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(March 7, 2000)

On March 7, 2000, the Ancienne Belgique was the scene of the 6th hand-out of the ZAMU-awards (the organisation of "singers & musicians" in Belgium, taking care of all kinds of legal or organizational worries musicians and artists might have). Intermingled with short performances of Soulsucker (with a female singer), Laïs, Roland & Wannes v/d Velde, Daan Stuyven and Raymond van het Groenewoud, an array of well-known Flemish personalities handed out 13 awards to "music-personalities of the last year".
These were (according to the voters, a public of professionals in music in media) :
- Laïs (in the category "best vocals")
- Soulwax (in the categories "artist all languages" and "live-act"
- Raymond van het Groenewoud (in the category "artist dutch language")
- Arid (in the category "breaktrough")
- Bart Maris (of Think of One, Olla Vogola .... in the category "musician")
- Piet Goddaer (of Ozark Henry, in the category composer/author)
- Alex Callier (for his work on "Shades", in the category producer)
- de Nachten (in the category "musical event")
- Studio Galaxy (in the category "music studio")
- The Belgian Pop & Rock Archives (in the category "Media")
- DJ Jan Van Biesen (in the category "Dance")
- "My Bond with you and your planet: Disco!" by Zita Swoon (as best single)
The award of "Best Album" was awarded to Helmut Lotti's "Out of Africa" based on sales figures).
- Rocco Granata received the lifetime achievement award and closed the evening with a solo-performance with his accordion.
The ceremony was organized by S.E.M. this year (an organisation that manages athletes), hosted by Jan Leyers and introduced by chairman Johan Verminnen.

I would like to repeat a little line from the above paragraph, just for the sweet sound of it : "- The Belgian Pop & Rock Archives (in the category "Media")". Yup : that's the site you're reading now! And Yup, i'm writing this while the light of my desk-spot reflects down from a shining bronzish statuette.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who voted for me, and everybody that has contributed to these archives in the past two years (musicians, promo-boys & -girls, fans, the visitors to the site ...). And Zamu of course (if they had put me up against Rif-Raf and Stubru and Humo, I somehow have the feeling wouldn't have won it).
There, that was about 50 times as eloquent as the thank-you I muttered at the ceremony itself.

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