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Period : December 19-28, 2000
In this issue : Wizards of Ooze, Das Pop, Sharko, JMX, Tom Barman, Lunascape, Soulwax, Pieter-Jan De Smet, The Kids, Flat Earth Society, De Mens.

December 28, 2000

Sad news: Gazet van Antwerpen today carries a little article saying Wizards of Ooze are wrapping it up. The band will do a club-tour in March, April and May of the next year, but then will call it a day and stop existing ...
"We had already made the decision a long time ago that when the third CD wouldn't put us in a more comfortable position we would stop. "Almost ... Bikini" hasn't reached the sales we hoped for, and the German company we were in business with has gone broke." said Wim Tops.
It's already clear that the end of the Wizard of Ooze will not necessarily mean that the cooperation between the tandem Peter Revalk-Wim Tops will end, as they are already plotting future plans in their home-studio "Weird shit again", said Tops about this.
The farewell club-tour starts on March 3 in Merelbeke, then travels to Kortrijk (De Kreun, April 12), Turnhout (Wollewei, April 19), Ieper (JOC, April 21), Leuven (Stuc, April 25), Gent (Vooruit-café, April 26), Hasselt (Muziek-o-droom, April 27), Brussel (AB-club on May 3rd) and finally Antwerp (Monty, May 6th).

Studio Brussel has chosen Das Pop as the representative for the radio station to this year's European Broadcasting Union showcase festival Eurosonic. The band will be performing a showcase at the festival in Groningen on January 5th, which will be (partly) sent out to the 17 participating countries.
Das Pop will not be the only Belgian act at the Noorderslag / Eurosonic festival this year, as Hooverphonic, Mauro, Thou, Novastar & Tom Helsen were already scheduled by the organisers themselves.
Das Pop finds itself in a tradition of Stu-Bru-sent bands, as there's already a long tradition: in 1984 TC Matic was the first band to be sent off to Nürnberg, in the next years followed by The Scabs, The Pop Gun, Elisa Waut, Won Ton Ton, The Paranoiacs, The Wolf Banes, La Fille d'Ernest, Betty Goes Green, Evil Superstars, Hoover, Neven, Soulwax and last year's contribution Arid.
Echo's of the festival will be broadcasted one week later, in the programme Radar from January 8th. More info at the site of Eurosonic/Noorderslag.

On the other side of the linguistic frontier, there's also talent wanting to be discovered, but they are still facing South to get that done.
Radio 21 has chosen Sharko (David Bartholomé) to figure as the Belgian entrance to the "Découvertes" section of Le Printemps de Bourges, one of the main festivals in France, held in .
Sharko, who won Concours-circuit three years ago, also has a Belgian "reputation" to hold up at that occasion, as both Venus 2 years ago and Daniel Hélin last year made a very good impression on the French audience in Bourges.

JMX, the incarnation in the nineties of guitarist/producer Jean-Marie Aerts has written the soundtrack to the film "My Transhuman" by Eric Kint. The film, which will be broadcast on Canvas on January 2nd at 22:40 carries 7 instrumental tracks by JMX, and one song written by Tom Barman (of dEUS).
My Transhuman is a "poetic evocation on the evolution of today's Technology, its impact on the human being and our human society. Will men become eternal?" This is done by 8 deep-content interviews (e.g. John Rodriguez (specialized in the field of deepfreezing organisms), Margareth Wertheim (looking for releations between science & religion), Joseph Rosen (machine-enhanced human senses), David Pearce (author who states that we are biologically capable of implementing Paradise), Terence McKenna (controversial ethnobotanist), Dr. Robert White (controversial brain surgeon who has pioneered 'full-body' transplants in which primate heads are exchanged), Natasha More (transhumanist, wanting to go towards a technologically-enhanced Godlike being) and Gregory Stock (author of "Meta-Man", a book on how humankind is creating a collective being with enormous powers). These interview are intercut with the 7 "illustrative and relaxing music clips" by JMX and 1 by Tom Barman (who recorded "My Trancehuman (stay unfaithful)" with Jmx and Peter Vermeersch).
All this and more can be found out by visiting the brand new website that was pieced together from the impressive career of JMA-JMX :, which touches briefly on all the periods from the career of this guitarist and producer.

December 19, 2000

Lunascape was awarded the Telenet public choice award at the short-film competition Leuven Kort, for their video to the song "Your Shadow" (this video, and the other nominees, can still be seen at this page, until the 31st of January).
This video of Lunascape was directed by bandmember Walter Hilhorst himself, who in daily life is a director for Kanaal 2 (On Air Promo), who explained the concept of it as : "Kyoko (the first name of the singer in the band) is a Japanese name that literaly means opening flower. That gave me the idea to make her blossom in a room, dressed as a rose. Apart from the shadow side of her life, Kyoko, as a rose, goes in search of happy moments, making appear shadows and episodes from her past"
Meanwhile, a Lunascape site is slowly shaping up at, and there has just been the release of a second single "Tears from the moon", all gearing up towards the release of the debut-album of this intriguing band, set for next year.

The professional jury of the same short-film annex videoclip competetion did not follow the votes of the surfers, but awarded the title of best videoclip from the bunch presented to Soulwax for their clip to "When Logics Die". This video features an extreme close-up of a French kiss, and was directed by Stephen Dewaele himself.
Other news about Soulwax to reportis that they have announced yet another small tour of England & surroundings, in February, and that the band will probably be hopping over the the USA in January, to perform two showcases there. In the UK, there will also be a "new" single in February, although "new" is slightly off-truth since the song in question will be "Conversation Intercom" (another track from Much Against Everyone's Advice, an album already over well over 2 years old).
On Christmas-night, you can catch the brothers doing their stuff on TMF, on a special night-long show of their "Alter@", and there's also the possibilty to go from 2000 to 2001 watching the bro's on tv, as TMF will show a DJ-set of theirs at that moment.

The programme of the Ancienne Belgique sometimes reads as a "Belgian poptelex", announcing upcoming releases and the showcases for them in the next months. Some of the recent additions include:
- Pieter-Jan De Smet has assembled a band yet again, as always featuring his compadre Geoffrey Burton, and also Mirko Banovic on bass and Frederik Vandenberghe on drums. After a first single "I know that tune" after a long silence at the beginning of this year, the stand-in for Patrick Riguelle in de Laatste Show, is currently recording his third album. The avant-première of this new material will be presented at the AB-club on February 6.
- Flat Earth Society, the band of Peter Vermeersch (X-Legged Sally etc ...) with 17 other zappa-aficionados such as David Bové (Think of One ...) and Benjamin Boutreur (ex-zita swoon) also are finishing a new (second) album. The Cd will be entitled Bonk!, will be released on Zonk! Records (distribution Lowlands), and will be presented to the world at the AB-club on January 30.
- De Mens, are currently in the studio (ICP Brussels), recording the follow-up to 1999's "Sex verandert alles". They'll mix it and finish it in January, and hope to release the album in February of next year. Guests which have been signalled in the studio includ Tine Reymer (Flowers for Breakfast), Steven De bruyn (El Fish), Jeroen Ravesloot and Jean-Marie Aerts. Frank van der Linden & Co will present the album, the name currently still a secret, at the Ancienne Belgique on Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd of February.
- Last, but not least, the Kids will be celebrating their 25th year of existence in 2001, and the festivities to commemorate the finest Belgian punk band will also be held at the AB-club, February 5th. On that occasion, the band will record a live album. Free tickets can be won by the dozens at the site of the band. There will be no next time!

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