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Period : April 30 - May 8, 2001
In this issue : La Esterella, The Strangers, ABN, El Tattoo del Tigre, Yum, Mintzkov Luna.

May 8, 2001

Yesterday, Esther Lambrechts celebrated her 82nd birthday. Whoohoo, big deal. Esther Lambrechts however is better known as La Esterella, the girl from Antwerp that had an international singing career that started in 1940 and still continues (on a more subdued scale) today.
A video was shot to the tell the tale of the entire career of this "living legend" through archive footage, interviews and witnesses: from winning a "crochet"-contest in 1940 whan she was still a dreamy teenage seamstress, to meeting her husband/impressario/stateless immigrant Charly Schleimovitch, to starting a recording career with Philips in 1953, the end of her showbizz-career when Charly died, and her return to the same showbizz 20 years later. Still, the video was received by La Esterella as "schoon, maar bijlange nie compleet" (nice, but far from complete). The video is entitled "Immer Schijnen" (shine forever)
It can be ordered at vzw Het Gematigd Zeeklimaat on tel 03/582.24.27) and can be rented for public projections.

More good news from Antwerp : The Strangers have announced that they will be ending their 50-year long career in May of next year. In a public letter that was sent out on this weekend, the Strangers announce their retreat on May 8th 2002.
The Strangers have been a very popular band in Flanders for years and years, with a recipe that consisted of translating international success songs in the the dialect of Antwerp, in a popular (populistic) & funny manner (ranging from "Schele Vanderlinden" to the tune of "Gigi L'Amoroso" by Dalida, to "Bij de Rijkswacht" to the tune of Village People's In the Navy, from "O mijnen blauwen geschelpten" on the tune "Paloma Blanca" by the George Baker Selection to "Bleke Algerijn" on the notes of "Le Métèque by Georges Moustaki). In more recent years, the band deserved a bad press by singing at meetings of Vlaams Blok, and slowly faded from the center-spotlight, only clinging on by doing performing stupid commercials ("tam-da-da-dam t'a-mééé-ri-kaan-tjeee).
In the farewell letter, they state that "We zijn de laatste jaren weliswaar ontsnapt aan de aandacht van de media (… goddank) , maar in de reële wereld zijn we nog enorm populair. Wanneer we optreden, lokken we nog altijd volle zalen en hetgeen we brengen is nog altijd van dezelfde kwaliteit. Eens we op het podium staan, hebben we er nog altijd plezier in. Aan de andere kant,… fysiek worden de optredens de laatste jaren steeds zwaarder. ... Dat begint te wegen, de laatste jaren hoe langer hoe meer en we hebben echt het gevoel dat "de meet in zicht is". Dan moet je het juiste moment van stoppen goed kunnen bepalen vooraleer de kwaliteit van ons optreden begint af te nemen waardoor automatisch ook het plezier dat we eraan beleven zou verdwijnen."
The how when and where of the last concerts next year remain "open for suggestions".
In the meantime, you can find all the Strangers-info you could ever want at

May 7, 2001

Dutch-rapping hiphopcrew ABN wasted no time whatsoever to come up with the successor to last year's "Seriewoordenaar : the third album goes by the name "Nachtschade" (translated that would be "nightshade", but in Dutch this also means "damage in the night"). With Quinte himself as producer, with beats provided by P. Van Buyten and Money P, the crew have tried to put as little samples on the CD as possible.
Guest vocalists on this album were Mental MC's (Phillibustas & Sint-Andries MC's), Leverancier (Filip Kowlier of 't Hof van Commerce), Pieter Embrechts (Kakkewieten, El Tattoo del Tigre) and Rudeboy (Urban Dance Squad). This last provided his part for the first single that was taken from this album "xxtralarge" , which has received an xxx-rated xx-tra videoclip as well.

>>> Buy "Nachtschade" for 702 fr. at Proxis <<<

May 2, 2001

It was announced in "these columns" before, but now it has become reality : El Tattoo Del Tigre has a CD.
El Tattoo del tigre was founded last year and consists of over 30 musicians (Theo Mertens, and members of such band as Metal Molly, Wawadadakwa, Brussels Jazz Orchestra, De Kakkewieten and the Wizards of Ooze). All these step outside of their "genre" and dedicate themselves to merengue and mambo in a big-band setting, interpreting songs from Perez Prado (eg. Mambo n°8 ), Marcos Valle (eg. The Crickets sing for Ana Maria ), Yma Sumac and Tito Puente. And even play a saucy "flight of the bumblebee" on the way there too.
The band made one of it's first appearances at Werchter and also performed at Boterhammen in de Stad last year. This year, the "ambiance" of El Tattoo will even be exported, as they will appear at le Printemps De Bourges Festival and Les Beaux Jours De Faubourg in Lille.
On, you can see a realvideo reportage & interview that was shot during the recording sessions in the AB. The CD will be presented at the same location on the 9th of May.

>>> Buy "El Tattoo del Tigre" for 681 fr. at Proxis <<<

May 1, 2001

Sony is leaving no stone unturned to promote them : Yum, the band that was put together by Reinert D'haene (the drummer of Ashbury Faith) with dutch singer Lennert Busé. And apparently it's catching on, because "Fake" , the current single, is already doing much better than the earlier single "Caught it Alive" . And since last weekend, the band already got a ful-cd in the shops : Monokid.
The album was produced by Gary Langan (ABC, Yes, Franki Goes To Hollywood, Scritti Politti ....) and sound exactly like that. For the live-performances, Reinert's brother Geert joins them on synth, and Matthias Van der hallen (also an ex-Ashbury Faith) on guitar. My guess: they'll play at Beach Rock.
More should be available shortly at the website that's being put together for the group at, but there's already a bit of promo-html at MSN.

>>> Buy "Monokid" for 582 fr. at Proxis. <<<

April 30, 2001

Surprise (at least for me): Mintzkov Luna went all the way and snatched victory in this month's Belpoptop, beating "established" bands such as Das Pop, Mauro, DAAU & Zita Swoon.

Current Belpoptop
1 Mintzkov Luna "Copper"
2 Das Pop "Forever"
3 Mauro "Let Me Know"
4 D.A.A.U. "Mary Go Round"
5 Zita Swoon "Hot Hotter Hottest"
6 Ghinzu "Dolly Fisher"
7 Monza "Van God Los"
8 Zornik "Love Affair"
9 Tom Helsen "Slowly"
10 Anton Walgrave "Show me"
  Vote Here >>>

Plenty of new suggestions again for the next edition (you can vote, and win a copy of the album "Bongo Festeris" by the surf-bigband The Whodads, or a copy of the debut album "Supermarket" by the band Vanilla Coke):
- Yum "Fake" Fake is the new single to come out of the debut album of Yum (Reinert D'Haene (Ashbury Faith) & dutch singer Lennard Busé) "Monokid", out on Sony.
- Starflam "La Sonora" Finally, the long-awaited album "Survivant" by this powerful hiphop-band has hit the shops. The first single is the poppy "La Sonora".
- Laïs "Dorothea" , the title-track of the 2nd album was released a single - available in a few versions as well on the limited release of Dorothea. Laïs fans: check out the line-up for Werchter, or Marktrock, or Dranouter, or Boterhammen... Help! They are everywhere...
- Coem "How I Remember", Coem is short for Coin-Operated Entertainment Machine, and is Belgian guitar-band on a german label. 2nd album is called "Bandwi(d)thconsidertions"
- Darling Nikkie "Sugar Cane" Darling Nikkie is the current pseudo for Nikkie Van Lierop (Lords of Acid, Praga Khan, Jade 4U ...) and "Sugar Cane" is the thing she's sucking on these days.
- Lords of Acid "Scrood Bi U" Said Nikkie is no longer the singer of LOA, replaced by Deborah Ostrega. Penthouse got quite lyrical over her "nicely manicured Belgian Beaver" (see article), and the lyrics to their songs ("I wanna be screwed by you, but anyone else will do, I wanna be screwed by you and you and you").
- Vive La Fête "Tokyo" Vive La Fête is getting close to releasing a 2nd album (in June) and has now released a vinyl-only single. Don't let this audio-excerpt fool you into thinking there's nothing more to it than saying "Tokyo" over a synth-beat. They switch to saying "Milano" a bit later on!
- The Dill Brothers "Right Time" The Dill Brothers are trying to maintain their reputation as one of the most exciting ska-bands from these parts with the album "Remedy" and have released this single to promote that idea.
- Moiano "Keep My heart with it" Peter Lesage & Friends get hyperfunky again with a 2nd EP of the project Moiano.
- Paranoiacs "In My Eye" Although the album "7 day weekend" is already almost 2 years old, the Paranoiacs are now releasing the opening track of it as a single, with video.
So go ahead and vote now ...

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