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(2000, The Twilight Bark / Distr. PIAS, TTB02)

Songs (Click the -icons for some small realaudio-samples)

1. Initial Love (Fovever)
2. Bones Bones Bones
3. Sad Boy
4. Lara's T.H.E.M.E.
5. Guitar Coffin
6. I Taste The Floor
7. Another Perfect Day
8. Mindful
9. Diver
10. Yuksel Bolsters
11. Train

Songs : Wim de Beuckelaer, Ingrid Veerman, Lara Dhondt

Musicians :
- Wim dB : vocals, guitar, backing vocals
- Inneke 23 : vocals, bass, xylophone, Jew's harp, backing vocals
- Lara Wolfsmelk : vocals, percussion, drums, backing vocals, piano
Guests :
- Katrien DB : backing vocals
- Hans "Kamino" : backing vocals
- eelco : hammond, mellotron

Production : Frans Hagenaars & De Bossen
Recorded at Studio 150, Amsterdam, in March 2000

Artwork : Jo Clauwaert
Photo's : Guy Kokken


My opinion

"Bones, nothing but Bones, I'm nothing but bones. - You can break your head on me - Hurt yourself caressing me - You can beat the drums on me - You can see the dead in me - Bones, nothing but Bones", or so go the lyrics to the fantastic song "Bones, Bones, Bones". Why they don't release that as a single, I can't figure out.
If they put "Mindful" on the B-side, you would have the best of "Feel the Beating ...", the second cd of de Bossen, on one convinient single. And you wouldn't have to put up with songs such as the painful closing track "Train" ("I saw myself in a mirror full of holes. I couldn't see myself: I was a hole myself. I took a psychedelic train to the outskirts of my brain", ad infinitum) or some of the other songs that try to slowly build climaxes but never come close to reaching them. The only of the slower songs that I found really worthwile is the sexy "Lara's T.H.E.M.E.". Even "I taste the floor", pretty intense at first listening, loose their grip after a number of spins.
de Bossen are at their best when they do their reputation true : playing what was labeled over here as "rammelrock" (translated that would be "rattlerock", i guess). Not worrying too much about their technical limitations, but going all out for atmosphere and ambiance and funny lyrics. Like on "Guitar coffin" (about how a guitar coffin resembles a mummy casket) or "Initial Love (forever)", or "Diver" (wrong choice of single, i'd say) and the two aforementioned great songs "Bones" and "Mindful".
"It's a perfect day for a sad song ...", Inneke sings in "Sad Song". Maybe so, but I hope that they'll cheer up by the next album ...

And your opinion?
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This Album in the Press

- Christophe Verbiest in Metro (de Morgen) : "... Feel the beating ligt in het verlengde van The Girl Collection, al klinken de liedjes wat strakker. De Bossen staan voor enerzijds smerig rockende gitaarpop, anderzijds tragere nummers met een dramatische spanning ..."
- pc op Café Belge : "... De tweede cd van De Bossen is opvallend poppy. De rammelende garagepunk van weleer is wel niet volledig verdwenen maar moet toch dikwijls plaats ruimen voor toegankelijkere deuntjes. Eerder The Shangri La's dan Dead Moon deze keer ..."
- D.A. in The Ticket : "... Ook al lijken de pop-rock songs van de band op het eerste gezicht goed uitgebalanceerd, toch ontbreekt het de groep duidelijk aan zuurstof en krijg je de indruk dat je het allemaal al een keertje eerder hebt gehoord..."
- Tinneke Staes in Rif-Raf : "Garagerock is de gepaste term zeker, als we dit genre van muziek moeten omschrijven. Op deze plaats is ook meer plaats gemaakt voor melancholie ... Dit is een heel aardig plaatje, geef het zeker en vast een luisterbeurt, het loont de moeite. En als je dan nog niet overtuigd bent, ga ze dan eens live bezig zien. Je weet niet wat je overkomt."

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More about this group :

- the official site is
- attempt at a de Bossen Bio in the Belgian Pop & Rock Archives
- Interview with Wim, Inneke & Lara promoting Feel the Beating at Cucamonga
- book 'em : Tout Partout, 011 25 60 36
- contact 'em : de Bossen - Valkstraat 54, 2610 Wilrijk


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