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Period : June 13-19, 2001
In this issue : Moiano, Nathalie Chabas & Big Brother, Praga Khan, Roos van Acker, Das Pop, Sue Daniels, Ghinzu.

June 19, 2001

Studio Brussel is continuing their yearly challenge to have new & emerging bands cover a Belgian rock-classic. This year the task at hand was to make a cover of "Putain Putain", the not very official European anthem by TC Matic. The five bands that have taken on the challenge are:
- AngeliCo. Made a coldwave version of it. Strangely enough Martine Van Hoof has left out the lines "'k hem a kleintje, mor 'k skiet verre".
- Mintzkov Luna. Whoohoo!
- Moiano. Disco-funk by Peter Lesage & co.
- Yum. have made a dirty elektronica-trash version of it.
- Zornik. Have made it sound like O.M.D.
Voting can only be done this very week (until Thursday 13:00 CET) on the Stubru-site, and more precisely on this page.
Update : the winner of this contest was Moiano.

The Big Brother inhabitants of last year are at it again: now Nathalie Chabas (aka "the bitch") has gone into the studio to record a single. Surprisingly, she is the only one that didn't went for a commercial dance-tune, but instead showing some taste in music, recording a cover of "Oh La La La" , that other classic by TC Matic. For this, she got the assistance of Kloot Per W, who also did the honours on the B-side "Big Brother is Watching You", where Peter Klaesen of Neven also joined in the fun.
Slightly related to the above are the fact that Isabelle (another of the dreaded house-inhabitants) is also making her musical debut ("Bust the Floor"), Katrijn had a new dance-oriented single "Here we R", and that Betty & Duchi Davoy have a full-cd coming up. Betty will be releasing a new single soon, a dutch cover of "Boys" (a hit by the italian Sabrina). On the receiving end, Studio Spillonimo (Jeroen & Steven) is reportedly not going to be continued on JimTV after the holidays, and Los Papagueros (Jeroen & Bart, who had a n3 with "gran hermano") have ended their coöperation (Bart will continue, and tour with 2 girls. A single called "La Bambolo" is planned for July).

Stijn Kolacny (young Belgian classical talent, as was illustrated when he & his brother performed with Arid last year) about the project to have the youth choir Scala join Hooverphonic on stage at Werchter next month :
"Dit was al gepland bij een optreden van Hooverphonic dat het kabinet-Verhofstadt op 6 juni in Brussel wou organiseren voor EU-politici en journalisten, maar dit evenment werd afgelast."
(This was already planned for a gig with Hooverphonic that the kabinet of Verhofstadt wanted to organize for EU-politician and journalist, but this event was cancelled".
Alex Callier : "Dat optreden is niet doorgegaan omdat een of andere ambtenaar was vergeten om de uitnodigingen te versturen". (That gig didn't happen because some civil servant had forgotten to send out the invitations.
as reported by Gazet van Antwerpen

June 14, 2001

After his works were included in soundtracks for blockbusters such as Basic Instinct, Sliver & Strange Days, Praga Khan has now been ordered to write a soundtrack for the Belgo-U.K. movie "Falling".
A few weeks ago, a first single from the music Maurice Engelen & Co are making for this music was arlready released : Rhythm , featuring a (sort of) vocal contribution by Roos van Acker (formerly of Eden, now Stubru, TMF and apparently going to experiment with familiarly named Luc van Acker). On the full soundtrack (scheduled for October), there will be an even stranger co-operation though : Axelle Red will appear on a number of tracks.
There's already a website on the film with a synopsis & stuff at
Good thing about all this is that Praga Khan & Lords of Acid won't be too omnipresent thise festival summer: LOA will be at Marktrock, Eurorock & Rock Ternat, the first Praga Khan concerts is at Leffinge Leuren.

On the radio (Belgian radio, that is) you have probably already heard the new single by Das Pop "The Love Program". This playful & funky remix of the song from the "I love" album was done by Peter Revalk & Wim Tops, the two brothers in arms of the recently departed Wizards of Ooze.
However, Das Pop weren't satisfied with just one remix, so they ordered a hundred or so, and organized a remix-contest last month. Now they have selected the four finest among these, and are calling upon you to decide which one's the best (voting ends june 17). This remix will be included on the maxi-version of the single, which will be presented at Werchter. The audio & voting form is this way.
On the other hand, other people are also asking Das Pop to remix things for them : just out is the new single "R2D3" by the band Ghinzu, in a Das Pop remix.

QUOTE - UNQUOTE: SUE DANIELS about the album "Paris" by Sue Daniels: "The entire album was written and arranged by Sue Daniels himself (yes, it's a him), with the aid of several guest musicians. ... I wouldn't expect to see Sue Daniels performing live sometime soon, as the album is mostly 4-track, and the cd sleeve blatantly says: 'No management, no contact'... "
Planet internet about the album "Paris" by Sue Daniels" : "Voilà une mademoiselle qui ne respire pas la joie de vivre, ses compositions ne donnent pas vraiment envie de sourire. …D'ailleurs la pochette, pour bien souligner qu'il ne faut pas embêter la petite dame, mentionne explicitement qu'il n'y pas de management ni de contact."
Now we now at least one real function of a manager: give us a clue about the sex of the artist at hand.

June 13, 2001

As every year, the summer festival of Beach rock in Zeebruges is organizing a popular vote to decide on which Belgian band will get the honours of opening the festival on the 2nd day (last year it was Angelico who won the contests, the year before Janez Detd). This year the bands that were selected are :

-   Ghinzu : new talent from Brussels, operating in the Radiohead/dEUs corner of music-making, but with quite a bit of personality of their own and the songs to prove it. Best known song is "Dolly Fisher"
-   Sharko : stubborn and intense singer from the South, whose stubborn-ness and intensity can perhaps be illustrated by the fact he has just re-recorded & re-released his album of late last year. Meeuws is now Meeuws 2. And "I went down" still an unbelievable song.
-   Wicona Airbag : the newest project of Harald Vanherf (Hoodoo Club) who did release the curious album "Up With People" earlier this year, on which they try to team country with Nine Inch Nails, for example the song "Hey now, Summer's Here" .
-   Yum (eighties electro meets rock with Reinert d'Haene & Lennert Busé), known from their debut album "Monokid" and the single that is currently residing in de Afrekening "Fake" .

The rest of the program is much more beats-oriented then previous years, although there is a starring role for K's Choice.
All info about this on the website, which is shaping up nicely once you get past the entrance port.

Update : the result of this vote was : "1. GHINZU : 60,8% 2. YUM : 21,7% 3. SHARKO : 11,6% 4. WICONA AIRBAG : 5,8%"

Erwin Goegebeur - EMI Belgium - about the IFPI-numbers on declines in the sales of CD's, today in de Standaard : "Een paar jaar geleden moest ik al erkennen dat een cd gemiddeld nog vier weken leeft. Ik vrees dat het nu nog maar twee weken is, en dat geldt voor commerciële toppers als Roxette en X-Session. Die laatste haalde meteen de eerste plaats, maar was na een paar weken weer weg. Het lijkt erop dat de echte fans dus de cd kopen en dat de rest dan kopieert." (a few years ago, I already had to recognize that the average CD has a lifespan of 4 weeks. I fear that now this has gone down to 2 weeks, and this is true for commercial hits such as Roxette and X-Session. This last one got to n°1 right away, but had all but vanished after a few weeks. It seems that only the real fans buy the cd, and the rest copies them).

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