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Period : October 15-23, 2000
In this issue : Arno, Roland & Wannes Vandevelde, Viva Musica, Soulwax, Tom Helsen, Cinema Musica, Team Spirit, Jan Leyers, Aaron Tippin

October 23, 2000

Arno will show his good heart again next month : for the cause of Amnesty International, he will be hosting a concert in the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels. To spruce up the evening he'll be inviting a whole bunch of guests on the stage : the names confirmed so far are Tom Barman (of dEUS), Axelle Red, Stef Kamil Carlens (of Zita Swoon), Starflam, The Fucking Dewaele Brothers, Zohra, Sandy Dillon, Reggie (once part of Technotronic), Jean-Luc Fonck (of Sttellla) and ... Stephan Eicher.
Place to be : AB, November 11 2000. Tickets (750 fr) still available. Sold Out.
This is not the only news, as Netbeat reports that Arno plans to release a "Best Of" album in November (just in time for your X-mas trees) : There will also be a few "inédits" on the album, such as a version of "Look What They've Done To Our Song" which has become "Ils ont changé ma chanson" in a duet with ... Stephan Eicher.
According to the same source, he is currently already recording material for a new release, although no data is set for that.

Roland Vancampenhout (with a career that went from folk to blues and rock) and Wannes Vandevelde (with a career that went from jazz to folk and flamenco), have now recorded some of the songs from the program with which they have been touring the country together on a cd, not surprisingly entitled "Nomaden van de muziek" (the nomads of music).
The album was recorded "live in the studio", and is released on Virgin. On it, there are a number of songs from both artists, plus a number of cover versions such as Dr.Hook's "Baby makes my blue jeans talk" and Bob Dylan's "Masters of War" and a few traditionals, such as "The Cuckoo" and "As Time Goes By".
Overview of the new tourdates can be found at the site of Garifuna.
Buy the album "Nomaden van de Muziek" at .

At the end of this week, Brussels will be the gathering point for the Belgian music industry in all its aspects again, as the second edition of Viva Musica will be held in the "Palais de Congrès".
The programme for the four days is absolutely crammed with a lot of interesting debates, exhibitions, showcases (and unfortunatly also with a lot of less than interesting debates and showcases).
A try at pointing out the most intersting workshops & themes :
- Thursday October 26: conference on the legal position of the artists in Belgium, and Jazz-evening, with the celebration of the Django d'or (Belgian jazz award).
- Friday October 27 : conference on 'the future of copyright", and concerts by Yel (french rock), Mundane (rock-pop), Asskickers (cross-over), Citizen Pain (emocore), Jean-François Maljean (variété), Funky Fly (funk), Groovy's Band (world-groove).
- Saturday October 28 : Conferences on "installing a home-studio" and "Downloading, illegal or not". Concerts by The Grand Piano, Rhythm Wicked, Disfunktional, Mud Flow, Scarrots, Vanilla Coke, Gloin, Sharko and Admiral Freebee. In the evening, there's link night, with a party in the parking tower, with dj's such as Sven van Hees, Charles Chillings, Superfunk, Derrick May, Steve Stoll, Michel Traxx, Cj Bolland, Marco Bailey.
- Sunday October 29 : classic and electronics.
The entry prize has been fixed at 250, but you have to be really careful not to get hit with free tickets (just listen to a radio station or check a serious website to get yours).
All this info and more (although considerably more 'flashy') is at

The Soulwax boys & girls are making it harder and harder for their die-hard fans to follow their every move: today, a concert they did in Cardiff was broadcasted by the English Radio 1. On November 4, they'll do an even more "exotic webcast", as the gig they'll play "UK Live" show will be broadcasted live via sattelite in Japan (on the channel Viewsic, available to 3 million Japanese viewers, on 16 big screens throughout Japan and in 22 Virgin Megastores & 16 HMV shops).
Today, PIAS has released a limited edition of the album "Much Against Everyone's Advice", only in the UK. The album comes in box with an extra cd containing 7 tracks : Saturday (Morning After Thrill), Conversation Intercom (live), Overweight Karate Kid (live), Temptingly Yours (live acoustic version), Conversation Intercom (Vocoder Intermix), Mike Rule (Joe Cream Mix) and Saturday (Roger Manning mix), and comes in an unusual orange sleeve. Belgian or other non-UK fans can buy the album from online cd-outlets such as (who lists the cd as "Much Against Everyone's Advice Box Set").

October 18, 2000

Amidst all kinds of woo and rumours of things not going so good in the music scene in Belgium (Erik & Sanne are doing their last tour together! Get Ready retreats for "at least half a year", not without using the attention this message has got to sell you new cd! Boysband calls it a day!- help me out here : who was Boysband?), there is hope at the end of the tunnel : Tom Helsen is doing Great!
After a few years of relative silence (after a second place in the Rock Rally of 1996, behind Novastar, he released a titleless debut album in 1998), Tom Helsen will now be releasing his second album "Tom is Doing Great" on Zomba (Rough Trade). If you pay some attention, you will have already heard the current single, the emotional "When Marvin Cries" . The production of the album was done by Joost Zweegers of Novastar, who also co-wrote some of the songs on it.
The album will be in the shops as of October 23 (can already be ordered online), and it will be presented live at the Club of the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels on October 28. The band (Tom Helsen is a band now, with drum, bass and guitar) be going on a club-tour after that, the dates of which you can see at the Humo-site.

October 15, 2000

Next Tuesday (October 17), the movie festival of Ghent is hosting a new edition of the "night of Cinema Musica", in cooperation with VRT Radio 1. On the programme are the Flemish Radio Orchestra, who will be accompanying other performers and will be bringing a "cop movie"-suite (themes from Serpico, Usual Suspects, Untouchables ...). The artists in front of the orchesta will be Jan Leyers (songs from "Team Spirit"), Paul Michiels (some of the songs he did for the Dutch-spoken version of the Disney-movie "Tarzan"), Eva Van der Gucht & Tekla Rheuten (the two female protagonists of the movie "Iedereen Beroemd", who will be singing the van het Groenewoud songs of the soundtrack such as "Lucky Manuelo"), and last but not least Wim Mertens, who'll be playing some of the songs he wrote for "Father Damien" (the music was eliminated from the director's cut of the movie, btw).
Location of the "Nacht van de Film en Cinema Musica" will be the big tent near Decascoop-Gent. Tickets are available in limited amounts via e-mail ( or telephone (070 225 225). Mind you, the prize of this extravaganza is 1500 Bf a piece.
The filmfestival in Ghent has it's own website at, Cinema Musica has a little page at the Radio1-site.

And as we were talking about Flemish Movies : the much hyped movie soccer movie "Team Spirit" has just hit cinema's across the country (the pic on the right is from the movie, and depicts Michael Pas & Tine Reymer, who you might also remember as the singer of Flowers for Breakfast).
The trailer features music by Praga Khan, but the soundtrack was written by Jan Leyers (one half of the Leyers, Michiels & Soulsister combination) : there is of course also a cd (predictibably entitled "Team Spirit O.S.T."), out on Sony Music. Besides the yummy theme song "Only Your Love Will Do" there are a number of existing songs which were re-used (eg. Sunny Side Up "She Makes Me Happy", Ks Choice "Dad") and a number of new compositions sung by others (Coco Jr, Salomé, Paul Michiels, Geert Hunaerts).
More info about the Jan Verheyen movie can be found at, the sountrack can be bought at.

And as we were talking about Jan Leyers : this talented composer has just received a certificate the American equivalent of SABAM that the song "That's as close as I'll Get To Loving You" , as performed by Aaron Tippin, has hit the milestone of being played over 1,000,000 times on American radio stations. This sad country song is a Jan Leyers composition, and already gave him some reasons to be proud of 4 years ago, when the song topped the country billboard listin the United States. In Belgium, this song hasn't even been released at all. In an interview with Gazet van Antwerpen, Jan said he was of course happy about that ("it sure helps to keep my 4 daughters happy"), and that he will probably be putting the song on the repertoire when he starts touring again with Frank Van der Linden in November.


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