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CD OF THE WEEK (May 2000) :

JANEZ DETD. "Janez Detd."
(2000, Cabalero/Virgin - 7243 8 49134 2 7)

Songs (click on the -icons for a small audio-sample)
Buy this CD at Proxis 1. Kick off!
2. Angeline
3. Rock On! (Debbie's a spaz!)
4. Going mental
5. Old enough
6. Hey Myron!
7. Roy Rogers (theme from)
8. Take on Me
9. Ferdy!
10. Lisa (she's a herpie)
11. Summer's gone (and so is q107fm)
12. Hein 57
plus :
- Coming up next : tosshead - late-gone-left - rené - shut up - me & you
- Bloopers

Musicians :
- Nikolas (rounder)
- Bob (tattoos & talent)
- Wim (great hair & sloppiness)
- Bram (rookie)
Also :
- Facedown (backings)
- Melissa, Jessica & Angela (punkette backings)
- Tom (guitars)
- Hans (Korg)
- Bart Maris, Mark de Maeseneer, Pol Mareen (horns)
- Disfunctional (scratches)

Produced by Jo Francken
Recorded at Galaxy & Vita Nova Studio's, Antwerpen
Sleeve : Turtle Industries


My opinion

Janez Detd. are a boysband, but one of the kind that would give the cuddly toys that are thrown to them a thorough anatomical examination or simply set fire to them, or that would mark the body part of teenage girls that are offered for an autograph with white sticky fluid instead of black marker ink. In short, Janez Detd. are in the possesion of a well-developed sense of humour, the kind of jokes that The Bloodhound Gang is selling by the dozens. A surplus in bad taste, pants filled with ants, and ... a lot of ambition.
Janez Detd. are not only fun, they are also little sharks that know damned well what they want : to become the most important punkrockband of Western-Europe. The means to this end : a mix in the States by Eddy Schreyer (did that precision job earlier for The Offspring, Korn, NoFX etc ...), a production of Jo Francken (Zap Mama, Noordkaap, Evil Superstars, Zita Swoon ...), a release on a newly created sublabel of major Virgin-Records (entitled Cabalero, which could become a playground for launching other inland-punkrocktalent), a nice promotion and video-budget, and a nifty website. Apart from all that, there are also a numbero of songs that are the musical equivalent of a raised middlefinger (Rock On, Angeline, Ferdy, Heinz 57, Lisa she's a herpie...) and quite a bit of fun tracks on which other musical genres are passed through the punkrockmixer (old enough, theme from roy rogers, take on me - the original is of a-ha - summer's gone ...), spiced up with horns, Toni Basil choirs, surfrock, B52's, ska, the "best studio audience they ever had" ... This all prevents if from becoming a boring record, but it doesn't exactly help to keep it in focus. Too few motherfucker's of choruses (even though old enough is about fucking a mother), too few hooks that are in your face and inescapable. Janez Detd. still can learn a few trick of the trade from old bones such as The Paranoiacs.
Bref : Janez Detd. is in urgent need of some bread (they have "broodnodig brood nodig") ... Keep on dreaming, and rock on!

And your opinion?
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This Album in the Press

- Tim Coene in Teek : "The Offspring of Flanders has been independently and successfully building up a fanbasis ... Apart from frivoloys poppy punkrock you can also find a sharp-cut ska-version of A-ha's classic "Take on Me" (with "when Will I Be Famous"-Bros-break in the middle")"
- Bram Hiel in Rif-Raf : "Well-known punk from our own turf. This young quartet has become more mature and this can also be heard in the songs ... Janez Detd is a creditable album of a punkrockband that has an eye for variation.".
- Dirk Steenhaut in Metro (De Morgen) : "This poppunkquartet pledges alliance, just as Green Day, The Offspring or Blink-182, to energetic and straightforarward, but they do that with a sense of humour and a sense of melody. The songs ... are a bit juvenile, but the target audience will probably think that's cool"

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More about this group :

- de officiële site is
- Bookings : Rock Werchter ( or fax : +32 (0)16-60.81.40



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