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Period : November 9-13, 2000
In this issue : Axelle Red, Leuven Kort, Novastar, Miam Monster Miam, Eregallerij 2000, Rudy Trouvé, Suki Love, Camden Slide Store.

November 13, 2000

One week after Axelle Red performed the last concert of her year-long tour promoting "Toujours Moi", at the prestigious venue that is the Olympia in Paris, and just a few days after she was one of the ravishing guests at Arno's Amnesty-benefit here in Brussels (she did a version of TC Matic's "Que Pasa", and a duet with Stephan Eicher in "Lean On Me"), she is releasing her fifth album.
"Alive" is her first live album, recorded on various "etappes" of the French tour in 2000, and it spans songs from her entire career (songlist = sensualité, Ce Matin, A Tâtons, A quoi ça sert, Elle danse seule, Le monde tourne mal, Just the 2 of us, A 82 ans, Parce que c'est toi, La réponse, Ma prière, Je t'attends, Aretha et moi, Rester Femme). Even more interesting is the fact that the first batch of the CD's is a limited edition, that comes with an extra DVD, containing a really large amount of images/film from during the concerts, live, backstage and other unreleased photo material or shoots (1,5 hours in all).
You can buy the limited edition CD of Axelle Red "Alive" already at.

Leuven Kort, the short-film festival in the university town of Leuven has taken a slightly different form this year: no longer the venue is 't Stuc, no longer you need to get out of your lazy chair to vote on the candidates for three categories of short movies (animated, fiction, and videoclips). It is that last category that is most relevant within the context of this site.
The selected video's are :
- "Cheezy" (music of Wizards of Ooze), a clip by Hans Buyse
- "Electronica for Lovers" (music by Das Pop), a clip by Sam Vanoverschelde
- "Love" (music of Praga Khan), directed by Raf Wathion
- "Mud Stories" (by the nimphette An Pierlé), a clip by Koen Gisen
- "Right from Wrong" (by the Dutch band Caesar) in a clip by Jürgen van Gemert
- "When Logics Die" (by Soulwax), directed by Soulwax's own Stephen Dewaele.
- "Your Shadow" (a song of Lunascape), by Walter Hilhorst
Voting (and of course : viewing the videoclips in broadband if you've got the fat pipe it takes to do so) can be done at The prizes (from a professional jury and of your votes) will be handed out on December 17th at 't Stuc in Leuven.

Joost Zweegers (if you don't know the man: he's the singer from the deathmetalcore band Novastar and the Belgian version of Eminem), has been caught in the act: several newspaper report on the fact that he was sentenced in court in Turnhout last Friday. The felony which cost him a fine of 45.000 fr. and a suspension of his driver's licence for 14 days is that he drove away from a terrible car crash (he dented a rear view mirror, parking), came back to view the damage, and still drove away despite a witness pointing out the damage done (that dent in the mirror).
His dirty gangsta tactics are proving their worth however: his album was the fastest rising in the album top of last week here in Belgium, despite it being over half a year old already and having already sold 40,000 copies of it. Maybe this is also due to the ultraviolence of the clip for his newest single "Lost & Blown Away" , which features footage of the singer being totally pulvarized (eat that, Robbie Williams!).

Miam Monster Miam, one of the stranger & surreal artists/songwriters from the south, has just released his second album (the first one was "Cum at the Liquid Fancy Fair" in 1998): the album is entitled "Hey Tank!", and features 19 shortish songs which hover between "en vrac, aux Pixies de Franck Black, aux Beatles, aux Beach Boys ou ŕ Beck" (as said Le Soir). Miam Monster Miam is the music project of the 21-year old Benjamin Schoos.
To promote the album, La Soundstation in Liège is staging a Miam Monster Miam week, with an exposition (of "Interplanetary drawings from Hey Tank!"), videoclips (a video has been shot for the song "A Desperate Trail" ) and free concerts : on the 14th in duet with Sasha Toorop (Zop Hopop), on the 15th in duet with Loïc of Flexa Lyndo, and on the 17th in conjunction with Sharko).
More info at La Soundstation, the site of Miam Monster Miam, or at the e-zine Nameless.
Buy Hey Tank at .

November 12, 2000

Last Friday, the very first edition of Radio 2 Eregallerij was handed out in the posh surroundings of the Casino in Knokke.
The aim of the prize - organized by the show Sjoebidoe - is to give a sort of "badge of eternity" to "popular songs from Flanders". (they refer to the American Hall of Fame as an example). The process of election was done by a jury (Jos Baudewijn, Ward Bogaert, Jan Schoukens, André Vermeulen, Frans leven, Roger Van Ransbeek, Al Van Dam, Jan Jaspers, Etienne Smet, Marc Brillouet, Guy De Pré, Jan Heymans en Rino Ver Eecke) that elected 25 songs from pre-1970 (next year's edition will cover 1970-1980).
The nominated songs were "Eenzaam zonder jou" (Will Tura), "September Gouden Roos" (Bob Benny), "Oh lieve vrouwe toren" (La Esterella), "Marina" (Rocco Granata), "Seven horses in the Sky" (The Pebbles), "Een eiland in groen en blauw" (Marva), "Oh oh, ik heb zorgen" (Louis Neefs), "De troubadours" (Miel Cools), "De Ranke Roos" (Ronny Temmer), " Annemarie" (Bob Davidse), "Ring Ring, I've got to sing" (Ferre Grignard), "Concerto voor jou Natascha" (Johan Stollz), "Zo mooi, zo blond en zo alleen" (Jimmy Frey), "Venetië" (Jean Walter), "Christine" (Will Ferdy), "Waarom" (Jacques Raymond), "Bluesette" (Toots Thielemans), "Welkom thuis" (Jo Leemans), "Het liedje van de zee" (Marva), "Eerbied voor jou grijze haren" (Bobbejaan Schoepen), "Wat een leven" (Louis Neefs), "Zing Signorita" (Ray Franky), "Hou toch van mij" (Bob Benny), "Op De Purpren Hei" (various) and "Er speelt een orgel" (Rina Pia). There was even a shortlived piece of controversy surrounding the nominations, as newspaper Het Volk reported on a protest by Lize Marke (she found it a bit suspicous that her song "Luister naar de wind" was neglected, while Rina Pia's song "Er speelt een orgel" - written by one of the members of the jury, Sabam-bonze Al Van Dam - did get selected).
Anyhow : Prizes went to "Bluesette" of Toots Thielemans, "Eenzaam zonder jou" (as performed by Will Tura, written by himself with Ke Riema and Van Aleda) and "Marina" as sung by Rocco Granata. A special mention for a "life full of music" was given to La Esterella, and to Bobbejaan Schoepen.
The 25 nominated songs have also been put on a double cd (the second is filled with stuff like Perez Prado, Shakin' Stevens, Agnetha Faltskog, Lou Rawls, Ray Conniff, Gerard Lenorman, Engelbert Humperdinck, Helmut Zacharias, Camillo Felgen, Joe Dassin & Charlie Rich, how's that for confidence in the material at hand), which is out on Sony Music.

November 9, 2000

Rudy Trouvé (the lofi guitar hero of the Antwerp scene and brain behind bands such as Gore Slut - new cd coming up - and Dead Man Ray, and formerly of dEUS & Kiss My Jazz), is going on exhibition. Together with his relatives Alfred, Carlo & Sonja, he is doing an exhibition of his artwork in Antwerp. Best known are the sleeves he did for dEUS or Kiss My Jazz, but he has an active career as a painter as well. As Peter Bernaerts of the equally named auction house said to Belga "he is a very busy bee, yet his drawings, paintings and blow-ups are characterised by emptiness, paranoia and boredom".
Het Veilinghuis (Verlatstraat 16) in Antwerp, will be the place of this exhibition of the four Trouvés from the 17th until the 25th of November.
To view some of the works of Rudy Trouvé, you can check out the art section of excellent "Rudy's Great Ideas"-website.

One advantage of the internet is that it gives beginning musicians a cheap way & lots of chances to promote their band (eg., Poppunt D-tracks, Stubru's Radar, the demo-section of this site). And not only that, it also gives "established" musicians a chance to develop & tell us about new projects, which brings us back into the scope of these pages. Here are two of those:
Now that the Metal Molly come-back has died down a little, the nights are long, and the campfires warm, Pascal Deweze (Metal Molly) & Stoffel Verlackt (Flowers For Breakfast, El Tattoo Del Tigre, Metal Molly) & Pieter Van Buyten (Marjan Debaene, The Kids, Flip Kowlier, Chitlin' Fooks) have started a new project, entitled Sukilove. The style this mellow trio is developing : "Jonathan Richman-blues" with influences. The band already has a fun website, with plenty of demo-MP3's which are well worth a listen:
Camden Slide Store, on the other hand is a brand new project in development by Axl Peleman (the naked one in Ashbury Faith, formerly the bassplayer of The Paranoiacs (that band is still looking for a new bassplayer, btw), and currently one third of the heavily marketed Angelico. Contrary to the other projects of Axl, this one promises to in singer/songwriter style, citing the influences of Beck, Ben Harper & Elvis Costello. This band will start recording a cd for Universal in January or later, produced by Jo Francken (Angelico, Noordkaap, Janez Detd. e tutti quanti). Other musicians who'll be joining the fun are Michael Schack (of Blue Blot, of who a new compilation CD will be released shortly), Ruben Block (of Sin Alley & Angelico), Mario Pesic, and Stef de Rijcke (of The Paranoaics). The birth of this band can be witnessed at the personal site of the bass-guru himself.

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