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"Electronic Jacuzzi"
2000, Dragoon, GHI-777-01

Songs (Click the -icons for some small realaudio-samples)

cover, sleeve1. Dolly Fisher
2. Dragon
3. Rotten Star
4. Thoughts Behind the Scene
5. Electronic Jacuzzi
6. Turn up the Satan
7. R2 D3
8. Dracula Cowboy
9. Get Up
10. Revlis
11. One Shot Ballerina
12. Bingo it's heaven

- John Stargasm (John David Israel Descamps): the black holer
- Sanderson Poe : double bass explosion
- Fabrice (Fabrice George): sushi drumkit
- Mika nagazaki (Michael Hasson) : bass symbol
- Greg (Gregory Remy): guitars

Produced by Ghinzu
Recorded at Ghinzu Plant (studio Molière) & G Lab (studio Caraïbes)

Design : Dragon Ben


My opinion

Another band from Brussels with loads of respect for Radiohead, dEUS & Co. And another one for which this inspirationn in the Antwerp scene and in English instead of French rock is more than worthwile (see also the recent releases of Sharko and The Grandpiano). What am I saying? Mooooore than worthwile. Write it down, pass it on, tell it to the neighbours, spread the word and certainly don't keep this for yourself : Ghinzu has delivered a great CD.
Sidenote: the rock press in our country may be quite chauvinistic and celebrate each buffoon with a hit in 55 magazines, but when it can't recognize real talent and make their audiences know that there's a bunch of new yung godz without the pressure of moneywasting promomachines in action, it fails miserably. Such as in this case.
Back on track : A great CD doesn't mean a perfect one, but certainly one with only a handful lesser ones. I'm not exactly wild about "R2D3" (Hooverphonic without Geike and abou three minutes too long) and "Get Up" (silly kung-fu pastiche with a sleep-provoking smooth rock after that), "Revlis" (an instrumental that seems kind of superfluous) and "One shot ballerina" (naked piano-ballad that lacks the ability to move me). The rest of the tracks however are all fingerlicking good, a whole bunch of songs that have wild arrangements that always manage to get back into the tune in time, with the vocals acting as the unifying factor. The CD is opened and crowned by the single "Dolly Fisher", a great song that is very undeservedly still not widely known.
Put them in your cd-player, download them on your hard-disk, program them on your festival (attention though : they have a really silly stage-act that involves the use of purple wigs), plug them on your tv-station ... Or at least remember the name : Ghinzu!

And your opinion?
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This Album in the Press

- MPSU in Mofo : "Son nom (calqué sur une marque de couteau japonais) ne l'indique pas, mais Ghinzu est bruxellois. Le quator a sorti un premier album fort prometteur et étonnamment maîtrisé pour un premier disque"
- jgm in Rif-Raf (ed. fr) : "Il y a une chimie particulière dans Ghinzu, qu'on attribuera aux différences et complémentarités des membres du groupe, aux expériences jazz, métal, psyché et certainement encore autres, réunis avec la volonté de former le meilleur groupe belge depuis un certain temps, sans aucun complexe".
- Le Soir : "Le premier album “Electronic Jacuzzi” de ce groupe basé à Bruxelles force le respect. En effet, la Noise-pop de Ghinzu fait preuve d’une maturité rare pour un premier opus axé sur le piano et la voix de son chanteur pour le moins inspiré. A recommander à tous les mélomanes en manque de dEUS".

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More about this group :

- website :
- contact (dragoon) : 02/534 48 63
- management : Tom Devuyst (
- distributie Distrisound (
- An iinterview met Ghinzu at Cucamonga.


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