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Period : April 22-26, 2001
In this issue : Nikkie Darling, Moiano, Starflam, Werchter, Dill Brothers, K's Choice, Arno, Stubru.uit

April 26, 2001

Absolutely fabulous, Nikkie Dahling ...
Darling Nikkie, that's the current alias of Nikkie van Lierop, the German-born girl who made her musical career over here with dance projects such as Shakti, Jade 4U, 101 ("Rock to the Beat"), Praga Khan ("Injected with a Poison"), Lords of Acid ("Sit on Acid"), Milk Inc ("La Vache"), CJ Bolland ("Sugar is Sweeter") and many others. She has recorded and self-produced a full-CD now, which will be released in May on RoadRunner-Arcade (where Jo Casters, of Poesie Noire, is doing the bizz for her). The album will go by the name of "", which should be giving you some clue as to the whereabouts of mrs. Nikki's site on the internet.
A first single to come from the album is "Sugar Cane" (temporarily you can download an full MP3 of the song in the audio-section of her site).
The album will be presented at the Ancienne Belgique, on May 28th.

2nd EP for Moiano
Moiano is the brainchild of Peter Lesage. This keyboard player from Ghent developed it after projects as diverse as DJ 4T4's Magik Ballet Ensemble & Atomic, Krewcial, the jazz-band Jim Tonik (with drummer Steve Slingeneyer of Soulwax & bass-player Mirko Banovic of Arno), jazz-band Flow ... and does rhodes, moog, wurlitzer, clavinet ànd vocals. Currently the other members of this "jazz-, HipHop-, soul- en jazz 'n bass live band" are Maxime Lenssens (Axelle Red) on drums, Maarten Standaert (Harscore) on bass, Gus (The Hop) as Dj & lyricist and Melissa & Sybil Jacob as the backing vocals.
About a year after the debut-EP "It's Time" , the band has now recorded a 2nd EP/single: "Keep my Heart With It" , another funky/sexy track that should get them some decent airplay. The EP is out on Brick 900, as the first one, although the label now is called B9000.
Moiano is the supporting act for the exciting new hiphopband Spooks on their concert at the AB on May 1st. Even more imminent is their gig at the festival Schoolrock, on April 28th in Kontich, alongside AngeliCo, Cut La Rock ... (see
More info about Moiano :

April 24, 2001

La Sonora Starflam
The Malfrat Linguistiques better known as Starflam are stepping up the offensive to convince the world of the quality of their 2nd album "Survivant", which was released at the end of March.
First up, they have released a single from the album, the cheerful & poppy hiphop track "La Sonora" .
Secondly, they have finally opened the long-awaited website for the band, which make beautiful use of the great artwork that was made for the album. The obvious URL =
And thirdly they are putting together a string of shows where they'll do their stuff live. An important event in this tour will be the concert they'll be giving in the Halles de Schaerbeek on the 31st of May, as they have invited a lot of the guest that are on the album to come join them on stage. In France, they will be doing a tour with Assassin. And in the summer, there are already dates set for Couleur Café (June 30), Dour (July 8) & the Francopholies at Spa (July 27).
Buy "Survivant" at Proxis.

Werchter complete (but not sold out, yet)
Herman Schueremans & Rock Werchter have announced the last names that complete this year's line-up of the Werchter Festival : Manu Chao, Feeder, Ash, Wheatus, Talvin Singh, Stereo Mc's, Dandy Warhols, Black Crowes, Aimee Mann, George Thorogood & The Destroyers, Laïs, Everlast, Muse, Incubus, Weezer, Afro Celt Sound System. Coldplay & Lucy Pearl are not coming.
As far as "Belgian interest" goes, this means these will be the compatriots performing :
- Buscemi (in the pyramid Marquee, Friday June 29 at 20:40)
- Hooverphonic (Main stage, Friday at 23:10)
- Das Pop (Main stage, Saturday June 30 at 10:45)
- Monza (Marquee, Saturday at 12:00)
- D.A.A.U. (Marquee, Saturday at 13:20)
- Laïs (Marquee, Saturday at 20:20)
- Novastar (Marquee, Saturday at 21:50)
- De Mens (Main Stage, Sunday July 1st, 11:00)
- Mauro (Marquee, Sunday July 1st, 11:30)
- Zita Swoon (Marquee, Sunday 22:55)
The entire line-up can be seen on your t-shirt soon, or else on your ticket that can be bought at the Go For Music website.
Somewhat related to the previous is the news that Mao-Magazine reports on Werchter selling out to the Americans: they claim to know that Rock Werchter will be handed over to the "world-entertainment group" SFX in one of the next weeks.

April 23, 2001

The Dill Brothers' Remedy
The Dill Brothers have earned a reputation as Belgum's best ska band over the years (no Edje Ska, you don't qualify for that title, but keep trying), but were never prepared to be a one-trick pony as a band: they blend their ska with reggae, afro and a unusual amount of energy. Three years after "Kafou", the Dill Brothers have now
released their second full-cd "Remedy".
The album was recorded in Geel (home of Belgian reggae, and many a nutcase) and produced by the dutch Robert Curiel, who mixed the lot in The Dub Cellar in Amsterdam.
To emphasize the release of this album, there's also a single release out in the shops: the reggae-ska of "Right Time" .
More info about the band can be found on their official website Jah man!
Buy "Remedy" at Proxis.

April 22, 2001

K's Choice Limited & Live
K's Choice have been thinking about their fans again: just as 2 year ago with "2000 Second Live" they are issuing a live-recording to the members of their fan club (which goes by the name of "The Great Unconscious Club").
This time the name is "Home - Live at The Ancienne Belgique" and it is a limited edition album that features a live recording of the acoustic concert performed at the fan club convention in Brussels on the 7th of October 2000. As a bonus track, there is an interview with the band. It can be obtained through the fanclub only.

Arno Limited & Live, also
Arno is currently on a small tour in Belgium with a "nude formula" backed by a band that consists of two of his ex-TC Matic colleagues Serge Feys (synth) & Rudy Cloet (drums) and Geoffrey Burton on guitar, Mirko Banovic on bass, and Gwen Cresens on accordion.
To gather a bit of attention for the compilation album "Le Best Of" of last Christmas (which got somewhat pushed under the carpet by the "Compil Complèt" album of TC Matic got released at the same time), Delabel (Virgin) is now releasing a limited edition of the same album: temporarily, there is an extra CD in the box, with 15 tracks that Arno recorded live at the Jet-studio's in Brussels last year.
Buy it at Proxis.

Studio Brussels is coming out in the streets again, on April 28th in Ghent (Citadelpark). They've in fact assambled a mini-festival, with as performing bands Guano Apes, Luke Slater, 28 Days, Postmen, Cut La Roc, The Morcheeba-dj's & Bad Company (or B:C as they're called now). Another stage will host all kinds of acoustic sets, with performancec by Thou, Venus in Flames, Joost Zweegers, Das Pop, Monza, Luc De Vos, Tom Helsen.
Other animations will be the taping of the last "French Quiz" of the season, an avant-première of the "One Night At McCools", free entry to the Panamarenko-exhibition at S.M.A.K. etc.. Tickets are 550 fr. More info at this minisite about the event.
If you're not going, you might as well lend an ear to it, as Studio Brussels will make a broadcast from the event from 19:00 until 3:00.

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