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Period : January 24 - February 5, 2001
In this issue : Flat Earth Society, Zita Swoon, Neon Judgement, Thierry Coljon, Soulwax, Lords of Acid, Bar8.

February 5 , 2001

Flat Earth Society, one of the bands of Peter Vermeersch (best known from the band X-legged Sally), has just come out with "Bonk!". F.E.S. is a 17-piece Zappa-ï-esque big band, featuring people such as Think of One's David Bovée & Roel Poriau, FFb's Benjamin Boutreur and some XLS-colleagues such as Bart Maris & Michael Mast. It features two Residents-covers and one particularly sick song called "Lavementlied" (song for an enema), which was explained by Peter Vermeersch in Cucamonga as "there are songs for all kinds of occasions : funeral songs, music for the wedding of a princess, lift music ... so we thought: why not make music to go with an enema, which makes you forget the inconvience of an enema. It features lyrics I found on the internet about the Sint-Vitusdance, a disease which makes you itch like mad, and for which the cure was thought to be do dance oneself into a trance. But this had the adverse effect as by dancing the metabolism gets very active and the people fell to the ground on the spot". <insert gratuituous joke here about which effect listening to Lavementlied has on your digestive system or equilibrity>
The CD was recorded with Karel de Backer (the sound technician of Zita Swoon), in the very studio ZS was setting up to record "Life = A Sexy Sancturary". The Cd was released on a newly founded label, called "Zonk!", distributed by Lowlands.
In the next months, there'll be no more live shows of F.E.S., but instead there'll be a number of performances of Larf (the celebrated play Vermeersch & Vervloesem wrote with actor Josse de Pauw), and then the band will start rehearsing for the next big thing, which is being the "house band" of Brugge 2002 (European Cultural Capitol).

January 31, 2001

ThIs sItE hAs bEEn hAckEd by UnItEd yOUth AgAInst sOUlwAx

or not. Maybe it's just I'm working on a big cosmetic update of this site, leaving me no time to put up things here right now.

Some quick newsfacts :

  • Zita Swoon have premiered the new single "Hot Hotter Hottest" today on Studio Brussels. Release date of the album "Life = A Sexy Sanctuary" still set for March 16. After that, the band will be touring extensively (already 15 dates in France, Greece, Holland and Belgium have been confirmed.
  • The Neon Judgement - who revoked their split last year - are planning on a number of new concerts (Stockholm etc), and are even considering a live album. For this, they will record two concerts they'll be doing in Sint-Niklaas on February 17 (Bal Fatal) and March 31 in Dendermonde. To celebrate the new look of their website at, they are temporarily also giving away a MP3-recording of the track "Nion Nion". More info about the Bal Fatal gig (also featuring EBM-bands such as Dive & Suicide Commando) can be found here.
  • Thierry Coljon is not only a music journalist for Le Soir (search the archive for his name to find some interesting articles), he is also the author of a second book on Belgian music. After the biography of Helmut Lotti, he has chosen the subject "Petite histoire belge de la chanson française". In this excellent source, he portrays some 25 artists from the rockscene in Wallonia & Brussels, ranging from Salvatore Adamo to Arno & from Marka to Axelle Red. The title of the book is "La Belle Gigue" (as the song of André Bialek), and is published at Editions Luc Pire
  • Soulwax ArE cOmmErcIAL whOrEs And have been to Japan for a 4-day promotrip signing their authographs on Japanese teenage bellys, drinking loads of sake and laughing with the ridiculous accents of Japanese music execs trying to speak English. They had a wristwatch camera with them, and posted the results of this cam to They'll be doing a few shows in England now again, hoping to making their first appearance on Top of The Pops with the new single. ScrEw 'Em!

January 24, 2001

Lords of Acid, one of the alter ego's of Maurice Engelen & Co (in these parts of the world better known as Praga Khan), have another album ready. It will be called "Farstucking", and will as usual contain dark industrial house, kinky dance & horny lyrics, as witnessed by track-titles such as Scrood Bi U, Pain & Pleasure Concerto, Slave To Love, Lucy's F*ck*ng sKy (A Treatise on the Practical Methods Whereby one can) & Lick my Chakra.
"Farstucking", still on Antler/Subway, will be launched in New York, after which they'll do a short series of gigs in Chicago, Los Angeles & Detroit. In Belgium, the CD will be presented in the AB in Brussels: after the Club was sold out for this occasion in no time, it was now decided to move the concert to the Big Hall, so there are still tickets to get at More info on the Lords of Acid & even some samples of the album (release date in Belgium: March 7) can already be found at the LOA-site.

Although the Bar8's debut album technically already been launched in December, the band is getting it out to the press now, with a concert in the stylish venue of "De Markten" in Brussels on January 26. This full-length debut album, entitled "Dwarfish Spectacles" is one of the first releases on Luc Van Acker's BMG/Ariola's-sublabel "Les Enfants Teribles".
Bar8 is the band of Bart-Amand (in 1996 in the Rock-Rally finals as the keyboards-player of the band 801 KD Concept) with a number of classical musicians.

"Traditional Music from Flanders" on CD
Paul Rans, musician & radioproducer, has released the first 3 in a series of 8 CD's that will cover most aspects of traditional music in Flanders. The material on these CD's stem from the so-called "Liedboeken" (songbooks) from the middle ages to the last century and is reproduced here as "authentical" as possible. The CD's are launched by Eufoda, a label related to Davidsfonds, who want the current generation, succeptible to folk music as witnessed by the success of Laïs & Co, to get in touch with the music of their ancestors. In the spring of next year, there will also be an accompanying book to the series, written by Wim Bosmans.
- "Van liefde komt groot lijden" is the first in the series, and contains 24 songs about love & eroticism, as sung by traditional folk-artists such as Herman Dewit, Mark Hauman, Wannes van de Velde, Dirk van Esbroeck...
- "Werkman, komaan" contains 23 social & workman's songs
- "'t Ros Beiaard doet zijn ronde", the third CD that is already finished, contains music of procession, guild-festivities etc..
the next cd's will be "Historische liederen, balladen, strijdliederen" (historical songs, war songs), "Ik ging laatsmaal op jacht" (hunting songs) "Speelman, gij moet strijken" (traditional instruments & dance-music), "Sa lieden, wij komen wat wensen" (calender & children's songs) & "Mogen wij vreemd gaan?" (on which the current generation of folk musicans can show their stuff).

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