even while the old one is still in the top 10 of best-selling albums over here, and as they are doing increasingly well with their debut single "Heyah Mama" over in the Netherlands at this very moment. Heck, in our stats, they are even the most-listened-to band in this archive at the moment). The band & management will present this new cd, entitled "Alle Kleuren", next Saturday in Bellewaerde (a theme park for kids).
Of course, the album won't contain a drastic musical change and is completely done in accordance with the rule "never change a winning team or formula". The songs and soon-to-be soundtrack of your life if you have a daughter in the age region 6-12 is Alle Kleuren (the current single), Hippie Shake, Yippee Yippee (the new Heya Mama, and the next single), Ik ben verliefd op Leonardo (about herr Caprio), Oma's aan de top, 1-2-Doe me me mee, Nacht uit een miljoen, Laat de wind maar waaien, Om te dromen, Ik wil jou, Jongens zijn gek, Doe maar, and last Het Gordellied (the other side of the current double A-side single).
The album is in the shops as of September 12.

De Standaard reported yesterday on a strange incident which involves the new release of Think of One. On the back of their second CD with the "Marrakech Emballages Ensemble", a project for which the Belgian band is joined by a number of musicians from Morocco and plays a mix of maghreb-music & rock, the band has printed the telephone number where the band can be booked.
No news so far, but then weirdness strikes : because there was a slight error in the telephone number, the destination of phonecalls is not Think of One or Lowlands, but the secretariat of Vlaams Blok in Brussels (for anyone foreign to Belgian politics : this an extreme right wing Flemish nationalist party). The label was quick to react and wil be putting a sticker with the correct number on all CD's. The release date of the Cd is set for September 19.
Strange coincidence indeed, as there already was a bit of controversy about the track "Trap het af!" (get out of here), a song in which the band mixes an Arabian chant with a rap that repeats a number of the racist predjudices against immigrants. David Bovée & Thomas de Smet on this : "that song was a bit of a joke, to say "get out of here". ... But there were immediate reactions to it, even when we played it last year on the troubled spots of Antwerp such as Hoboken & Borgerhout. There were people saying "hey, this is outrageous", thinking we meant that literally, notwithstanding the fact we play Arab music. We heard it from the organisers, who got angry letters about this. There were even some Vlaams Blokkers who said : "those guys have the guts to say it out loud".
An entire live-show of the band at last weeks Lowlands festival in Holland can be relived on the net at the 3voor12-site. More info on the new cd in an interview with the band at Cucamonga.

The team behind the "Ann Christy Revival" is relentlessly sending out press releases and newsbits about the upcoming events (the cd, the tribute concert, the documentary, video shoot).
Exclamation marks apart, this is the info :
- On Sunday November 19th, the Oktoberhallen in Wieze will be staging a tribute concert, with a number of Flemish and international stars (dubbed "Ann Christy All Stars") covering her songs. Between the live acts there will be "unique" footage of the singer herself. Reservations for one of the 2480 tickets priced at 1200, 900 & 600fr: 0495/501911 or
- On September 12th, there will be a video shoot for to accompany the song 'Luister eens naar anderen' (a song she recorded in 1983 but never released). The organisers are looking for about a hundred volutneers to figure in that video, which will be shot in zaal Chivas in Waarschoot, between 10 to 22 o'clock, in a direction of mr. Edwin Ysebaert himeself (ex VRT-presenter who is the man behind the revival, in accordance with Marc Hognoul - the current Mr. Liliane Saint-Pierre and former Mr. Ann Christy - and his son). The song will be released on September 22, the date on which Ann Christy would've celebrated her 55nd birthday, and originally was her entry to join the preselection of Eurosong 1983 (the year Pas de Deux was sent off to the contest). The single will contain a remastering of the song done by Luc Smets (the Pebbles) and the original demo.
- Somewhat related is the news that the new single of Vanessa Chinitor will be a version of the song "Ik neem vandaag de trein" of Ann Christy. And on that bright note, we conclude ...

September 3, 2000

The search for the official title of "Novastar webmaster" (see the poptelex edition of June 20) is coming to a close: over 200 people reacted to the challenge, and over 50 have actually made a site. The results of their labour of love is online, and you can be the judge of it : at the voting booth, you get randomly picked sites from the lot, which you can grade with a "disgusting", "bad", "dunno", "i like it" or a "fabulous".
After going through 'em all, I can honestly say may favorite is certainly not this one, but probably this one, this one or this one. Favourite comment found : "The nice thing about building a site is that you can get to use all kinds of new techniques. With this site, I've made use of flash (first page). Unfortunately, the demo expired a little early, otherwise the whole site would've been in Flash". Duh. Favourite new thing I learned : the n°1 site of Joost Zweegers is ... (suspense) ... The Belgian Pop & Rock Archives (or so he apparently said in an interview with Computer Magazine).

August 31, 2000

News of the week here in Belgium, music-wise, is of course the first "major" release of the season, the new, 3rd album of the trippop formation Hooverphonic.
Here are some interesting facts about the new (& very good) album:
- the album has cost 8,000,000 Bef (170,000$) to record, surely making it one of the most expensive Belgian albums ever. Some of the reasons for this costs come from the fact that the first three weeks of recording were trown away, as they apparently were heading in the wrong direction. The record company hopes to sell 500,000 of it, much more than the 150,000 of the previous two albums (the band just received a gold album for 25,000 copies of "Blue Wonder Power Milk" here in Belgium).
- There are 11 songs on it, and the second single is going to be "Vinegar & Salt", one of the tracks that is consistently named as the best by reviewers who heard the album. The other song that gets best marks is "Jackie Cane", a song written by Alex in partnership with Cathy Dennis (had a hit with the house-formation D'Mob and a subsequent succesful solo-album "Move to this" in 1991).
- The album is the first of Hooverphonic as a trio, as Frank Duchene and Alex Callier were fed up with each other. Frank Duchêne is nowadays a rather succesful producer of all kinds of bands and has recently opened a witty site about himself at
- Just as the debut album, this album was produced by the band itself.
- In Belgium only, it comes with an exclusive extra CD that contains a remix of "Mad About You", a quicktime video of that same song, the entire 11 minutes-long uncut version of "Visions" (the song that they wrote for the opening of Euro 2000) and some "Magnificent Tree wallpaper". Through the innovative use of internet, however, American or other fans can also buy this album easily from the comfort of their homes (simple : buy it at Frontstage ).
- The album will be released in almost all European countries in the next weeks, but in the States only at the end of September. The band will then head over to the States to do a tour of at least 30 cities, together with the electronic musician BT (Brian Transeau), the artist that created the soundtrack for the millenium dome (Pffffffffffff?). The plans for this tour can be seen at Jensenergy.
- More info : the official Hooverphonic site is getting really good, or there's an interesting interview (in Dutch) up at the site of Cucamonga.

Red Zebra are celebrating 20 years of "I Can't Live In a Living Room", and want to do that in style. They have been plotting and planning a very special show all year, and the outcome will be seen on October 28th in the Stadsschouwburg of their hometown Brugge, and for a seated audience. There will be plenty of special guests (the site does mention already that Chery Derycke of Elisa Waut will be joining them that evening, but more will be announced).
Places are limited, so if interested, see this page at the Red Zebra-site for reservations.

August 29, 2000

Yves de Mey, aka Eavesdropper, is releasing his soundtrack for the theater play "Aars!" as a CD on his own Knobsounds label (distributed by Lowlands).
"Aars!" (indeed, the dutch word for arse) is a theater play by Peter Verhelst & Luk Perceval and was a co-prodution of the Antwerp Toneelhuis & the Dutch Holland Festival. It premiered in june, but is now back on stage for a full month in the strange location of the Military Hospital in Antwerp (details at the site of het Toneelhuis).
Eavesdropper, best known for his drum'n'breakbeats & appearances at I Love Techno, was closely involved in the production of the play (he's even listed as an actor), described his contribution as "a scenery in sound" and the process of making a cd out of it as "an ordeal to go ruminating and digesting the whole thing again, to end up with a cd that can stand on its own and still is part of the whole. Cut-copy-paste. Eight pieces of music, as souvenirs, as cd-worthy bits of drama. About 1800 different sounds and/ or samples ... Drones, clicks, beats and silence in a seemingly random order ...". The cd is entitled "We're always hungry", and can be bought after the theater shows, or from September onwards in the shops.

After quite a succesful year of establishing itself on the Flemish television scene as the local music-clips-station, TMF is gearing up the pace again towards its annual "TMF awards", which will be handed out this year in Ghent, in the "Sportpaleis".
A number of Belgian and International bands/artists have been preselected (and are presented on the station), and now it's up to the viewer to decide the winnes in each category.
The Belgian nominees are :
- as live act: Arid, Janez Detd & Praga Khan
- as "most promising": Janez Detd, Belle Perez, The Oh
- as best dance : Fiocco ft. Scoop, Da Boy Tommy, Milk Inc.
- as best single: Milk Inc. - Walk on Water, Novastar - Wrong, Praga Khan - Power of the Flower
- as best singer: Joost Zwegers (Novastar), Gene (X-Session), Jasper Steverlinck (Arid)
- as best rock band : Soulwax, Arid, Metal Molly
- as best pop band : X-Session, K3, The Oh
- as best rnb/rap : ABN, Hof van Commerce, Krewcial
- as best album: Novastar - Novastar, Praga Khan - Mutant Funk, An Pierle - Mud Stories
- as best singer: Sarah Bettens, An Pierlé & Axelle Red
- and finally for the award as best video : Hooverphonic - Mad About You, Praga Khan - Love, Wizards of Ooze - Cheezy, Axelle Red - Parce que c'est toi or Soulwax - Much Against
The voting booth is right here.

August 28, 2000

Some reactions to the story of the "great drummer swap" that we wrote here on August 20:
- Trigger Finger is a bit sad about the fact that they were not once mentioned in the article, although Mario Goossens is also is the drummer of this band. Trigger Finger is a trio of Ruben Block (ex-Sin Alley, and with Angelico), Wladimir Geels (another ex-Noordkaap), and has a nice site up at, where you can pick up interesting tidbits such as the release date of the Angelico-album (October 8th), or the news that a certain Mr. Goossens is planning on getting married in November, in Las Vegas.
- Stijn Meuris wants to point out that I have my seasons all mixed up : His new band Monza will record next spring (nót in the fall 2001), and wíth Mario Goossens. Moreover, the debut CD is scheduled to appear just before next summer, as the group has plans on making some major havoc during the festival season. And all this despite the fact that Hooverphonic hasn't only "snatched" their drummer, but also David Poltrock, the keyboard-player of the band. Which leads me to the next loosely related newsfact : that same Mr. Poltrock also hits the keyboards with Babel (a band singing in Dutch, the successor to The Boondocks), who are going to release their debut album in September, featuring one track sung by ... Geike Arnaert of Hooverphonic, who have today released their new album "The Magnificent Tree" and are touring live with ... (this is starting to look like a puzzle where every piece fits every other piece).


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