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please note:
At the moment, I'm not adding to the site any longer. No more new bands, cd-reviews, demo's etc.
You can still send in news, links or sponsoring money ;-)

As a band, artist, manager, organizer or label, there are several ways you can take advantage of the popularity of this site (a week in February 2001 meant about 60,000 pageviews to over 15,000 users !! - more statistics about the site), and help it get better at the same time :

- If you've got newsfacts (a release coming up, an important gig, completed festival-line-up, big plans ...), simply send 'em in. It takes you 2 minutes to type an e-mail, takes me 2 to convert it into an item on the Poptelex-page. It gets you good exposure and all these little facts put together, make this site the prime source for belgian popnews.

- New CD's can get a page & review just like these ones, including the official press-release if you send it in. Your CD also gets announced on the homepage. Just send a copy to the address below.

- Beginning bands with a demo tape or first release can get a page just like these ones. Furthermore, a picture & title will get in the ad on top of all pages until the next demo arrives. This gives your music exposure right next to the big names & fancy releases ...

- Website-builders for new and beginning bands can sent in links that will be added on the "Link"-page.

All material (cd's, demo's, pictures, flyers, release-lists ...) can be sent to :
Dirk Houbrechts
Keinkesstraat 51
3600 Genk

For questions & other stuff, you can also contact me on this adress, or
via e-mail :
telephone : (0)478.88.33.74
fax : (0)



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Dirk Houbrechts stopped working at The Belgian Pop & Rock Archives (you can read his personal statement here). The website is now entrusted to the Flanders Music Centre ( Contact:

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Last update to this site : March 2002.

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