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BETTY GOES GREEN "Dreamers & Lovers"
(2000, B-track/Zomba, BTR00C3)

Songs (Click the -icons for some small realaudio-samples)

1. Major Crush
2. Everyone's fab
3. Fiesta sforzando
4. Debbie something
5. Who makes the bubble burst?
6. Dreamers & Loves
7. R U A * ?
8. Wow
9. Space Monkeys
10. Belong
11. More
12. It's so

All songs Betty Goes Green
Musicians :
- Luc Crabbe : vocals - guitar
- Joe Bacart : drums
- Tony Gezels : bass
- Johan Ancaer : guitar
- Nathalie Duyver : keyboard, vocals
Guests :
- Bart Maris : trumpet
- Michel Paré : trumpet
- Jan Noerens : saxophone
- Wim Schoup : trombone

Produced by Luc Crabbe
Recorded at Luna Barn Studio, Ternat, Belgium
Sleeve design : PuPiL


My opinion

When asked by the magazine Rif-Raf whether he was satisfied about this album, the sixth since the conception of Betty Goes Green, Luc Crabbe responded with "I think it's the best album we've ever done. It's the most coherent, it has a sense of unity, and there's more melody in it." Sadly enough, it was also packaged in what must be the ugliest albumcover of the year, and there are not enough songs on it that - as Betty Goes Green has proved in the past - have a chance of getting through to the collective memory. The only chance at that - as Steve Wynn proved by humming the melody when he was interviewed at Marktrock - it the song "Major Crush".
For the first time since ages, "Dreamers & Lovers" is not an album that can be promoted by the "my producer is very famous", not even by the "my label is very big" promotion machinery. No Mike Rathke anymore, no Sony, but a return to the modest B-Track and recorded in their own home studio. With Luc Crabbe behind the mixing desk, in the producers chair, on the microphone, and on the mix. He even wrote the songs, but the credits for that go to the entire group. On about four songs there's a brass section called in to spice up the mix, but they don't sparkle.
Betty goes Green has been going for almost 10 years, and somewhere in that period it got hidden in the cracks of Belgian rock, and now have to get by without much media-attention. That has te be attributed less on them (the CD's they have made indeed have improved in quality and consistency over the years), than on the fact that the "boom" of hip & fresh popbands has gloriously surpassed them along the way. To accuse them of "standing still" would not be entirely right, but don't expect any new tricks or breaks or beats or an adventurous quest into the future of music from Betty Goes Green. Just 12 nicely cut songs that attempt to get respect. And respect we have, for the catchy hook of "Major Crush", for the beautiful climaxes of "More", for the nice chorus of "Wow" and for the intense "Who makes the bubble burst?". The rest'll have to do with a little less.

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This Album in the Press

- Dirk Steenhaut in Metro (De Morgen) : "Sony heeft hen inmiddels aan de deur gezet, maar dat laten deze Belgen geenszins aan hun hart komen ... Dat leidt tot aardige gitaarpop, af en toe gekruid met blazers".
- webzine 6Bears "Betty goes Green démontre une nouvelle fois qu'ils ont de qui tenir. Un album de choix qui offre aux fans la possibilité de découvrir un groupe qui va en évoluant tandis que les autres découvriront plus simplement une formation belge à suivre de très près. Une oreille attentive se doit d'être jetée juste pour découvrir qu'en Belgique, il se passe encore des choses du côté du rock calibré pop."
- Dave Peters in Uptomusic : "De mensen van Betty Goes Green lijken soms net iets te hard hun best te doen om aanstekelijke poprock te fabriceren. Dan liever een spontane song zonder franjes als 'Who Makes the Bubble Burst' die je met z'n neerslachtige sluimerpop meesleurt met de stroming."

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More about this group :

- Website : (or so it says on the liner notes, but doesn't look active to me)
- Bookin 'em : Music Line Events, +32 14 23 55 68
- Attempt at a Betty Goes Green bio in the Belgian Pop & Rock Archives
- Fanmail :



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