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Period : January16-21, 2000
In this issue : Novastar, Muziekcentrum Vlaanderen, Big Brother, Betty, Girlz ft. Duchi Davoy, Janez Detd., Jeff Bodard, Love Parade Liège.

January 21, 2001

Current Belpoptop
Novastar "Lost & Blown Away"
Hooverphonic "Vinegar & Salt"
Das Pop "The One"
Tom Helsen "When Marvin Calls"
Laïs "Houdt uw kanneke"
Arno "Ils ont changé .."
The Whodads "Thunderball"
Urban Trad "Vodka Time"
K's Choice "Busy"
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Not only is Novastar's song "Lost & Blown Away" having an unusually long stay in "de Afrekening", the visitors of this site have appointed it now also as the best belgian song of the moment. The rest of the current top remained pretty stable, while further down there were 5 new entries.
New suggestions for the next edition (you can vote, and win a copy of Daan's soundtrack to the movie "Vergeten te zuchten" with it):
- Sharko "I Went Down" . Great song that comes from the second album of David Bartholomé & C°, entitled "Meeuws".
- Wawadadakwa "Koken met Rachida" . Now this funny quartet from Antwerp has a single from their album "Voor Mama".
- Axelle Red "J'ai jamais dit" , although Axelle has a brand new live album out (with an extra DVD that's quite worth seeing), she has also released one last single from her previous CD.
- ABN "Alo, wa?" , another single from the album "Seriewoordenaar", while the band is currently very busy recording what will become the new ABN-CD, expected in the Spring.
- Starfighter "Beautiful Machine" , re-recorded single from this one-man band from Ghent (the leadsinger of The Shovels), who have one release "No/Fi" on Kinky Star as yet on their conto.
- Vanilla Coke "Simple" , song that was named most often from the debut album "Supermarket" by these winners of Concours Circuit in 99.
- Lunascape "Tears from the Moon" , the second single of this band with Kyoko Baertsoen (Hooverphonic before Geike came), and the immediate precursor to the debut album that should arrive shortly from Sony.
- Flavour'Dish "Queensland Trophy" , single from the 1st album of this band, named "Skin-tight", which was released on a Dutch label "My First Sonny Weissmuller Recordings".
- Freestyle Fabriek "Vrijdagavond" , single from the album "De Konsensus van de klein dinges" by this hiphopcrew rapping in the tongue of Antwerp.
- Das Pop "Forever" , second single of the "I luurve"-album, while the band is currently targetting the Netherlands with a tour.
So go ahead and vote now ...

January 18, 2001

Today, the official opening of what is becoming the "Music Centre Flanders" (Muziekcentrum Vlaanderen) was held in Brussels. This organisation (which was brought to life by the previous Flemish Government in 1998 aims to "promote Flemish performers and composers and Flemish music life in general" and will do so by building a documentation centre and targeting music professionals in other countries. In doing so "a balance is aimed at between the different musical genres from pop to contemporary music" (although strangely enough, they are promoting the local scene at MIDEM next week with Hooverphonic, Venus & Arid, and not with Betty, Rudolf Werthen & Ah Cama Sotz).
To do all this, the music centre is gradually building a information database on all things musical in Flanders, which will be made available through their website at

One more reason to prefer "De Mol" over Big Brother is that now more than a month after the "denoument" of the Flemish Big Brother, the charts in this little country are being inundated by "music" that the ex-inhabitants of the house are producting, and the end of it is still not quite in sight.
Thus last weeks charts had "Een brief voor Kertstmis" by Walter & de bewoners at n° 2, "Leef" by Mozaïek & Walter Grootaers at n°8, 4Ever ft. Katrijn with "It's You" at n° 14, and Betty with "Come To Me" at 15 (the highest newcomer).
And if you hadn't had enough yet, look out in the next weeks for Girlz ft. Duchi Davoy, as that is Big Brother inhabitant Glenn, in drag, doing a remake of the disco song "This is my life". He & his "girl"friends will be presenting their CD at the Hot&Blue in Antwerp on January 27.
In the Flemish charts the situation is certainly no better, as that chart also has "M'n Zeekapiting", a song by the aging singer from Ostend Lucy Loes, which was made famous by the show when they played it over and over again when Steven & Co were peeling shrimps. And two entries by the infamous Dynamite vs. Cisco Kid, who are in the charts with "Sex met die blonde" (sex with that blond girl, about Betty), and "Effe B.E.F.F.E" (supposedly "let's phone, mail & fax", but in fact the same sound in Dutch as "let's muffdive"). Toppie!
VRT Radio has even got so fed up with these last songs they are refusing to play them any longer, outside the charts-shows.
has opened a shop with nothing but Big Brother related stuff (see the blue tab on top).

If you want to see four excited boys, maybe you should check in early for the concert The Offspring wil be doing next week in Forêt/Vorst. For on January 23rd, Belgium punkrockers Janez Detd. will be the support-act for their Americian heroes at 19:30.
On February 2nd, the band will give the last concerts for some months to come in "La Botanique" in Brussels, presenting already a few new songs and featuring a full-fledged horn section. MCM (the TMF down South) will shoot the gig. Tickets are just 300 fr.

January 16, 2001

Jeff Bodart, the friendly chansonnier who's trademark were his cap and pants-à-la-Tintin, has taken his career in a new direction. Not only has he thrown away the cap, he has also signed a deal with the independent record company PIAS. To announce this event, they are releasing the 1-track single "le soleil fera le reste", in their words "the sort of catchy spring tune that catches the ear across all language barriers at first, and will reveal more of its beauty at each hearing thereafter".
On March 1st, the third album of this former Gangster D'Amour will be released, which will carry the title "ça ne me suffit plus". It was recorded with Erwin Autrique & Yannic Fonderie, another change from the former musicians who worked of Jeff Bodart.

The Love Parade seems to be something like the title "Cultural capital of Europe", it used to be a unique thing, but now you seem to find one in every city you run into. Anyhow: it was announced yesterday that on June 23rd, there will be a "City Parade" in the city of Liège.
The organisers are Denis Renard and Claude El Divno of dancing La Rocca, who have been getting the necessary permits in the last couple of month. The event will feature a "warming up party", a three km. long parade through the city, and a large scale party at Place Saint-Lambert with sets by Superfunk and dj Tim
Deluxe of the London house-club Ministry of Sound. A fireworks-display which will close the outside festivities at midnight.
So far, no protest has been heard from the inhabitants of Liège, which goes to show that Walloons are so much more tolerant than the Flemish ;-)

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