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Period : March 20 - April 4, 2001
In this issue : Bart Peeters, BHerman, Bart Herman, Zita Swoon, Chitlin' Fooks, Vive La Fête, Mauro, Tom Helsen, El Tattoo del Tigre

April 4, 2001

Bart Peeters is going solo, completely solo, on 2 occasions next week, in order to raise funds for "Kom op tegen kanker" (a cancer benefit).
The drummer of The Radio's & The Clement Peerens Explosition has been writing personal songs in the dutch language during these last years, and when showcasing these to friends, the reactions where nice enough for him to take the risk. He has assembled a show with these songs (to give you an idea, here's a audio bit of "Prachtig in het blauw" , an adaptation of Bob Dylan's "tangled up in blue"), a few sketches (Toon Hermans, Cas Goossens). The setlist features covers from Will Tura (he was solo on the Turalura cd with "Linda"), Della Bosiers, Louis Neefs, Prince and even Céline Dion.
For the moment, only 2 dates have been set : Sunday 8 and Monday April 9 at the Arenbergschouwburg in Antwerp.
Only a few tickets are left. Inquiries at tel +03-2024646.

Bherman, the introvert singer-songwriter from Ostend who waited some 20 years to debut as he did last year with the album "The Corridor", has now already got a successor to that album on he shelve. Whereas he had help from Elsje Helewaut on his first effort, this time he has been teaming up with producer Richard Formby (The Dakato Suite) and musicians such as Bruno Meeuws (Wizards of Ooze), Walter Janssens (ex-Venus) and Bart Maris (Jaune Toujours, Think of One ...). The result, a mini-cd entitled "The Row" should be available soon ...

Under no circumstance is it wise to mistake Bherman of the previous newsitem, with Bart Herman, the flemish singer. This last one is currently having a remarkeable 'up' in his career (that started with the italo-flemish song "Ik ga dood aan jou" at a eurosong-preselection) with the children's lullaby "Slaap m'n kind" (made with the help of Francis Goya). The surge is such that he is releasing a "best of" album in the middle of this month.

April 2, 2001

Current Belpoptop
Zita Swoon "Hot Hotter Hottest"
Das Pop "Forever"
Hooverphonic "Out of sight (best friends)
Monza "Van God Los"
Tom Helsen "When Marvin Calls"
De Mens "Ergens Onderweg"
Mauro "Let Me Know"
Mintzkov Luna "Copper"
Samantha Fu "Theme from Discotheque"
Kamino "I've got to love me"
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Zita Swoon won a tight battle with Das Pop for the leading position in this month's Belpoptop, with interesting newcomers (Mauro, Monza ...) already edging close.
New suggestions for the next edition (you can vote, and win a copy of a promo-single of Tongue):
- Zornik "Love Affair" The 3rd from the Rock Rally 2000 also makes a splashing debut with a five-song EP and a radio-hit.
- Yum "Caught it alive" The new band of Reinert D'Haene (Ashbury Faith) & dutch singer Lennard Busé, who'll debut in April with the album "Mono-Kid".
- Ganja Kid "Hotty Hotty" Ganja Kid is a cartoon character, with a soundtrack as well, done by Mario Vaerewijck (Insect, Lowpass ...)
- D.A.A.U. "Mary Go Round" the new album "Life Transmission" is in the shops as of April 2nd, and this is a track with vocals by Ya Kid K (Technotronic, Hi Tek 3 ...)
- Anton Walgrave "Show Me" after a few gigs in Belgium with Arif Durvesh & Kevin Armstrong, he's back in the picture with his impressive solo-debut "The Hum".
- Stonedigger "Maybe" the new single from this lot from Limburg, taken from the album "A collection of Headphone songs"
- Paul Michiels "Let me be turned to stone" : the ex-Soulsister is scoring big time again, with another cover. This one is used as the theme-music for the tv-series Veel Geluk Professor (on VTM).
- Ultra Cowboy "Alright", Peter Houben (Nemo, Mitsoobishy Jacson), Remo Perotti (Bedtime for Bonzo, Neon Electronics) and Marc Requilé (Evil Superstars) have an album coming up on Jean Blaute's brand new record label.
- Wicona Airbag "Hey now, Summer's Here" , the new band of Harald Vanherf (Hoodoo Club) makes a splashing debut with the album "Up With People"
- The GrandPiano "Little Lover" , this will be the new single from this interesting band from Brussels (ex-Juniper Boots), taken from the debut album "Turn".
So go ahead and vote now ...

March 27, 2001

One might ask : how does one prepare a cocktail of the "Chitlin Fooks" family?
Simple : You take one Dutch girl named Carol Van Dijk (as heard on the records of her wonderful band Bettie Serveert, and during these last years ever more often on records of Belgian artists, for example on a few songs on the new Mauro), you take one ounce of country songs (some covers, some originals), and shake it firmly while adding elements from Metal Molly, El Tattoo del Tigre, The Sands, Flowers for Breakfast & The Kids (Pascal Deweze, Pieter van Buyten, Stoffel Verlackt, Guy Van Nueten) : And there you have it. Your perfect "Chitlin Fooks".
Demonstrations of this blend of cocktail will begin in the USA : on May 21, the debut-album of this new project will be released on the American label Parasol/Hidden Agenda. The band will also travel to the States, to perform at the annual CMJ Musicfest. In "our" parts of the world, the country-cd will be released on Bettie's own Palomine records in August.
There are some ultra-short video's of the first live-gig of the band at the site of Bettie Serveert.

Vive ta Fête, Lucien
At least one member of dEUS who actually releases anything : Vive la fête (Danny Mommens, Els Pynoo & band) have just returned from a promo-trip trough Spain (aqui se habla de "Eviva El Fiesta" en español) and now have plenty of things coming up.
They have recorded a track written by Serge Gainsbourg "69, Année Erotique", which is included on the tribute album "Lucien Forever" (label: Pussycats), and they have an (new, 2nd) album coming up. To make us hungry for that, Vive la Fête is now releasing "Tokyo", a maxi - vinyl only - with three songs.

March 20, 2001

The pathetic plea for a sponsor that I did here yesterday already had some considerable success: there's a great chance that I have the full amount I was hoping for covered with one partner. More on this later ....
Well then, brace yourself for another batch of (not so new) newsbits from the Belgian scene:

  • Only 6 more days to go 'till the release of Mauro's solo album "Songs from a Bad Hat" (it can already be pre-ordered at Proxis). To quell y'r thirst there was already the great single "Let Me Know", and now also quite a bit of multimedia out in the open: at "investigative journalism"-site of Mao-magazine, you're able to pre-listen the entire album online. For now 3 songs are included, but two more will be added each day. And on the site of the Dutch radio-show Club Lek, you can hear an interview with Mauro Pawlowski and listen to a live-perfomance he did on March 7th (note: the interview is at about 22'30", the live-concert at 32').
    Mauro & his band (no longer called "The Inferno's) will be touring clubs in Belgium for the next months. Upcoming dates for Belgium are on this PIAS-page.
  • Belgian bands at Pinkpop this year are Das Pop, Zita Swoon and K's Choice. All three will be playing in Landgraaf on Sunday June 3rd. Other highlights for the festival are : Radiohead, Offspring, Tool, Limp Bizkit, Manic Street Preachers ... Full details at
  • Meanwhile there's also a number of names for Werchter that have leaked out in the open: Gazet van Antwerpen claims Monza will be there (this would surely be something of a première: one single and already on the biggest summer-event. But then again "Van God los" is already at n° 3 in de Afrekening), Hooverphonic claims Hooverphonic will be there, Das Pop said Das Pop will be there, and strong rumours say Zita Swoon, K's Choice and Tom Helsen will be there. And you?
  • Other Werchter-Pinkpop related news is that American concert promotor SFX-entertainment has bought Make-It-Happen, the Antwerp-based gig-organizer that was founded by Paul "Boogie Boy" Ambach. Rock Werchter still resists.
  • Tom Helsen ain't exactly the easiest one to follow : he has just released a single "Slowly" (I believe in oridinary sideburns), which is a souped up version of the song that was much more acoustic on the "Tom is Doing Great" album. But IRL, he has thrown out the other people that were in his band, and is now on his own again.
    BTW: did you know that "Tom is doing great" has only been sold 3.000 times to date. And that that's a crying shame! Do something about it, if you haven't yet...
  • El Tattoo Del Tigre, the 26-piece-Belgian-mambo-bigband with a bunch of Kakkewieten in it, has found a record company in Munich Records. They have been recording a first album in the AB in Brussels during the last weeks, and have set a release date for it too: April 17. On May 9th, the CD will be presented at the same venue. "And then your mama came, and your papa came, and then your brother came, and your sister came ... "

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