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GORKI "Eindelijk Vakantie!"
(2000, Sony Music Belgium, COL 497507 2)

Songs (click on the -icons for a small audio-sample)
1. Ode an die freude
2. We zijn zo jong
3. XTC
4. Bij nacht en ontij
5. Red mijn ziel vooral
6. In mijn betere wereld
7. Later zeker misschien
8. Geld en olie
8. Mijn bed is zwaar en groot
9. Duitsland wint altijd
10. Destroy!

Lyrics & Music : Luc De Vos, Friedrich Von Schiller, Ludwig von Beethoven, Luc Heyvaerts en Erik Van Biesen
Production : Frank Duchêne

Musicians :
- Luc de Vos : chants & guitar
- Erik Van Biesen : bass & guitar
- Luc Heyvaerts : piano, keys and mellotron
Gasten :
- Eric Bosteels : drums
- Frank Duchêne : programming and piano
- Jo Bogaert : programming, bass & guitar
- David Dewaele : guitar
- Simon Lenski : cello
- Buni Lenski : viool
- Roel van Camp : accordion

artwork : Bent van Looy (zie Das Pop) en Power & Glory


My opinion

Gorki disposes of :
- a brand new cd, entitled "Eindelijk Vakantie!"
- a singer/lyricist/spokesperson with a sense of humour that is overdeveloped : who else would end his record with the track "destroy!" - leading you to expect punk & doom - but makes this a song with nothing but friedly guitar-picking. Or, who else would fill up the empty pages in the cd-booklet with all kinds of puzzles, "connect the dots", colouring drawings, and our favourite "find the titles". Or else, who else would launch a promotion stunt with a contest that had as the main prize "frieten met stoofvlees" made by Luc de Vos himself in the kitchen of the AB.
- a bunch of very famous & highly talented friends that come storming to the studio as soon as they hear that Luc & his gang are working on a new album, in the hope of a guest role (on this CD the lucky ones are DAAU, Stephen Dewaele en Jo Bogaert on all kinds of instruments, Frank Duchêne behind the desk, and Das Popper Bent van Looy for the painting on the sleeve).
- a number of tracks that could again fair very well in "alternative charts" such as de Afrekening, but won't make the slightest dent on the monument of bad taste that is the hitparade ("we zijn zo jong" certainly, "xtc", "geld en olie", "later zeker misschien" possibly, and our personal favourite "In mijn betere wereld" certainly not).
- of a number of lines that are to be cherished and kept at bay for a good occasion, such as "in de show van je leven, is er een zee van tijd", of "maar ik heb water in de kelder, mijn voorraad voor later", "mijn dank gaat uit naar mijzelf, omdat ik zo mooi kan dromen", "de middelmaat is groot, want de normale dingen gebeuren nu eenmaal meer dan abnormale", "de meisjes worden blonder, en slimmer dan ooit".
- just like De Mens (with Sex verandert alles) and Noordkaap (with Massis), Gorki disposes of an excellent last cd that proves this "holy threesome" of Flemish rock is very open to new sounds, and know how to smuggle these new sounds into the music-mole they had perfectioned during the past years. Not that you have to expect drum'n'bass or frithop on "Eindelijk Vakantie!", because the most extravagant are two outings to the world of classical music with "Ode an die Freude" and the beautiful "In mijn betere wereld".
- the best balanced cd that I've heard from the band since they've changed their name from Gorky to Gorki.

And your opinion?
Did I get it all wrong, or was I spot-on ? Do you want to share your opinion about this cd ? Send it in, and I'll put it up here !

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This Album in the Press

- Dirk Steenhaut in Metro (de Morgen) : "Don't get fooled by the promotional title of this cd. Because despite the often hilarious humour in his songs, eternal adolescent Luc De Vos still languishes in melancholic ponderings ... All in all this leads to a varied and dynamic range of sounds and to some of the best songs Gorki has ever made."
- Peter Van Dijck in Weekend-Knack : "Luc de Vos has been singing about pour little boys in the same, whining tone for years now ... The fact that he is repeating himself as a songwriter, is being masquaded by productional savvy. We give Gorki a cum laude for the form, but as for content, we fluke the band".
- Dirk Steenhaut in De Morgen : "Eindelijk vakantie! is a record that the more often you play it, the richer and more intriguing it becomes. Actually, you should have it already".

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- website of their management Lipstick Notes.



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