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Airlock "Drystar"
(2000, One Little Indian, 724384994228)

Songs (Click the -icons for some small realaudio-samples)

cover, sleeve1. Drama 73
2. Slipinside
3. Face Down
4. Dj risk vs Airlock
5. Alpha
6. Drystar
7. In the Mouth of the Fish
8. Awakening
9. Quiet Hour
10. On the 2nd Floor
11. Escape
12. Sleepinside

Music & Lyrics: Esra Tasasiz / Airlock

Musicians :
- Esra Tasasiz (vocals)
- Pierre Mussche (keyboards & samples)
- Ernst W. Meinrath (keyboards)
- Renaud Charlier (keyboards)
- Renoar Hadry (bass)
- Laurent Blondiau (trumpet, flugelhorn)
- DJ Risk (from Transformerz) (scratches)
- Alejandro Quesada (cello)
- Pete Davis (Beats & Programming)
- Shawn Lee (guitar)
- Fritz Sunderman (guitars)
- The Arco Musicale (led by Dirk de Caluwé & arranged by Dirk Brossé & Dirk Cockx) (strings)

Recorded at Musicom Studio's en ICP Brussel
Produced by Airlock
Artwork : Think1


My opinion (not translated yet, sorry)

Airlock: technically speaking, this is no debut (a few years ago they already did the soundtrack for the short movie Parabellum - with a few Front 242's in the paramilitary main roles - and with the company Musicom they have been active for a number of years in the world of advertising and soundtracks). But on itselfs this is an intro that well worth noticing.
Remarkable is certainly that the band was signed by One Little Indian (label of Björk and others), and had "le choix de l'embarras" on the basis of one sent demo. In accordance with their background in advertising, the sound of Airlock lies "smooth in the ear". It isn't very original: "Awakening" is a carbon copy of "Kinky Love" by Pale Saints, "In the mouth of the fish" is closely related to Air, and "Drystar" coudl've figured as a Massive Attack B-side without problems. Other songs are more in the vicinity of Hooverphonic or Portishead. Indeed, one could think of worse examples ...
The opening trio of the CD are the best, because on "Drama 73", "Slipinside" and "Face down" there's a good balance between the four main ingredients of Airlock's music: strings (very prominent, and well-arranged by Dirk Brossé a.o.), melody (only well-established in the first three songs, later on giving way to more atmospheric tracks), synth-effects (listening to Airlock on my portable PC I wasn't at ease at all, because the effects on Sleepinside etc. resemble my computer's system noises so much) and the voice of Esra Tasasiz (sometimes very strong - "Slipinside" - sometimes rather disappointing -"Awakening" or"Escape"). In the songs after these three, the balance isn't struck so well, because there's always one of these elements that's overemphasized. The titletrack of "Drystar" on the other hand is a somber but compelling little masterpiece.
The result is a a CD full of atmosphere that has a few too many mishaps to earn the label "strong in all its aspects". But "strong on great deal of aspects", they are already.

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This Album in the Press

- lve in Rif-Raf (ed.ned) : "In de bijgevoegde bio wordt gegoocheld met termen als "itchy DJ Krush-isms, and edgy Underworld-on-downers atmosphere en the Massive Attack-esque avant-garde song Awakening". Ik heb veel minder woorden nodig om het debuut van deze Belgisch band te omschrijven: ik noem het eenvoudigweg muzikaal behang, een flauw afkooksel van Hooverphonic".
- D.A. in The Ticket "De bijna-Belgen van Airlock verbazen met een beloftevol eerste album, dat zijn voedingsbodem vindt in de Engelse triphop. Puristen zullen waarschijnlijk wel iets aan te merken hebben op de kwaliteit van de mastering ... maar dit kleine gebrek valt in het niet als je de harmonie van de arrangementen en de intelligentie en kwaliteit van de sound beschouwt".

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More about this group :

- in the meantime has gone live
- is active : Airlock page on the site of One Little Indian Records
- contact band : email:, Tel: +32 2 2276590 Fax: +32 2 2276599


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