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November 2001

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DAAU "Life Transmission"
Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung moved from Sony Classical to Columbia and enlarged the line-up from 4 to 5 men, maybe the reason that this has become their most varied and impressive album so far.

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K's Choice

Groep Jezus "Turn Up Speed or Show Me Love"

Floortje and Iwein are together Groep Jezus. These are however no weird fellows on a Hare Krishna or Jehovah-witnesses mission, just two young people with a well-developed sense of melancholy.

Coem "Bandwi(d)thconsiderations"

Nice name for an album, this 2nd CD of the Hasselt-based band Coem, delivering rather wayward rock - parttime brutal, parttime sweet as pie - somewhere in between the emo of postrock, the pop of Fence and the experiments of Sonic Youth or Motorpsycho.

De Mens "Liefde"

Frank Vander Linden hits again, with 13 variations on "le même t'aime". Be warned though: the liner notes contain nude pictures of Frank van der Linden and not of guest-vocalist Tine Reymer (don't say we didn't warn you).

Adamo "Par les temps qui courent"

This monument of the French chanson has far from sung his last song, as he is more popular then ever (especially in France). In 2001 he was knighted, published a book, and releases this CD. Logic that your "Time Flies" when you're working so hard.

Mauro "Songs from a Bad Hat"
After upsetting the Belgian music scene and beyond with his Evil Superstars, and after some freelance work for Mitsoobishy Jacson, Kiss My Jazz and even Kris de Bruyne, Mauro is now the name of a band, and "Songs from a bad hat" that of their debut CD. And what a CD...

Fred & The Healers "Electerrified"

3de cd of this Bluesrockformation, in which guitarwonder Fred Lani can show off his stuff again, after a well-succeeded passage this year on the Belgian Rhythm & Bluesfestival.


Zita Swoon "Life = A Sexy Sanctuary"
5th cd of the Antwerp-based Moondog Jr. / Zita Swoon, and their most accessible so far. The blues is mostly gone now, and the new mantra is "Hey, My Life is OK", even though the singles "Hot Hotter Hottest" and"the Bananaqueen" aren't really representative.-like ballads.

Leyna Ash "En Toute Sérénité"
Leyna Ash is a half-Tunisian, half-Belgian girl, who makes her debut with this CD. As was made obvious by the singles "Laisser Aller" and "Un peu d'innocence", this is commercial pop with french lyrics, made with the help of Thierry Plas (Machiavel, Purple Prose) and Kevin Morane.

Bar8 "Dwarfish Spectacles"
Debut-CD of Bart-Amand (once finalist of the Rock Rally with the band 801KD Concept) & his Bar8, with a varied company of musicians and songs, ranging rom fanfare to minimalism, from instrumental to John Cale-like ballads.

Fluxus "N.O.Ë."
Second CD of this folk band formed around a number of members of the Garriau-family and their friends. Nicely travelled instrumental pieces (the CD is a production of Hans Helewaut) are mixed with sweet sung songs (vocals by Greet Garriau).

Sunzoo Manley "To All Our Escapes" ***
The one man orchestra Piet Goddaer (Ozark Henry) laid a foundation of beats, bass and synths, on which Frank Deruytter on sax and Stephane Galland on drums could go wild. A delightful CD is the result of this cooperation.

Wicona Airbag "Up With People"
This is the new incarnation of the frontman of the former The Hoodoo Club, Harald Vanherf. On"Up with people" he expels his demons in a NiN-kind of waym with the help of Geoffrey Burton.

Flat Earth Society "Bonk"
After the end of X-legged Sally, Flat Earth Society was one of the new outlets for the creative energy of Peter Vermeersch. Bonk is the 2nd CD of this freeform big band, and they're still trying to prove that the earth is flat, and that their music doesn't cause a splitting headache.

Roland van Campenhout & Wannes Van de Velde
"Nomaden van de Muziek"
When the flamenco folkie Wannes van de Velde and the rocking bluesman Roland van Campenhout join hands and guitars, you trust that the output will be of the highest quality. And Nomaden van de muziek doesn't betray that confidence.

Earlier records that were reviewed : (*** are my "top picks")


- Flavour'dish "Skin-Tight" A fivesome from Bornem who have laid their second egg on the world with this Skin-tight (which was a LP-title for The Scabs before). The egg in question turns out to be one that contains psychedelic wrinkling pop & sixties rock.

- Miam Monster Miam "Hey Tank!" Miam Monster Miam is an almost solo-project of Benjamin Schoos, who released 19 of the dreams that haunted him on a surrealistic and psychedelic CD + a series of collages. Syd Barret meets Magritte.

- Star Club West "This is Howie" Debut-cd of this band from Antwerp around singer/guitarist/songwriter Nico Jacobs, with 8 guitarsongs that hesitate between intimistic and fuzz, between melody & energy.

- Melon Galia "Les embarras du quotidien" 2 girls & 3 guys from Brussels, playing English pop on French lyrics, those are the elements of this nice debut cd of Melon Galia. Fresh, sweet and juicy like a ripe melon.

- Bert de Coninck "Pomme d'Amour" After two (in)famous CD in the seventies as "crapule de luxe" Bert de Coninck returns from his voluntary seclusion on Portugal. Less rock'n'roll than he was then, he can still be counted among the better in the Dutch-lyriced section of Belgian pop.

- Ghinzu "Electronic Jacuzzi" *** A very strong candidate for the title "debut of the year", this first album of the brussels-based band Ghinzu. Write it down, pass it on, tell it to the neighbours and don't keep it for yourself : Ghinzu has delivered a great CD.

- Riguelle & Hautekiet "Red Harmony" For their second CD together, Jan Hautekiet & Patrick Riguelle enlarged themselves to a quartet, and went looking in their record collection again, coming up with gems from Tom Waits to John Cale and from Townes van Zandt to Nick Lowe.

- Wawadadakwa "Voor Mama" With a sleeve, Cd-title, songtitles and lyrics like these, it can't be denied that the gentlemen of Wawadadakwa are a tad wacky. But their debut-cd is cheerful, diverse, making their madness at times rather contagious.

- Vanilla Coke "Supermarket" To promote the release of their "Supermarket" the gentlemen of Vanilla Coke (winners concourt-circuit in 1998) displayed themselves for a day in a shop-window in Brussels. Selling out?

- Kloot Per W "Moon - A Cassette Anthology 1979-1986" Kloot per W browsed through 7 years of cassette-output, cut & pasted onto 3CD's and documented with a detailed booklet and a painting. He fitted all this in a carboard box, and hopes it'll fit in your cd-cupboard.

- Laïs "Dorothea" *** The signing folktrio had to prove a lot with their second CD, after the stormign and charming success of their first CD. On Dorothea, they head in few new directions, but affirm the good that has been said about them

- The Grandpiano "Turn" *** Debut from this fresh band from Brussels (with a past in Juniper Boots), on the Dutch label Baron Samedi Records. And a very intersting one, too. Check this out ...

- Axelle Red "Alive" In 2000, Axelle Red toured France on the (AR) tour, and this CD (also availble with an extra DVD) is a faithfull representation of the music (and public) during these concerts. And the setlist is a "Best of". That the good news, the sad news is in my review ...

- Stonedigger "A collection of Headphone Songs" Second CD from this sympathetic lot from Limburg, after a few major changes in the line-up, and a few minor changes in the musical direction. Nice guitar-rock with multiple vocals, and a miserable cover on top.

- Sarah "Starlite Diner" For her second Cd, EMI teamed up Sarah Decoster to the producer of Anouk, to a number of former heavy-metal musicians, and to a few uninspired songwriters. There's better company than that, and the result is what you might expect.

- Airlock "Drystar" Band that came together when Scottisch/Turkish singer Esra Tasasiz teamed up with a trio of advertising musicians in Brussels. The result can be labelled as triphop with influences from Massive Attack, Hooverphonic, Air ...

- Venus "The man who was already dead" Registration of a one-time performance in Brussels by the band Venus which had their songs reworked by Renaud Lhoest and performed by the Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles.

- Kamino "Universal Love Music" Debut by a band from Antwerp (with a history in the band *nAnCY), with 10 sweet & simple songs, amidst which a few excellent singles such as "Tuduptup girls" & "I have got to love me".

- The Whodads "Bongo Festeris" Large gang of musicians who have clearly amused themselves (and us) by playing all kinds of classics from the surf-, mambo- or film-repertoire, from Tito Puente to Bert Kaempfert.

- Tom Helsen "Tom is doing great" *** One of the better albums that were produced in Belgium last year, with the emotional pop/rock of Tom Helsen in the style of Counting Crows, Buffalo Tom & Novastar.

- Sharko "Meeuws" David Bartholomé, aka Sharko, teamed up with Thomas van Cottem & Teuk Henri for his 2nd full cd. The result is less extreme than the first one and could be described as personal rock with an eye for detail.

- music from the motion picture Team Spirit Jan Leyers excelled with "Only Your Love Will Do" and assembled a cd with Paul Michiels, Yum, K's Choice, Sunny Side Up, Coco Jr., My velma and others, to the honour of Jan Verheyen's motion picture "Team Spirit".

- Jan de Wilde "Oude Maan" *** "old moon", the first CD by this modest man after a silence of over 10 years, with 11 short songs and truthful observations. He hopes it won't be a success, we do.

- Das Pop "I Love" *** The eagerly awaited debut album by this bunch of young turks from Ghent, reinventing pop music in Britpop-style, assembling a catchy bunch of songs with elements from 60's, 70's, 80's ànd 90's.

- Daan "Verboden te zuchten" OST. Soundtrack by Daan Stuyven (Dead Man Ray etc.) to an introspective film of Alex Stockman. Don't expect too many songs, but all the more atmosphere. And in the "composer's cut" even ...

- Urban Trad "One O Four" *** Urban feel & traditional tunes, those are the two things Yves Barbieux tried to reconcile by inviting some 20 musicians (from Ialma to Kadril and everything in between) to his compositions. With the help of some poppy singles, this is thé folk-album of 2000.

- Nieuwe Snaar "De Vierde Maat" Musical clowns, funny melomaniacs and sharp observators "De Nieuwe Snaar" have yet another show on the road, so again also a cd that is a testimony to the wit and musical variety they keep displaying.

- AngeliCo "No rest for the Wicked"
Debut-cd of a number of non-debutants (with a past in bands such as Sin Alley and Ashbury Faith), and with an number of great songs à la Garbage.

- K's Choice "Almost Happy" *** Already the fourth album of brother & sister Bettens, on which they don't try desperately to score hits, but just bring us simple, honest and warm songs. More folk than rock, more fall than summer. And more beautiful than ever.

- Tongue "[a]venture" Debut cd of this band from Brussels, that make rather introspective and mesmerizing pop, with outbursts of fuzz and other activity in the choruses.

- Bruno "Down The Road" *** Second solo-cd of this ex-Pink Flowers frontman Bruno Deneckere. It has become a very pure country-album, which I compare to Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska or the sobre side of Green on Red. The bio names Townes van Zandt, Steve Earle, and that is also not far from the truth.

- Derek & Vis "Makin' Water" The duo from Ghent returns to songs in the English language, and does so in style. On "Makin' Water" Derek sounds raw and old and poetic, naming Tom Waits & Bob Dylan as inspirations and references.

- The Blues-O-Matics "Rockillero" Second CD of this pleasant company that mixes all kinds of roots music and rockabilly with firm injections of cajun, tex-mex and other spicy stuff.

- Tony "Love Like Porn" Debut-CD of this Derek&Vis-friend, who seems to suffer from a mild case of Smiths-fixation and has found in Pim de Wolf of the band Thou his local Johnny Marr.

- Hooverphonic "The Magnificent Tree" *** Third cd of the band that has become a trio by now and cannot be confined by the triphop label anymore. Instead they sell us strong pop songs, richly orchestrated and dominated by the vocal capacities of Geike Arnaert.

- de Bossen "Feel the Beating ..." Second CD of this mostly female band from Antwerp, that is - as the cover suggests - a lot less merry and sex-obsessed than their "The Girl Collection" of two years ago.

- Ambrozijn "Naradie" Second CD by this quartet of young, highly talanted, and ever-searching folk-musicians, who take further steps in their attempt at renewing the way to play traditional folktunes.

- Think of One presents Naft Antwerpse fanfare op reis naar die plaatsen op de wereld waar er ambiance heerst. "En vinde gij ons lieke schoôn, geeft, wa ge wilt geven, En hedde niks mor zing de wel, gaat dan meee-ee-ee-ee-ee".

- Aiming Dishes "Vertical Divine" Duo with a background in the Candy Dates, making an exercise in pure pop with crystal clear vocals and fine arrangements, style courtesy of Squeeze, Crowded House ...

- Geschmacksverstärker "Blow Your Cover" Electro-noise duo from Limburg who found their name on a packet of german crisps, and chose the cd-title because they want to "blow up everything, so nobody can hide behind anything anymore".

- Betty Goes Green "Dreamers & Lovers" 6th cd of this band led by the Luc Crabbe (a blend of Iggy Pop & Bowie, as far as his voice goes), and yet another fine example of songwriting of sound & solid rock songs.

- Praga Khan "Mutant Funk" 4th cd of this internationally renound techno outfit (best known for their "horny" exploits with Lords of Acid). Psychedelic pop tunes mixed with techno ingredients shift into a state of mutated funk.

- ABN "Seriewoordenaar" Second cd of these inventors of the term "Frithop" (hiphop in Flemish), who have outgrown that label since. With nice guest-appearances of Luc Devos, Ya Kid K and Janez Detd.

- El Fish "Wisteria" Wisteria, blue rain, is the fourth album of the outfit from Leuven, previously labeled as a bluesband. After this CD, a new label will have to be found, because the horizon was once again broadened to a large extent.

- Jaune Toujours "Brusk" A fanfare with an accordion, chanson with Southern or Eastern influences ... is the sort of music Piet Maris and his outfit Jaune Toujours presen on their second cd "Brusk".

- Thou "Put us in Tune" *** Second album of this interesting band, produced by John Parish, recorded at the Portishead studio's and aided by musicians of Roni Size, Pj Harvey and our very own Mauro. Experiments with melody.

- Buscemi "Our Girl in Havana" *** Second album of producer Dirk Swartenbroekx, who mixes various kinds of Brazilian and Latin-American moods & rhythms into a melting pot of house & drum'n'bass & beats.

- Kamagurka "De Tactloze Top 30" Hitparade of absurdist songs with raving funny lyrics that point out the deficiencies of man and his pets. Favourite songtitle : "O Sabrina, what have you done with my moustache".

- Dead Man Ray "Trap" *** Second album of Daan, Rudy Trouvé and Co. Multi-layered dazzling soundscapes that are firmly rooted on true quality pop & rock songs.

- Metal Molly "The Golden Country®" *** Five years after being an overnight grunge-rock sensation in the Lowlands and a sudden split, these guys have matured and grown together again in a Welsh studio, with a new musical horizon and producer Mark Wallis.

- Janez Detd. "Janez Detd." Punkrockband with an open mind for music, a very bad taste in humour and the ambition to become the best punkrockband of Western-Europe...

- Glittering 2000 Belgian Acts revisiting glam classics - all previously unreleased songs, says the subtitle. From Arid to Machiavel, from Soulwax to Ozark Henry ... all haven chosen a song from the British seventies' gliterrock and did their own thing with it ...

- Anton Walgrave "The Hum" *** Solo-debut of young singer-songwriter from Leuven, recorded in London with producer Kevin Armstrong and an international backing band, resulting in a exquisite mix of pop, rock, jazz, funk and folk

- Novastar "Novastar" *** Two heavenly singles, ten tracks that never are less than very good, an exceptional songwriter-ship, a vocal talent that tears your soul apart ... in short : this is popmusic of an outstanding class.

- Neven "Bruxelogic" Despite the blue-ish look of the cover this CD of cubase- sampler- and mix-manipulator Peter Clasen & friends contains somthing that can be described as "triptechno": firm rhythms, funny melodies, wacky samples ...

- Zakformaat XL "No.1" The joint forces of the talented musicians Wigbert van Lierde, Patrick Riguelle and Kris de Bruyne. For the fun of it.

- "Plage Tattoo / Circumstances" Music by Zita Swoon Music that was written for a dance presentation of Les Compagnie C de la B by one of the best bands that Belgium currently has to offer. Dance, but not exactly disco ...

- Golden Green "ModBeats" Rock'n'Roll with punk attitude in the tradition of Buzzcocks & The Jam, known from the catchy singles "Incomplete" and "Songs of Paul Weller".

- Vive La Fête "Attaque Surprise" French duet-pop from the sixies meets electronica-pop of the eighties in the persons of dEUS-bass-player Danny Mommens and his girlfriend Els Pynoo.

- Gorki "Eindelijk Vakantie!" *** The fifth studio-Cd of Luc de Vos and company - a rock-band with a sort of humour that will be difficult to understand outside of the dutch-speaking world - and according to me in the best they have released in the period they write Gorki with an "i".

- Sharko "Feuded" Almost solo-project of David Bartholomé (with Rudy Coclet) who does insanely beautiful things in his quest not to become insane.

- Orange Black "Bright Lights" Guitar-rocking trio takes on an extra guitarist and produces some fine poprock on this, their second CD.

- Willem Vermandere "Onderweg" Ginger-bearded bard looks at life at the age of sixty, and comes to the conclusion we're all "on the road", to the promised land, from dusk till dawn, from birth to death ...

- v/a "Rock To The Beat - The Ultimate New Beat collection" Excellent overview of the dance genre that happened some ten years ago in the Belgian clubs, when dark underground and acid teamed up to make the Johnny's & Marina's dance ...

- El Fish "Hooked" Collection of live-takes, alternative versions and other rarities that blues-band El Fish has collected during the first five exciting years of it's career. Not just for the fans though ...

- Decibel "Sightseeing" Rockband from Vorselaar with a past in hard-rock. Nowadays they have calmed down considerably, and present their second, self-produced CD.


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