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CD OF THE WEEK (September 1999) :

CABBAGE "The Miraculously Winking Jesus"
(Brinkman Records 1998 - BRCD080)

Songs (klik de -icoontjes voor audio)
1. The Guy Who Stole The Show
2. My Favourite Things
3. McGyver's Haircut
4. Winking Jesus
5. Mooning in the Sun
6. FM
7. Broken Bodyparts
8. Sign
9. O.C.D.
10. Replica
11. The Other Side of the Globe
12. Gino Impossible
13. Daisywheel Pushers
bonus : Love Letters in the Sand

Musicians :
- Alan Muller (vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards)

Guests :
- Gino Geudens (drums, guitar, vocals)
- Bart Zegers (bass, piano, keyboards)
- Bart Vincent (samples, backing vocals)
- Does De Wolf (keyboards, backing vocals)
- Bianca Wensink (backing vocals)
- Paskal Deweze (backing vocals)
- Bart & Kurt Thys & 'The misterious third person" : percussion

Production : Allan Muller
Mix : Jo Francken
Recorded at Jet Studio, Brussels, Spring 1998

Coverdesign : Herman Houbrechts


Press Release

When Metal Molly went "out of busisness" early 1997, the two frontmen of the group threw themselves on new musical project.

Pascal Deweze joined the ranks of Nemo, founded the band Suki Love, went in the studio with Gitbox! and worked together with Peter Houben (Nemo) & Mauro Pawlowski (Evil Superstars) on a new album of Mitsoobishy Jacson.

But Allan Muller also wasn't idling around : Cabbage became his alter ego. With a changing cast of musicians he began performing on stage regularly in the summer of '97, (for exemple at the "Gentse Feesten" and the always alert "Doornroosje" in Nijmegen).

In no time, Allan had written 20 songs and the plan to record an album began to take shape.

In April '98 however, Allan, Pascal and Gino bumped into each other once again in Tremelo (it had to happen) and -in no time- they were back in the rehearsal room again. Metal Molly is back again !

Most of the songs Allan had written for Cabbage weren't fit to the needs of Metal Molly, so during the summer of '98 Allan retreated to the studio in order to record an album with Jo Francken (o.a. Evil Superstars / Gitbox! / Noordkaap) behind the knobs of the mixing table. He also got help from Bart & Does of the Belgian group Thou (samples / voices) and Metal Molly-drummer Gino Geudens (also guitar and synths).

The result was released in October : "The Miraculously Winking Jezus".

My opinion

Weird album this is, like it has been made under the influence of a few pills & other stuff with rapidly changing effects :

Not a lot of time to get bored while listening to this. Still i don't find the record as a whole - uhm - totally successful : there are too many occasions where the melodies were mismanaged (quite often they are very beautiful in the first bit but - in the best lo-fi-tradition - are given a final blow) or the musical jokes get the upperhand.
However, we are already looking forward to the day that "Cabbage - The complete Sound Of Music" lands on our desk. Or the new Metal Molly, of course.

And your opinion?
Did I get it all wrong, or was I spot-on ? Do you want to share your opinion about this cd ? Send it in, and I'll put it up here !

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This album in the press:

- Stage, January 1998: "Funny and quite innocent are the adjectives that sprung to my mind during the first listening ... What a great feeling for correct poptunes ... fresh & nicely arranged. Cabbage makes songs where amusement claims the leading role, and it does that well"
- Vern (November 1998) : "This cd has a much funnier title than most of the music that's on it. It isn't really the jolly side of Allan Muller that we get here, although a few song are very close to being a pastiche ... It are the beatiful, sometimes bizarre song such as "FM" and "Sign" that give Cabbage a reason for being, and a place to be, somewhere near Gitbox!, another band from the same stable".
- Humo (December 1998) "It is a much softer clutch of eggs that has landed here than we were expecting from Alan Muller. Almost no loudly screeching guitarsongs that twist & turn in unexpected directions, and the little noisy stuff there is is somewhat mediocre ... No we were much more taken with the curious "pop with a twist" of the rest ... Do realize that the record you will own is not a happy one, in spite of the occasional jokes, but nonetheless a very well succeeded one".

Did you see a good (or bad) review of this album ? Tell me about it !

More about this band :

- There is clearly some room on the web for a few supplemental Cabbage-sites (i've found none), the most closely related is perhaps the Metal Molly-page in this archive.
- Contact band :
- Brinkman Records, Vlietberg 27, 6576 JB OOIJ, Nederland. mail :

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Have you seen this record elsewhere on the net, do you own an online-CD-shop with Belgian products in it, or if there's something wrong with my calculations : let me know.

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