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CD OF THE WEEK (January 2000) :

(1999, Decibel)

Songs (click on the -icons for a small audio-sample)
1. Time
2. Boobytrapped
3. The Hill
4. Answers
5. This is Not a Love Song
6. Sightseeing
7. Stolen Moment
8. Next To You

Songs door Decibel except n°5 lyrics : Cis de Ceulaer
Decibel =
- Zjul Lambrechts : vocals
- Annemie Tampère : backing vocals
- Liesbeth Tampère : backing, percussion
- Geert Peeters : guitars
- Bert Sleeckx : guitars
- Peter Thys : bass
- Dirk Thys : drums, vibraphone, percussion

Recorded at Studio 195, Wernhout.

Who is Decibel ?? (band not responsable for the English mistakes)

The Belgian rockband Decibel - coming from Vorselaar, heart of the Kempen - has evolved during the past eightteen years (!) from heavy metal to snappy rock and pop. Especially the introduction of the backing vocals has meant a unprecedented surplus value in this genre. At times the raw guitar noises still emerge, but as a rule the typical hard-rock sound has been changed and modified into a compact & unique sound. The group enjoy themselves in a diversity of musical styles, typical of the different musical tastes of the band members. A true musial odd man out ...
The group has just done the presentation of their latest cd "Sightseeing" and can already be proud of a huge success. The lyrics are mainly autobiographical or critical of society. The music is calmer than on the predecessor "Nutcase", and the score has been much better developed. And "Nutcase" is seen by many as a milestone in the Decibel history !


My opinion

Life can be a bitch : not only for Erwin Vervecken who fell in the last curb in such a way that Sven Nijs could take the title of Belgian champion cyclo-crosn today, but also for these co-locals of the rockband Decibel : if this had been an EP or a single with "the Hill" as A-side and "Boobytrapped" as the B-side, I would probably had written someting like "Decibel, keep an eye on these guys". But a full-cd is clearly beyond them.
It goes to say that we found the quality of "Sightseeing" rather unequal : after the third song the ideas somehow seem to have been exhausted, and what follows are a series of rather boring songs until the hole in the middle. The (absent) production also could've been better, since the groupsound lacks dynamism. But "the Hill" is a great song, held-back and with a good combination of lyrics and music.
The singer of Decibel sounds like a crossing between Fish (of Marillion etc) and John Watts (of Fisher Z etc). The electrical guitars have worn out their short pants in Hard-rock Elementary, and the acoustic guitars went to Folk High. The girls in the backing apparently are new in the band, but you can't tell that from opener "Time", since they sound just like Fairport Convention in that one.
With a bit of good will, I could call this self-produced album the "best of the millennium ... so far" (as it is the first one i'm reviewing in the new year), but sadly .. it dates from the last one, and that's a title they don't deserve.

Your opinion

Damiaan from Brussels wrote : "I got to listen to this cd by accident, and I was completely surprised. In a positive sense, that is. The songs are perhaps a bit too nice, too polished, but I have seen them live since, and that was no junk ... My verdict : recommended"

Ivan Verbeeck schreef : "of course I have an opinion about this cd, I am the ex-drummer of Decibel.
You're doing the band injustice by only speaking about their latest CD Sightseeing in your review. You should look at the evolution the group has gone through, before making judgement. Decibel has been active for years, with ups and downs. Years ago they already played in Germany, opened for Dutch hardrockband Vengeance, were in the final of the Flanders Rock Concours etc... The first studio-takes date back to 1986 and the demo "The Game", followed in 1989 by "Lost... in a man's mind". A few years ago the first cd "Nutcase" followed, and now there's "Sightseeing".
Anyhow, the group has been progressing over the years, and it still gives me pain in the heart to visit a gig or a rehearsal of them, because I've left the group for reasons of study.
Maybe Sightseeing is a bit too kind (I personally prefer harder music), but both music and lyrics are well-thought over and prove that this group houses a great deal of talent.
And it musn't be forgotten that this is a band that does it all as a hobby, without professional or financial support.
I'm sure that, given the right record firm and management, the success of dEUS would seem like a minor thing

And your opinion?
Did I get it all wrong, or was I spot-on ? Do you want to share your opinion about this cd ? Send it in, and I'll put it up here !

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Where to buy this CD ?

Since this is a self-produced album, it cannot be obtained through the normal distribution channels. "Sightseeing" can be ordered (at 500 fr, that's about 13$) via the e-mail-adress of Geert Peeters or telephonically at +32/14/50.25.27.


More about this group :

- Decibel site of fan and lyricist Cis de Ceulaer
- page about the group by former drummer Ivan Verbeeck.
- contact : Geert Peeters, Hendrik Consciencestraat 8, 2280 Grobbendonk (014/50.25.27).
- contact2 : Zjul Lambrechts, Moleneinde 66, 2290 Vorselaar (014/51.77.50).


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