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CLOUSEAU "In Stereo "
(EMI Belgium, 7243 4999962 6)

Songs (klik de -icoontjes voor audio)
1. Altijd meer en meer
2. Hoe lang nog
3. Heb ik ooit gezegd
4. Blijf bij mij
5. Ik, jij, hij of zij
6. Wat ik voor je voel
7. Eenzaam hart
8. Hoeveel is te veel ?
9. Iemand zoals jij
10. Niets meer
11. Zij kan me troosten
12. Voltooid verleden
13. Zo mooi

Produced by Jean Blaute & Kris Wauters
Songs : Wauters, Vanhie, Leyers, Van Morrison, Onzia, Vander linden, Van den Heuvel, Seghers, Lillipally)

Musicians :
- Koen & Kris Wauters (zang, toetsen)
- Walter Mets, Eddie Conard (drums, percussie)
- Evert Verhees, Vincent Pierins (bas)
- Eric Melaerts, Kevin Mulligan, Leonardo Amuedo (gitaren)
- Yannic Fonderie (loops-, drums- en synthprogrammatie)
- Dany Caen, Mark Vanhie, Ella, Dorien en Jan Leyers, Anne Meunier, Aude Vercruysse (backing)
- Jay-horns (Jel Jongen, Serge Plume, Eelco Oudolf, Allard Buwelda) (blazers)
- Thierry Crommen (mondharmonica)
- Strijkersarrangementen Guyri Spies

Recorded by Dan Lacksman at the Synsound-studio's (oct/nov '98)

Foto : Clemens Rikken


My opinion

There seemingly was a big budget at hand at EMI for this album : a complete live violin-orchestra & brass-section, songwriters of reputation (Frank vander Linden, Jan Leyers, Yurek Onzia, Mark Vanhie, Piet van den Heuvel ...), expensive studio's & sessian musicians, a producer of some fame (we have respect for the grey hair of Jean Blaute) ... in short : the brothers-Wauters have gotten the Paris-Dakar treatment for "In Stereo" : a top team, a big sponsor, and all they had to worry about was the wheel, the road and the press contacts. Although from a distance and on paper this team setup looks great, there is not much left to cheer about once you take a closer look.
The songs are despite their classy auteurs of a rather short-winded nature, the play is despite the performers of reputation rather saltfree and the good ideas there are are buried beneath a see of violins & a heap of brass.
The positive points to remember are "Hoe lang nog" (there are fans that suggest this song to be released for Kosovo), "Ik, Jij, Hij of Zij" (the only song that doesn't shy away from the throttle all the time), "Hoeveel is te veel?" (vèèry beautiful melody and the most sober arrangement on the cd) en "Voltooid verleden" (nice lingering slide-guitar in a song with some climax).
It is - imho - rather characteristic of "In Stereo" that the lighthearted salsa-getaway "Zo Mooi" that closes is deemed to first need a justification with a little dialog : Koen : "Witte, ik vind dat we om onze CD te beëindigen, als uitsmijter eens iets totaal anders moeten doen. Allez, zo iets tofs, iets vrolijks, zonnig, ne salsa of zo." Kris : "We kunnen toch gene salsa doen". Koen "Natuurlijk kunnen we dat, we doen toch wat we willen". Kris "Ne salsa ?". If you first present the listener 11 pieces of cloyingly sweet pieces of candy, one doesn't have to be surprised if they would get frightened from something more spicay. Demasiado azucar!

And your opinion?
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This album in the press:

- Peter Van Dyck in Weekend Knack, 10 april 1999 : "The washed-out "Adrenaline" gets a pleasant sequel with this cd. The approach is much more rhythmic & funky while the sound get thickened by violins & brass ... Perhaps a bit too well-behaves, but a classy job nonetheless ... The competition can start from scratch again".
- Bart Steenhaut in De Morgen, 15 maart 1999 : "In Stereo a the type of record for whicht the term "light music" was tought of : this tenth album of the brothers Wauters is as light as helium, and just as swiftly evaporated. But it will probably smash some sales-records yet again."

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More about this band :

- The most obvious place to look for info on Clouseau is their official site.
- Of course the band has had their own page in this archive since the very start.
- Management : King 013.334545 In Holland : Spring : 03329.85588

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