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AKYRA "Freak Voyeurs"
(1999, BMG Belgium, 74321 714392)

Songs (click on the -icons for a small audio-sample)
1. Can't be wrong
2. Requiem
3. Thru me
4. Out of Time
5. What I wanna Say
6. Used
7. The One Inside
8. Every Little Thing
9. Future Culture
10. Come into my World
11. Is it realy nice?

Produced by Akyra
Mixed by Georges Shilling, Tony Platt & Louis Jans
Songs : Akyra (except Requiem : Killing Joke)
Published by BMG Universal Music Publishing

Akyra =
- Marlon Waeghemans
- Mario Vaerewijck
- Karl Zosel
- Nina Babet
Additional musicians :
- Michel Bisceglia (Rhodes)
- Polle van Bruysteghem (guitar)
- Stoffel Verlackt (guitar)
- Damian Rodd (bass)
- Ragga Yves (vocal)
- Dirk van steenland (spoken words)


My opinion

An observer of a recent regional talent contest for new bands gave the comment, after seeing 12 slices of rather mediocre guitars & crossover, that the invention of beats & triphop & drum'n'bass sadly had passed by all the bands on stage. The reason for this justified remark is probably that all the bands who have discovered those influences, already have a fat record contract (e.g. Kolk, Lunascape...).
Akyra also stands for polished pop, with influences of triphop, drum'n'bass rhythms, funk, soul ... The names that came to my mind while listening to this were : Everything But The Girl, Madonna (from different stages in her career, sadly including "La Isla Bonita"), Björk, Wendy (without Lisa, or vice versa ), Ginger Spice ... Not by chance all women, because although there is some sturdy musicioning going on in the background, it is clearly the English singer Nina Babet who steals the show most of the time, as sort of mix between Beth Gibbons & Shirley Manson (just as that role was taken by the cooler Canadian Juliette Carion in the previous project of Vaerewijck en Waeghemans, Lowpass). Exception to those female predominance in the "reminds-me-off"s is the track "requiem", because although that is a cover of a Killing Joke-song, we would've sworn that the intro was "My Spine is the Bassline" of Shriekback.
There are a few songs that could make their way into the hitparades (should they be promoted with the necessary "star quality", tiny bikini's and the matching expensive video's), and there are a few songs that could persuade more rock-oriented audiences (for example the single "Can't be wrong"). We were most impressed with the tension of "Used", the wonderful eruption that is "Come Into My World" and the playfull "Can't be wrong". And the ragga-summerpop of "Future Culture" also had it's merits.
The rest of "Freak Voyeurs" is a little bit too slick for me. But I'll certainly keep an eye on this band, there's a lot of potential here.

And your opinion?
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This Album in the Press

- Swami in RifRaf : "Akyra makes slick drum'n'bass/pop/triphop and manages to do that quite well. Singer Nina Babet sounds sultry and rolls from the speakers in a nice and mellow way. But to my liking Akyra should ripen a bit more, find out its strenghts & weaknesses."

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- Normally should become active (it's mentioned on the cd).


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