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(1999, Rana - HKM Records, Rana42765)

Songs (click on the -icons for a small audio-sample)
1. Visit Dr. Boogie
2. People in Traffic
3. 55th Street Boogie
4. Copydog
5. Hangin' Over
6. Shake'm
7. Why Do You Treat Me So Mean?
8. Look At The Children Run
9. Little Boogiemachine
10. Sweet Blood Call
11. Mighty Long Time

Songs : El Fish, Hound Dog Taylor (3), Willie Foster (7), Minter Iverson (8 en 10), Sonny Boy Williamson (11)

Musicians :
- Filip Casteels : guitar & vocal
- Steven de Bruyn : harp + vocal on 11
- Jan Ieven : bass
- Rohal de Ridder / Toon Derison : drums
- JMX : guitar op tracks 1, 2, 5 & 6
- Willie Foster : harp & vocal on track 7
- Bob Pearce : slide guitar & vocal on track 10

Sleeve Picture : Patrick de Spiegelaere
Design : Macdesign


My opinion

Normally this kind of a cd makes us say : "this collection of alternative version, live-takes and rarities is typically aimed at the die-hard El Fish fan", if it wasn't for the constatation that the quality is so good, chances are real you could become a die-hard fan àfter listening to "Hooked". It's your choice.
What you get are eleven pieces of adventurous blues, in very different recording qualities (ranging from the muffled sounds on the big Pukkelpop stage, the near-studio quality of the Bassta-studio in the VRT, to small blues-venues and even a performance with óne microphone on a Dutch riding train) and very different atmospheres (from the rippling chill-out blues as a backing band for Willie Foster or Bob Pearce to the fucked-up bluesrock with Jean-Marie Aerts on the Pukkelpop-stage, from Canned Heat-ish roadblues to simple straightforward jumpboogie).
The tracks that worked best for me are the menacing atmosphere on "Look at the children run", the wildness of "Shake'm" the nervous shuffle of "People in Traffic", and certainly also the bonus-track "Mighty Long Time", in which harp-player Steven de Bruyn proves that he also can stand his ground as a singer, but most of all because he does that in a heck of a song of Sonny Boy Wiliamson.
If you know that this cd is being sold at a very democratic prize (somewhere around 400 Belgian francs) ...

And your opinion?
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This Album in the Press

- Jip Golsteyn in De Telegraaf (NL) van 12/18/1999 : "... Although I run the risk of being called a missionary here : 'Hooked' is the live-album of the year, El Fish' application for a top-position as one of the best stage-acts, if they stick together until far in the next century"
- Peter Van Dyck in Weekend-Knack : "For our national pride El Fish the blues is like a playground they can use to sling mud ... The sound is not always crystal-clear, but the excitement is high."
- Surf-Inn : "Live-cd's are usually, almost by defenition, mostly redundant. They don't improve your collection. And they don't improve the state of your bank-account. But ... "Hooked" is far from that ... It is an indispensable collection of radio-sessions, alternative takes and live-takes."

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Where to buy this CD ?

You can order this CD from a number of locations (prices researched on December 28th, 1999, but nothing guarantees they still are the same when you read this).

Price of the CD
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449 Bef.
419 Bef.
378 Bef

The lowest price is in yellow, the highest in red. This price comparison doesn't take things into account like deduction of shipping expenses when ordering more than 1 cd, bonus points, differences in guarantees ... Shipping prices are those for customers in Belgium.

Have you seen this record elsewhere on the net, do you own an online-CD-shop with Belgian products in it, or if there's something wrong with my calculations : let me know.


More about this group :

- El Fish bio at the Belgian Pop & Rock Archives
- The official and trilingual El Fish-site
- Booking : Bart Cambre, P. Delvauxwijk 49, 3000 Leuven. Tel ++32(0)16/20.30.00.
- Mail :


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