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Period : May 29 - June 12, 2001
In this issue : Psychoasis, Jean-Louis Daulne, Mauro, Venus in Flames, Sioen, Danaë, Dead Man Ray, The Revelaires.

June 12, 2001

"While in the visual arts it has been in vogue to exhibit the works of the mentally ill, the same has never been true of popular music. This CD breaks the mould. For the first time we have put together a collection of tracks inspired by or give audiospace to the inner world battle between sanity and insanity", is the introduction given by vzw Het Misverstand about the CD-project Psychoasis. The CD aims to make psychosis less of a taboo-subject and wants to prove that people with mental illness are capable of doing meaningful work.
With all these noble intentions behind the project, I've of course been biting my tongue really hard not to make any jokes about the artists that are participating in the project (these jokes all had "that", "figures" "because" "they" "barking" "mad" in 'em, should you be interested): DAAU, An Pierlé, Kamagurka contribute an original track, Jean-Bosco Safari, Gorki (Paranoid), Rob Vanoudenove (they're coming to take me away, haha) & Amaryllis (I think I'm paranoid) do a cover. Perhaps more importantly though, there are also 5 tracks by "patients" on the cd.
More about "Psychoasis" & Het Misverstand, samples of the music, and the possibility to order the cd for 450 fr directly from the organisation at

Herman Schueremans about selling his organisation On the Rox & part of Rock Werchter to the American SFX-entertainment, in Rock à Gogo on Radio 21.
"... je préfère m'associer à la plus grosse société d' "entertainment" du monde, une firme cotée en bourse, que de continuer à aller tous les quatre ans en pèlerinage chez le Ministre de la Culture flamande." (I prefer to associate me with the biggest "entertainment" company of the world, operating on the stock market - then continuing to go on a pilgrimage every 4 years to the Flemish minister of culture).

Slowly but surely, Jean-Louis Daulne is making a name of his own. The day he won't be introduced as "the brother of Marie-Zap Mama - Daulne" is still far away, but it's getting closer anyhow. The reason is "Jean-Louis Daulne", already his third CD that was released last month in Belgium, and today in France.
Much more than on the first 2 CD's Doum Doum Tchack & Onomatopeia this self-titled Cd is geared towards the french chanson. Of course, this "métisse" doesn't want to conceal his roots so the rhythmic, African components haven't been left out. Onomatopeia, throat sounds, hand-claps ... Jean-Louis Daulne is still exploiting all kinds of natural sounds, but "Cette fois, je n'ai pas abusé des sonorités. C'est plus chanson que chant et son" (this time, I haven't been abusing these sonorities. It's. now more chanson, than "chant" and "sound").
Two tracks that stand out are a cover of "Vésoul", an original by Jacques Brel, "à la façon swing-jazz" - a track that was already included on his debut cd - and the song "Zusje (p'tite soeur)" in which he starts a dialogue in french, congoluese & dutch with his flemish half-sister.
More info about this cd-release can be found in a 15' real-video presentation as hosted by Wanadoo.

>>> Buy Jean-Louis Daulne for 695 fr. at Proxis <<<

June 4, 2001

Not a lot of upsets in the May edition of the Belpoptop, as only 2 new songs managed to get into the top list. Mauro's "Let me Know" sneaked ahead. New entries are Yum and Starflam.

Current Belpoptop
1 Mauro "Let Me Know"
2 Mintzkov Luna "Copper"
3 Das Pop "Forever"
4 Tom Helsen "Slowly"
5 Zornik "Love Affair"
6 Yum "Fake"
7 Zita Swoon "Hot Hotter Hottest"
8 Starflam "La Sonora"
9 Monza "Van God Los"
10 D.A.A.U. "Mary Go Round"
  Vote Here >>>

New suggestions for next month's list (you can vote, and win a copy of the album "Last band standing" by wave-legend Red Zebra, recorded live at their 20th anniversary party and featuring all their well-known songs in unusual line-ups):
- Venus in Flames "Cynthia's Gone" . Venus in Flames is Jan de Campenaere, a one-man band that made a lasting impression at the Rock Rally. Now he has a band and has finally recorded a studio-version of his best-known song (and he's even giving it away, as you can see on the MP3-page).
- K's Choice "Another Year", the 2nd single from the "Almost Happy" album, just as Sarah injured her leg and had to give her performance as headliner at the Pinkpop festival on a barstool. Sadly, the album isn't selling as expected, and Sony has even buried plans to release it in the States.
- Technotronic "Runaway Blues" , Jo Bogaert got the hang of his project again, and gave it the Moby treatment, based on voice samples of singer Vera Hall (the same voice of Moby's "natural blues", u weet wel "trouble so hard").
- Sue Daniels "Constant (raving)" . This is one of the stranger releases, as Sue Daniels is a man, and he is backed by Mauro Pawlowski, Cinérex, Rudy Trouvé . The track is part of the album "Paris", released on Heaven Hotel.
- Das Pop "The Love Program" , this will be released as the new Das Pop single soon (with as B-side a users mix). The radio mix of this song from "I Love" was done by Wim Tops & Peter Revalk of the recently "deceased" Wizards of Ooze.
- ABN & Rudeboy "XXtra Large" ABN wasted no time whatsoever to come up with the successor to last year's "Seriewoordenaar": the third album goes by the name "Nachtschade" and features this single in conjunction with the ex-Urban Dance Squad Rudeboy.
- Praga Khan & Roos "Rhythm" . This disco track is curious because it's the first time that Roos van Acker sung on a track after she said goodbye to Eden.
- Ultracowboy "Over The Hill" . Peter Houben (Nemo) & friends have released another single from the forthcoming album "Feel Good International", although the single "alright" went by almost unnoticed.
- Sioen "Souvenir" . Sioen is often referred to as "Man Pierlé", a male version of singer An Pierlé behind the piano. He was hoping to get into de Afrekening with his best-known song "Souvenir" (not released), so he might as well try here.
- The Semitones "Members Only" , Nu-metal isn't the prerogative of American or German bands. One of the main Belgian bands in this genre are The Semitones, ready to release a new album "Glitch".
- Monza "De Stad Kan Zo Koud Zijn". Monza hung on the verge of getting the top spot in de Afrekening with "Van God Los" for several weeks, but never cracked it. To justify their position at Werchter more, they release this 2nd single. Album still scheduled for the Fall.
- Danaë "Little Girl in Me" , pushed by BMG (as seen on Man Bijt Hond) towards stardom, "Little Girl in Me" is the first single from the album "Rain".
- De Mens "Denk je nog aan mij" , 2nd single for Frank van der Linden & Co from the album "Liefde". The female voice on this track is Tine Reymer (of Flowers for Breakfast, which is rumoured to have broken up). For the 1st time in Mens-history, a videoclip was shot.
So go ahead and vote now ...

May 29, 2001

Dead Man Ray have released an EP, although with a bit of goodwill and eagerness, this could just as easily have been called a new CD : no less than 23 tracks are on it, a total playing time over over 45 minutes. The cd carries a trashcan on the cover, and "Marginal" as title.
The band members had been announcing this EP with "leftovers" already at the time of the release of the "Trap" CD, and finally it's here now. Among the tracks, there are outtakes from the Trap-sessions, some early demo's, tracks that didn't make the "At the drop of a hat" album, a few live-tracks and even a cover of the Cousins-hit "Kili Watch".

>>> Buy Dead Man Ray "Marginal" for 390 fr. at Proxis <<<

The Revelaires are a band from Ghent that were at the root of the better known the Whodads (surf/mambo big band, with a first release out last year). In The Revelaires, Steven Janssens and co try to live their twanging surf-dreams, and now they are doing it on CD too: they've just released "High Tide", two years after a first EP "In Orbit".
As the press-release states : "a whirlwind of of 15 short and powerful selections from their set, some classics, some really obscure, and always well under the 3:00 limit. A tidal wave of guitar pleasure that will wipe you off your boards".
"High Tide" is CD-release n° 33 on the Kinky Star label. You can pre-listen to the entire album at Atrecordings.

>>> Buy The Revelaires "High Tide" for 719 fr. at Proxis <<<

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