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DANIEL HÉLIN "Fait main à Borlon"
(1999, Danses du Possible)

Songs (click on the -icons for a small audio-sample)
1. La Came
2. Gendarmerie blues
3. Louise
4. Ma Mère
5. Les trois p'tits mots
6. Crotte de chien
7. Skinette
8. Speakerine
9. L'araignée
10. Les hérissons
11. Adieu / La muerte
12. Marie
13. La main qu'on glisse sous les draps
14. Looser

Daniel Hélin : vocals, guitar, bass, harmonium, accordion
Jean-Yves Evrard : guitar, clarinet, drums, bells, garden hose, organ, percussion
and with
- Jean Kowalski : drums
- Nikola Pejakovic : piano

Recorded at " la maison de Geneviève, Louise & Jean-Yves Evrard (spring/summer 1999)


My opinion

Within the span of a year, Daniel Hélin seems to have grown from a well-kept secret to a household name in Wallonia : this funny and impertinent little man with a message won the "Biennale de la chanson Française" and since has been asked to play from festival to benefit and from club to radio-studio. And not without reason. It's about time that the rest of the world gets to know this anarchistic singer-songwriter.
The best thing on the cd are without a doubt the lyrics : ironic, biting, naughty, on the attack, sweet, tender, sad ... all sentiments pass by. Sometimes these lyrics are virtuose (as in the Nirvana-ish song "Louise", in which the story of a love-affaire with a girl that later hangs herself is told in nothing but sentences that rhyme on "-ise"). Sometimes they are of a simpler form and come on strongly (eg. the best track of the cd "Ma Mère", in which the singer wonders why he had to be born and is determined not to have an offspring himself "Alors, alors, pardonne-moi donc, de me réfugier dans la masturbation, ou dans la baise en capotes ou pillules, j'en suis fier je n'tue que quand j'éjacule"). Sometimes they are rather funny, as in the complaint about the police in "Gendarmerie blues" (ils seront à leur mort à la droite de Dieu, avec les mongols, les pauvres, les lépreux, car Dieu guérit toutes les maladies des hommes et efface la connerie d'un grand coup de gomme).
The themes vary from drugs (La came), death (Adieu, l'Araignée), right-wing extremism (Skinette, Looser), traffic that kills (les hérissons), the police (gendarmerie blues), love (les trois p'tits mots, Louise, la main qui glisse sous les draps) and masturbation (Ma mère, Speakerine).
Musically, the form chosen still belongs to "chanson", but there are big fat influences of punk, blues, jazz, reggae and grunge. Only a few songs have guitar and vocals only (although that's his live-setup), since most have touches of accordeon, a bed that creaks, a saxophone, a waltzing organ ...
My admiration is not unconditional though : sometimes he starts rattling his lyrics a bit too immoderately, or thinks he's a comedian (eg crotte de chien, Marie, Looser), which make up for the lesser moments.
But on a number of songs, there were cold shivers. And a bang for the egoïstic head, and a mirror for your society.
With a sleeve like that, the conclusion was obvious from the start : vâchement bien !!

And your opinion?
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More about this group :

- Contact : Danses du Possible asbl, 53 Av. Albert 1, 1342 Limelette, Belgique
- Fax : 32(0)10 - 41.33.92


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