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jan 22 2008

A Macbook Air for my son

My son got a MacBook Air for his 3rd birthday.
Straight from Macworld!
How cool is that?

Macbook Air

Some of the specs of this amazing machine (just look at how “wowed” he is by it!):

  • Ultra portable (with convenient handle)
  • no diskdrive, no dvd or cd drive, no wifi, no usb-ports, no nothing, but: WITH Winnie the Pooh action figures that pop up when you open it.
  • Powerful on/off switch!
  • Plays a different tune for each button on the keyboard (This will be the new interface for Itunes 8 )
  • 13" screen (more like a 13th of an "), where Milne’s characters dance for you in black and green pixels (This will be the new standard as of Quicktime 8 )
  • Mac OS X – Tigger.
  • Colourful keyboard (even kewler than backlit)
  • Autonomy: 24 hours (and counting)… On 3 AAA batteries!

So sexy you want one too! You really do (because a guy in a black turtleneck just told you so – or because Apple makes great products, generally).

Buy one for your kid too!
Because the new generation really deserves some air!