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dec 28 2007

The Timeless 100 on YouTube (10 – 1)

This is the last installment in a series of 10 posts, started some 7 hours ago. This one, the top 10 of the Timeless 100, could in theory contain, if votes were perfect, the ten best all time songs. Mind you, as appreciated by a Belgian crowd of Studio Brussel-listeners, in 2007.

10: dEUS – Suds ’n Soda
Down from n 8

9: Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah
Was at 9 last year

No “embeddable” video found, only a link then…

8: The Cure – A Forest
Was at 11 last year

7: Radiohead – Creep
Down from n 4 last year

6: Pearl Jam – Alive
The same position as last year

5: Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven
Up from n7 last year

A live version from 1973 (the song is from 1971):

4: Deep Purple – Child in Time
Was at n 5 last year

3: Metallica – One
No change at n 3

2: Gorky – Mia
2 remains at 2

A version of last year, performed in De Laatste Show:

1: Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit
The same song tops the list as last year.

The end

So this is the end, all’s well my friend. Only, no The Beatles in a Timeless 100. How’s that possible? Probably because the “Beatles”-votes get mixed between a high number of songs. Excuses, excuses.

As for YouTube, it stood the test quite well. A majority of the 100 songs is avalailable, in original version. For a good part of the 60’s and 70’s songs, there is a live version. Only a few copyright-anal artists are not there (prince, jeff buckley, dEUS). Sometimes the video-alternatives deliver (google video for dEUS, dailymotion for Prince), sometimes they just make it difficult to link (no embed policy enforced by some record labels). Overall, it hs become the standard for music videos (so long MTV), and rightfully so…

The rest of this list:

dec 28 2007

The Timeless 100 on YouTube (50-41)

Ok, we’re in the middle now. 50 tracks done, 50 tracks to go in this Youtube-version of the Timeless 100 – edition 2007 – of Studio Brussel

50: Prince – Purple Rain
Was only at 81 in the edition of 2006

Prince seems to be enforcing his copyrights on YouTube very strictly: everything gets taken down.
Here’s a live version of the song, on Dailymotion:

Lees het vervolg van The Timeless 100 on YouTube (50-41)…