sep 20 2007


Two weekends ago, we went to “Cavaleria”, a family-friendly event around the “Provinciaal Archeologisch Museum” (provincial archeological museum) in nearby Velzeke (home of de Paddestraat).
The setup of this event was a free visit to the museum (well worth it, but we’ll have to recheck it on a less busy day) and an outside spectacle with “historical horsemen”: a number of Belgian & foreign groups mounted their horses in authentic Merovingian, Celtic of Roman style.

Romeinse ruiter (b&w)

A good opportunity to test if I had yet acquired a bit of skills with my camera (a Nikon D80 DSLR, should ya be interested). The results of the day are in my Flickr-set “Cavaleria“. Not really, it turned out. The results of an afternoon of shooting were not exactly spectacular. See for yourself in the color-photos in the set.

Merovingische amazone (b&w)

Not to be dissuaded though. With a bit of black&whiting, cropping, sharpening, brightening, adding a bit of grain and other photoshopping, the results look a lot more dramatic, a lot more authentic, and not half bad I’d say.

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