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Period : September 12, 2000
In this issue : Derek & Vis, Bukowski vs Brusselmans, Bruno Deneckere, Tony, Bruno de Groote, Vive La Fête, Gorki, Soulwax.

September 12, 2000

"En in Gent? en in Gent? en in Gent?", was the chant De Mens got the Oude Markt shouting at Marktrock this year. The local scene in that City is now rising to the challenge:

Derek & Vis have another album up and ready to go, After their trip to French lyrics on the previous album "Cabaret Sauvignon" and their best-known single "Petit Lapin", they have returned to songs in English on the cd "Makin' Water". In the press-release, they describe the new cd as "the most grown-up record of Derek & Vis, and probably their best". On a musical level, the new songs can be situated in the world of Bob Dylan ("Sandblast" ows to Bawb), the young Tom Waits, a touch of salsa (the single "Candle Burning") and Van Morrison ("a truly great song is the menacing, desperate "Come with the night"").
However, Derek & Vis (descendents of the rockband Derek & The Dirt) don't stop at that, since both have also done some things on their own : Vis (the pianist, aka Yves Meersschaert) has recorded an instrumental solo-album, which will be distributed only on a small scale (after gigs and such), called "Mon Paradis". Meanwhile Derek (the singer, guitarist aka Dirk Dhaenens) has written a booklet with poetry, called "Romantisch varen in een bootje op een vijver met een beeldschoon meisje" (romantic rowing in a boat on a pond with a beautiful girl).

Dood, verveling, vrouwenDOOD, VERVELING, VROUWEN
Death, boredom & Women, are the themes which Derek (see previous newsitem) and Tony (see next newsitem) thought that their favourite writers Herman Brusselmans & Charles Bukowski have in common (they forgot to mention "an ugly face, an alcohol addiction, too much cigarettes, greasy hair and a distaste for VTM-presenters", but that would've made up for a less attractive billboard). Since Mr. Bukowski is not from Ghent and dead for several years already, they asked Brusselmans to stage a literary tour with that very title.
The programme will consist partly of music (Bruno, Derek&Vis, Tony all presenting songs from their new albums) and partly of reading out stories or bits of literature from the two writers. Complete tour-schedule (between september 22 in Leffinge and November 11 in Leuven) and a more clever presentation are up at the Derek&Vis-website.

Very closely related to the previous items is the CD-debut of a new act from Ghent : Tony. After a first single-release in 1999 called "1917" as "Tony & His Famous Men" (after his first song for a band called Pilgrim, a touring band with people from the same scene that makes a trip to Prague each year and consists of Derek, Vis, Bruno Deneckere (see next message), Boy (soundengineer) & himself) , he has now recorded a full-cd with the tasty title "Love Like Porn". The cd was recorded with Derek & Vis again, but also with Pim de Wolf (previously of Derek & The Dirt, but nowadays with Thou), who has steered the cd in a guitar-driven direction, citing influences such as The Smiths, R.E.M., Pulp, or Nick Cave. "an intense pop album with sharp edges. Eleven songs about impossible love, sex, Glasgow, and loneliness".

Shorter, but still news from the same city :

Bruno Deneckere, the modest singer-songwriter who made his solo debut two years ago with the beautiful "Beyond the Pink Flowers" and who was the singer/guitarist of the Boom! garage-band Pink Flowers before that, has his second solo-album out. No details about it yet, but the cd is called "Down the Road" and already in the shops.

Another citizen of Ghent called Bruno de Groote, is named as the replacement of Filip Casteels in the band El Fish in todays interview with that band in Het Nieuwsblad. The "Super Bruno" in question was the singer/guitarist of the awesome blues outfit Mambo Chillum (from Ghent) and currently doing his stuff with the Ladybirds, Esta Loco or Son de Luxe. In the interview about the A12-project which will go on tour now (see the news of November 16,1999 for info about that, playing dates are up on the El Fish-site), it is also said that there will be a CD of the A12-soundtrack (mostly instrumental songs by El Fish & Geert Waegeman), and that El Fish will be touring Belgium and abroad for about 8 months together with Roland in the next year.

Musickness reacted to the message below saying that there is absolutely no truth in the rumours : they confirm that Vive La Fête will continue. Some of the next gigs are 29 Sept: N9, Eeklo. 05 October: Effenaar, Eindhoven 10 October: Fashion special Christophe Lemaire (Parijs) 28 October: Kadans, Aalter. 11 November : Jette.
Original message was :
I Haven't been able to get some solid confirmation on this one, but the rumours are very persistent that Ghent-based synthpopkitschband Vive la Fête is in its last days : the reason for the break-up of the band is simply that the relationship between Danny Mommens (dEUS) and his girlfriend Els Pynoo has ended, so there's apparently no solid reason anymore to continue sighing sexy french words in each other's ears anymore. The gig they did recently at the Dutch Lowlands-festival still sounded sexy enough, though (an real-audio file of the entire show is up at the VPRO 3voor12-site).

And since no news about the scene in Ghent is complete without these three :

"Eindelijk Vakantie" is being released in South-Africa. Gorki will be heading over there (with Dirk Jans of de Mens as drummer) to present the single "Ik Ben Aanwezig" in that somewhat dutch-speaking country. The band will also be performing at the "Aardklop"-festival on September 26 & 27. In October, Gorki will be going on a tour of small clubs in Holland (starting September 30 at Atak in Enschede). In Belgium, the band will be touring again in the winter: it will be a tour of cultural halls (première on February 9 in the AB in Brussels), and there will be a number of "surprise guests" on stage each evening. To fit the occasion, Luc de Vos will also be reading some of his columns in between the songs, and the tunes will be performed on instruments such as accordion, harp or clarinet.

I (heart) DAS POP
That's the title of the upcoming and much anticipated first album of former Rock-Rally winners Das Pop. Release date is now set for : October 16th.

After a batch of summer festivals and smashing reviews for the Reading and Leeds appearances (NME: "Legends in their own stagetime"), Soulwax are again mounting the pressure on Great Britain to succumb to their charms. On September 18, they'll be releasing "Too Many Deejay's" as the new single in the UK. Stephen has been editing a new version of the video (the original one is up at the soulwax site at PIAS). Good news is certainly already that BBC Radio 1 has put the song on their "B List" (meaning they will be played about 15 times per week). There's even a new tour coming up, with 9 dates in England and Schotland during the month of October.

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