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Period : October 5-12, 2000
In this issue : Mozaïek, Big Brother, Sharko, 2 Fabiola, Ann Vervoort, Dead Man Ray, Eden, Vera Coomans, Tom Theuns

October 12, 2000

The Flemish version of the Endemol-television voyeur-soap Big Brother is turning out to be a growing success (all info you could possibly want is at, and now there's a musical extension to the hype as well. The A-side is the song "Leef" (live), the theme tune of the show which was recorded in a "flemish" version with the band Mozaïek, assisted (?) by the voice of presenter and Kreuner Walter Grootaers. On the flipside is the song that the inhabitants of the house sung during their first week, making their own lyrics to the tune of the song "Big City" by Tol Hanse.
When the same single was released in Germany and Holland, the tune sold massive amounts, so this might well be a smash hit here as well. Don't say I didn't warn you.
Buy "Leef" at , where you can also find the "music choices" of the inhabitants of the Big Brother house. Almost exactly as predictable as the answer to the question : who is going to show her boobs to the camera today?

October 10, 2000

The wayward musician David Bartholomé has struck again, with a second full-cd, strangely enough entitled "Meeuws". The singer explains the title with "there's an opportunistic reason, to strike the eye of the Dutch-speaking audiences. A second reason is that is was the name of a great football player of Standard Liège, Walter Meeuws. And third : is that Meeuws is a six-letter word with only two syllabes, so the word is potentially very simple, yet it is a difficult word: that sums up my music quite good".
On this album, for the Bang!-label again just as the precursor "Feuded", Sharko is David Bartholomé, Teuk Henri (from Rawfrucht) and Thomas van Cottom (of the band Venus), although he admits it's stil not a band, but a "personality with the aid of two musicians". The result is emotional and personal rock with an eye for detail.
Here's an interview with Sharko at the Cucamonga-site.
Buy "Meeuws" by Sharko at.

At a busy press-conference by last week, Patrick Claessen (known from his work in the flemish showbizz & dance, first as on of the trio Leopold 3, later as the dance producer Pat Crimson with projects such as Nunca & 2 Fabiola) had some news to tell : 2 Fabiola is no more. Not that this was a big surprise to many, as the two members of that band (Pat & the ravishing Zohra) already have been staying away from each other for ages. But now it's official.
Of course, the number of journalists at the press-conference might also come from the fact that this occasion was also the presentation of the Dennis Black Magic nude calendar that was shot of his soon-to-be wife and ex-Milk Inc. singer Ann Vervoort.
The pair will now go off to Ibiza, where they will get married in March, and will be trying to get a new dance label off the ground: Benimusa. Pat Claessen vowed that he will return on the dance scene in big style : "I'm going for the MTV Awards, Jos van Oosterwijck and De Muziekdoos cannot satisfy me any longer" he was quoted as saying. A first release should come out in May 2001. The nude calendar of the ex-Milk Inc. singer however is already on sale (costs 1.500 Bfr. and can be bought at 0800/57.057).

October 9, 2000

Current Belpoptop
Hooverphonic "Vinegar & Salt"
Mauro "Faint Smile"
An Pierlé "Tower"
Fence "Sportlife"
Dead Man Ray "Woods"
Arid "All Will Wait"
K's Choice "Almost Happy"
Novastar "Caramia"
Gorki "XTC"
Janez Detd "Take on me"
-> Vote Here

On the left you can see the brand new edition of the Belpoptop. I didn't want to make the mistake of putting something related to voting and Belgium on the right, you see ;-(
Anyhow, this list is supposed to be the cream of the crop of Belgian songs decided on by the visitors to this website. If you don't like the list, go ahead and change it. Please do, cause there are plenty of new song that are quite eager (and talented enough) to enter. Some suggestions include :
- Kamino "How Can I Miss You If You Won't Go Away" , third single from this Antwerp band.
- Novastar "Lost & Blown Away" : fourth single from the debut album of this soon to be internationally acclaimed artist.
- Hooverphonic "Vinegar & Salt" : second single from the wonderful album "The Magnificent Tree".
- ABN & Luc de Vos "Ex-Liefdadigheid" : strange cooperation between hiphopcrew ABN and the soft cookie from Gorki.
- Das Pop "The One" : the first single from the album that's coming any day now, entitled "I love Das Pop".
- Praga Khan "Sayonara Greetings" : third single of the "Mutant Funk" album, Sisters of Mercy revisited.
- Tongue "La Scène" : First single of this Brussels-based band from their debut album "[a]venture" on Magnet Records.
- Jan Leyers "Only Your Love Will Do" : theme-song from the brand new Jan Verheyen movie "Team Spirit" by this ex-Soulsister.
So go ahead and vote now ... You can even win a copy of Betty Goes Green's latest CD "Dreamers & Lovers" in doing so.

Something from Antwerp that's worth exporting, hmm. Well, there was a band playing at the "Rock The Vote"-concert last Saturday that was quite good ...
Dead Man Ray has been released in France since last week. For that market, they have compiled an album "Berchem/Trap", which is exactly what it sounds like : a mixture of the best from both their Berchem and Trap albums, being : Beegee, Inc., Stain, Bread, Moid, Perfo, Chemical, Horse, Copy Of 78, Woods, Toothpaste, Brenner, Jahwe, Ham, Nezt, Tunnels, Tham, Preset, making it exactly 9 songs from each of the albums.
Some of the reactions/presentations of the French to this album can already be seen on "ze web". Les Inrockuptibles has an interview with Daan, even including streamed video of the thing. And has set up a presentation of the band (nice typo in the introducing alinea : I also "Miss My Jazz").

October 5, 2000

Today, Roos van Acker - TMF Deejay, radio-DJ and one of the female singers in front of Eden - announced she will leave the band. She cites "lack of time" and some differences of opinion about the direction the band was heading in. It is unclear if she will make some music on her own, although she acknowledged she wanted to "do something" with triphop or drum'n'bass. The other members of the band declared they will continue with the band. They'll audition a new singer and continue working on a third CD.
Tonight, she gave her last performance with the band at the Cultuurcafé in Brussel, although Roos said the performance was only "so-so", due to the mixed feeling everybody on stage was having about her decision.

After two incredibly heartwrenching albums with accordion-player Filip Hoesen (Sad Eyes of 1996 and Silent House of last year), Vera Coomans (formerly the singer of Rum and in the eighties briefly but unforgettable as Madou) has found a new compagnon in arms: with guitarist/mandolinplayer Tom Theuns (also one of the members of the new folk band Ambrozijn) she has recorded a CD for Wild Boar Music. The title of the album is "Something Within", and it contains mostly American traditionals and blues-songs (The Cuckoo, When A Train Come' Alone, Careless Love, Saint James Infirmary ...) and a few songs of the Black Heart Procession. The album was produced by Tom Theuns, who was assisted by Thomas Devos (actually the son of Vera Coomans, and the guitarist of the promising band Rumplestitchkin) and also features guest-appearances of Steven De Bruyn (harp) and Dajo De Cauter (standing bass). It'll be in the shops as of the middle of October.

- K's Choice webcast from the fan club convention in Brussels, on October 7th. Throughout the day, there will be a number of chats with bandmembers and fans, and a webcast of two concerts : an acoustic one in the afternoon (appr. 16:15 CET) and an electric show between 21 and 22 10 PM. The page to keep your eyes peeled on for details is
- Das Pop are actively promoting the fact that they have a first album coming up : in conjunction with Humo, they are giving away the current single ("The One") for free as an MP3, even including the artwork of it. And it doesn't stop there, as each day they are presenting a new track of the album (not in MP3 but in a realaudio stream of about 2 minutes). Das pop-up.

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