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CD OF THE WEEK (September 1999) :

AXELLE RED "Toujours Moi"
(Virgin, 724384734329)

Songs (klik de -icoontjes voor audio)
Buy this CD at Proxis1. Faire des mamours
2. Mon Futur Proche
3. Ce Matin
4. Parce que c'est toi
5. A 82 ans
6. La réponse
7. Bimbo à moi
8. Stay or not
9. J'ai jamais dit (je serais ton amie)
10. Quitter tôt
11. Toujours moi

produced by Axelle Red
Songs : A Red, C. Vervoort, D. Seff, R. Seff

Musicians :
- Axelle Red - vocals
- Patrick Delterne, Michael Toles, 'Skip' Pitts, Wigbert Van Lierde- guitars
- Christophe Vervoort, Lester Snell, Wouter Van Belle, Bert Gielen - keyboards
- Jeff Anderson - bass
- Luis Jardim, Philippe "Moby" Mobers, Marc Bonne - percussion / drums
- Yannic Fonderie, Buscemi - programming
- Alexia Waku, Daddy Waku, Christophe Vervoort, Marie-Ange Teuwen - backing vocals

Recorded at ICP-studio's, Brussels and Motormusic, Koningshooikt

Photo : Georgia Kokolis. Art Direction : PCR For Whatever


My opinion

The new cd of Axelle Red is the sort of disc that blows by like a springtime breeze on the first day of the year the thermometer goes past 20 degrees, the people flood the terasses in town faster than the waiters can bring on new chairs, the skirts become a few inches shorter and the birds whistle to potential partners so hard they wake you up in the morning. In short ... Axelle has written the soundtrack to this day of my spring. For which I thank her.
Also money & applause for the songs "Toujours Moi" (why does this always have to happen to her ?? Write sureshot hits, that is), "A 82 ans" (minimal song with a Philip Glass-synthesizer), "J'ai jamais dit" (gorgeous song with truckload of violins & sweet melody), "Parce que c'est toi" (could be very personal lyrics about her marriage), "Bimbo à moi" (potential french summer hit?) and "Stay or not" (Theme from Shaft). Of lesser quality (because of too close to the musical equivalent of a négligé or a used chewing gum) are the opening trio and "La Réponse".
Axelle is pulling all the strings for this album, she even did the production herself this time : the voice has been mixed to the foreground, and at some points there are some hip french influences (Air / Dimitri from Paris) creeping into the usual soul-chanson-mix. This cd also emphasizes again that Axelle is surely not a technically perfect singer (she would look a bit pale in the company of the "Diva"s"), but she manages to compensate this "deficiency" more than needed with the intimacy, sensuality & warmth that her voice radiates. May this spring last long.

And your opinion?
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This album in the press:

- Dirk Steenhaut, March 22 1999 in De Morgen : "This is not a bad record, but certainly not the best that Axelle Red has delivered so far. It lacks the coherence of "A tâtons", could've done with a few more catchy songs and sometimes leans too much to middle of the road by the fact she doesn't dare to go all out on her first production. Next time a little bit more on the raw side, please".
- Johan Copermans, April 3 1999 in Het Nieuwsblad : "There are a number of cd-reviews out there in which "Toujours Moi" is being described as routine. But to us this cd sounds much more adventurous than the last one. It kicks off with a song of over 7 minutes, has a long instrumental jam in the middle, and on "Bimbo à Moi" we hear a side of her we hadn't heard before, the playful side".

Did you see a good (or bad) review of this album ? Tell me about it !

More about this artist :

- The most obvious place to look for info on Axelle is her official site.
- Of course mrs. Red has had her own page in this archive since the beginning.
- Recent interview in Het Nieuwsblad (dutch)
- Management : Philippe Vanes for Music & Roses. Fax : +32.2.726.09.29

Where to buy this CD ?

You can order this CD from a number of locations (prices researched on September 12th, 1999, but nothing guarantees they still are the same when you read this).

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Have you seen this record elsewhere on the net, do you own an online-CD-shop with Belgian products in it, or if there's something wrong with my calculations : let me know.

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