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Period : September 23- October 1, 2001
In this issue : K's Choice, Raymond van het Groenewoud, Dear Liza, TMF Awards, Zita Swoon ...

October 1, 2001

After two live albums that were reserved for members of their fanclub only ("2,000 second live" in 1999 and "home" in 2000), K's Choice have taken the step to release a live album for everybody. And while they were at it, they made it a double CD.
The title of the 2 CD's is simply "Live", and wants to give as good a summary as possible of the band's complete works: on both of the CD's are eleven tracks, with the first one showing the "not an addict" rocking side of the Bettens-family, and the 2nd disc demonstrating the more introverted folksy side of the band. The album has been produced by Werner Pensaert, who recorded some 20 concerts and a couple of festivals during the latest tour. There's also some material of a live session which was done in the Galaxy Studios at the end of May. Recordings from 4 different countries were selected: Holland, Germany, France and Belgium.
The bad side of it is that the cd's are of the dreaded "protected" kind (the first one I encountered) meaning you can only play this disc on a genuine CD-player, not on a DVD, or a computer CD-Rom. It sucks, Sony!
If you want to see them really "live", K's Choice will be touring Germany this month, with Weezer (although it now seems Weezer has cancelled everything and the tour is off), and will be doing a tour of some 20 gigs in France in the beginning of next year. Concert dates are here.

>>> Buy K's Choice "Live" at Proxis <<<

I don't know exactly the how-many'th CD by Raymond van het Groenewoud this is, but the strongholder of the song in Dutch has delivered one again, with the title "Een jongen uit Schaarbeek" (a boy from Schaerbeek). The CD was recorded with César Janssens on drums again, and the young Thomas Vanelslander (Overflow) on guitar. Strangely enough, the production was done by Christine Verschorren, who also happens to be the current Ms. Van Het Groenewoud. The CD-release itself is for October 4th, but there is already a track that gets lots of airplay, the single "Keineig (verliefd op haar)" (I'm so like totally in love with her).
A link to the previous story (about K's Choice) is that one track on the album, the titlesong "Een jongen uit Schaarbeek" is being sung by Sarah Bettens, about which track he tells Humo "it's a lullaby for adults. It had to be sung by a woman. I had it so bad (lovesickness) that I wished I had someone who would sing for me softly, make me feel as if I was in the warm bath of a womb again".
Raymond fans should also buy newspaper De Morgen, next Thursday, as there will be a special CD of him included in the paper: it's a seven track disc, with some old songs and two tracks from the new album, called "Water en Brood" (water & bread).

>>> Buy Raymond v/h Groenewoud "Een jongen uit Schaarbeek" at Proxis <<<

September 26, 2001

Sometimes it takes a band ages to get some airplay, spanning years of trying to convince people with cheap demo's. And sometimes it takes just a few months. The right time, the right place, and the talent that there. Such an act to come on strongly this year is Dear Liza (and no, it's not the twin sister of Darling Nikkie, although I'm beginning to spot a trend here).
Behind dear Liza is singer Els Artois, who started out doing backing vocals and practising in cover-bands. When she and Roel de Ruijter started experimenting with drumloops and samples, things "clicked", and the project was born.
A demo was sent in to Studio Brussels, but instead of airing in their demo-poll, Stubru shoved one track of the demo "Time" straight onto their main playlist (and hotlist). A bit later, the act found Ars productions (normally very dance-oriented stuff, eg. Technotronic) prepared to put the single out.
And now, Dear Liza is already up to the second stage: a second single, and a totally different one for that matter, as after the wild breaks of "Time", "Let Me Know" is much more quiet and held-back. There's a video out for the track, shot by Peter Van Eyndt (who also responsible for recent video's of Zornik and Lords Of Acid), and an album in the making.
If interested in Dear Liza, keep an eye out for the next Belpoptop (next week or so), because we've got plenty of singles of Els & Co to give away in there. More info about Dear Liza at

September 25, 2001

TMF is gathering steam for their annual "we are still here you know"-party called The TMF-Awards, which will be held in Flanders Expo on October 27th.
The nominees are (in the Belgian sections, there's also an international award in each of these categories):
- as live-act : Lais, Zita Swoon, Hooverphonic
- as most promising artist : Lasgo, VandaVanda, Zornik
- as best dance act : Milk Inc., Lasgo & Sylver
- as best RnB/Rap act : ABN, KIA, Starflam
- as best singer : Gene (X-Session), Joost Zweegers (Novastar), Stijn Meuris (Monza)
- as best female singer: Belle Perez, Geike (Hooverphonic), Sarah Bettens (K's Choice)
- as best rock band : Zornik, Monza, Das Pop
- as best pop band : X-Session, VandaVanda, K3
- as best CD : Hooverphonic "The Magnificent Tree", Zita Swoon "My Life=A Sexy Sanctuary" or Laïs "Dorothea".
- as best videoclip : Zita Swoon "The Bananaqueen", Milk Inc. "Never Again", Zornik "It's so unreal", Hooverphonic "Out of sight" or Monza's "Van God los"
- as best single : "Something" by Lasgo, "It's so unreal" by Zornik, "Scream for more" by Kate Ryan, "Never again" by Milk Inc. and "The bananaqueen" by Zita Swoon.
Most of these artists will be playing live (or with playback written on their hands) during the show, which will of course also be aired live on TMF. From the international stars, confirmed acts that will be performing are Faithless, Atomic Kitten, Twarres, Atomic Kitten, Blue, Kosheen, Placebo and the lovely Alizée.
You can vote on which of these nominees gets the statuette, and find more info about the event at

September 23, 2001

Many a heated barside discussion has already been held about the question if the "antwerp scene" is just a bunch of arty-farty wankers, or if they are just musicians who are also rich personalities (and happen to have a keen interest in other arts than music). After Rudy Trouvé already came out of the closet with exhibitions of his art, now Stef Kamil Carlens of Zita Swoon is doing the same thing.
An exposition of his paintings, texts and other stuff was put together, and got the title "Gentle Ruddy Turnstone in an expanding collection of thoughts". It's on display from september 20, until October 14 in Rotterdam (Tent).
More info about the expo at the site of Nighttown. A nice exposition of some of the artwork of Zita Swoon members and Elke Boon is included on the funky zita swoon website ("ausstellung").
Related to this is the news that Zita Swoon are releasing a third single from their "Life=A Sexy Sanctuary" CD: after the upbeat "Hot Hotter Hottest" and the excentric "Banana Queen", the choice came on the beautiful "My Heart Belongs to Someone Else (I Wish It Was Mine)" (at last a titlelength worthy of a Zita Swoon song again).
Hey, and now it seems that there's even more coming from where that came from : on October 5, Zita Swoon will be releasing as "semi-live" cd, apparently! It's a session they have recorded in that Jet studio in Brussels, taped for airing on TMF, which will now make it to a CD. Can be pre-ordered already from the Proxis-site ("TMF Jet Session", 415 fr.), although there's no details or tracklisting yet.

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