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Period : September 9-21, 2001
In this issue : Jo Lemaire, Johan Verminnen, Eden, Camden, Coco Jr., Yum, Kris de Bruyne ...

September 21, 2001

Hey, I go on a little trip to France, leave the site for a couple of days, and guess what happens: the WTC crumbling, talk of WWIII and an ecomic recessions. Well, thanks a lot !
The Belgian music scene doesn't seem to be very affected so far, as it is now literally buzzing with release activity (september is thé month for new releases). Today: you're never to old to swing.

In 2001, Jo Lemaire is creeping out of the skin of Edith Piaf, and re-takes off where she left it in 1997, or as she announced in her bio: "Done with the ‘fin de siècle’ feeling, now it's time for joyful and optimistic swing, à la française". With the help of producer Frank Duchêne (ex-Hooverphonic, and producer for such diverse acts as Groove Cartel, Gorki, Kolk ...), and songsmiths Michel Bisceglia and Ronny Mosuse she has recorded the album "Flagrants Délices".
Preceded by the single "La saison des amours", this album contains two types of songs: on the one hand acoustic french popsongs, and on the other hand some big band tunes.
On the tour that kicks off simultaneously with this CD, she is also backed up by a big band (not so big, in fact, just the musicians from the Piaf-tour with some extra brass and two backing vocalists) - in a "scenic direction" by Kurt Van Eeghem. The repertoire includes a few remakes of her own songs (eg. "Tintarella di luna", her first hit when she was still with Flouze), a few covers (e.g. Jeanette's "Porque Te Vas"), and of course the songs from the new CD.
Tourdates for this Jo Lemaire show are here.

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In 2001 he started touring very soberly with Michel Bisceglia on piano ("Luistervinken"), but now Johan Verminnen has chosen a very different direction: he hits the road with a big band. With the program called "Swingen tot morgenvroeg" (swinging 'till the break of dawn, a wordplay with a song of his that was called "zingen tot morgenvroeg") - tourdates a here. There is also an album with the same title and content, and a double celebration: 50 years of age, and 30 years on stage. As he sings it himself in "Jongen van 50" : "Deze jongen van 50 - wil maar één ding - veel gevoel en veel swing, dus ik dans en ik zing. Deze jongen van 50 - waarvan houdt hij het meest, van het vieren van feest, blij om wat is geweest..."
Somewhat related is the news that Johan Verminnen has agreed to play the part of Captain Haddock in the musical "Kuifje en de Zonnetempel" (Tintin), as a replacement for the regular captain Henk Poort.

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September 9, 2001

Zita Swoon's "Banana queen" didn't have a lot of trouble fighting off the other songs for the top positions in this month's Belpoptop. New in the list are Mauro, Millionaire and Ozark Henry.

Current Belpoptop
1 Zita Swoon "The Banana Queen" Vote, and win a CD
of Venus in Flames

or Flip Kowlier
2 Zornik "It's so Unreal"
3 Das Pop "The Love Program"
4 Mauro "Finish it all off (with love)"
4 D.A.A.U. "Piano Dub"
5 Millionaire "Body Experience Revue"
7 Yum "Fake"
8 De Mens "Denk je nog aan mij"
9 Ozark Henry "Rescue"
10 Tom Helsen "Slowly"

With sixteen valid newcomers and an already impressive top 10, next month's outcome isn't easy to predict. Here are the new releases that could enter the list next month:

  • Darling Nikkie "So Easy"
    Picked after a vote on the Studio Brussels website, this is the 2nd single from the album of Nikkie van Lierop (Lords of Acid, Jade 4U ...)
  • Chitlin' Fooks "Not Enough Tears"
    Pascal Deweze (of Metal Molly) and Carol Van Dijk (of the dutch Bettie Serveert) gathered up some friends to play mellow country songs, and do so splendidly on the debut album "Chitlin' Fooks".
  • DJ Krush "Danger of Love"
    Dj Krush is a Japanese mixwizard with international acclaim, but the reason this track is featuring in this list of new Belgian songs is the fact that the vocals for this Massive Attack-like track and single from his album "Zen" is done by Marie Daulne (Zap Mama)
  • Machiavel "Heaven's Rules"
    Well over 25 years Machiavel is Wallonia's prime rock band, and they're celebrating this again with a double compilation album called "Anthology", and a brand new single.
  • Eden "Push Up"
    Eden seem to be reasonably unaffected by the departure of Roos van Acker, as they have found a very resembling replacement girl in Nathalie. See the MP3-section for a free version of this song.
  • Johan Verminnen "13 stielen"
    Johan Verminnen goes big band this year, with the show "swingen tot morgenvroeg" that will be playing in halls all over Flanders soon. 13 stielen is a first single from an album from that show.
  • Camden "Black Paper - Black Ink"
    Camden is a band/project put together by Axl Peleman (Ashbury Faith, Angelico, Paranoiacs, Automatic Buffalo ...), and "Black Paper - Black Ink" is the debut single.
  • Hooverphonic "Jackie Cane"
    Finally, Hooverphonic are releasing the most catchy song from the "Magnificent Tree" album as a single.
  • Mudflow "Oh Yeah"
    Brussels-based band Mudflow have struggled through a bad time, have reformed, and went into the studio with Mike Butcher (see Arno ...) to record a 2nd album, which should also be out this month.
  • Coco Jr. "House of the rising sun"
    Reggae-mad Coco Jr. has assembled a backing band called Vibes Alive and made this summery version from an old Animals-classic.
  • Dear Liza "Let Me Know"
    Dear Liza is the band of female singer Els Artois, who, although they were still participating in Stubru's demo poll earlier this year, are now already counted among the "revelations" of this year. "Let me know" is the 2nd single on Ars.
  • Monza "De Ogen Van Jenny"
    Close to releasing the long-awaited debut album "Van god Los", Monza released the third single "De Ogen Van Jenny".
  • Yum "Day One"
    Another single from the debut album "Monokid". The single version is a remix of the album track done by Ronald Prent (Scorpions, Faith No More, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Rammstein, Guano Apes ...)
  • Kris de Bruyne "Ik Lach me Kapot"
    Kris de Bruyne comes up with a new album ("Buiten de Wet") and a surprising backing band that includes Mauro Pawlowski, Marc Bonne etc...
  • Marcel Vanthilt "Ghequetst (ben ick van binnen")
    Marcel Vanthilt (Arbeid Adelt! and such) has teamed up with Ad Cominotto (Charles & Les Lulus and such) to stage a show "U Nu" that wants to put the x (of sexy, and exiting) back into poetry. This song is set to words from a 13th century poem.
  • Marc Moulin "Into the dark"
    Marc Moulin is best known from his wacky electropop with Telex, but his origins were firmly into jazz (Sam Suffy, Placebo), and he has now returned to it to make an album for the Blue Note label. Into the dark is a first release.

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