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KAMAGURKA "De Tactloze Top 30"
(2000, KassaNova Records - KNCD1)

Songs (click on the -icons for a small audio-sample)
1. Diep In Jou
2. Nee, mijn lief, je bent niet te dik
3. De dakloze architect
4. Er hangt altijd iets aan je gezicht
5. Steeds hoger 
6. Brandend maagzuur
7. Zo zou het altijd moeten zijn
8. O, Sabrina (wat heb je met mijn snor gedaan?)
9. Kus me teder
10. Ik heb gehoord van jou
11. De onbaatzuchtige buffel
12. De onzichtbare man
13. Knetterend miltvuur
14. O, lustobject
15. Gedane zaken
16. De man met de grasparkiet
17. Stank voor dank
18. Butterfly
18. De hygiënische gigolo

Muziek : Johan De Smet
Teksten : Kamagurka
Productie : Karel de Backer

Illustratie : Kama
Graphic Design :


My opinion

It's has been a while, but finally Kama has delivered a music-cd that is good enough to lick your thumbs and toes. Both halves of the brain are massaged with the emotional angle of the songs and the absurdist approach of the lyrices, or the other way around.
Luckily enough / Sadly enough (strike what doesn't fit in to your sense of humour) the entries in the "tactless top 30" from the Studio Kafka broadcasts (a radioshow on Belgian popstation Studio Brussel) by the gentleman named E. Wally from Ertvelde are not included on the cd (Ma-thil-de, Ma-thil-de). This co-presentor does however provides the vocals to the only song with english words on the album, and he does that in unparalleled fashion. The third co-host to the radioshow Herr Seele is also vocalist on one song, a rap song with a peculiar sense of rhythm called "De hygiënische gigolo" (the hygienic gigolo).
The remaining 17 songs are done solely by Kama Himself, who is as ever very efficiently and polyvalently supported on the musical side of things by his "compagnon de route" Johan de Smet. Kama's musical approach balances on the verge of cliché, caricature, out of tune and a parody on things that weren't even worthwile in the first palce. The result is a sort of withered crooning, blues on LSD, a charm singer with a set of ivories that refuse to twinkle. The surplus does have to come from the knowledge that all this is here for laughs.
And because it is very funny indeed most of the time, you won't hear us complain. As an example, some quotes : "Neen mijn lief, jij bent niet te dik. Maar één ding moet je beloven, voortaan mag ik weer vanboven" (no, my love, you're not too fat. But one thing you gotta promise, next time I can go on top again), or "Oooo Sabrina, wat heb je met mijn snor gedaan? OK, dat met die hamster in de fruitpers had ik niet mogen doen, maar ik kon het niet helpen: Ik had te veel gedronken, van je hond. Maar nu drink ik niet meer, van je hond. Want hij is leeg!" (Ooo Sabrina, what did you do to my moustache? Ok, that with the hamster in the blender was wrong, but I couldn't help it : I drank to much, of your dog. But now I won't drink anymore, of your dog. Because it's empty!". Or still "Ik ben een dakloos architect, en al mijn cheques zijn ongedekt. En ik woon in een doos, een doos die lekt" (I am a homeless architect, and all my cheques bounce. I live in a box, a box that leaks". And "en passant", and in between all absurdities, Kama still poignantly points us to the "pijn van het zijn", the pain of being.

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This Album in the Press

- Geert Stadeus in Het Nieuwsblad : "The tactless Top 30 is a remarkeable cd. Even if it was only by the fact that Kama seems to reveal himself in between all the nonsense. This time the songs were allowed to be about something".
- Bart van Dormael in Café Belge : "Our apologies to Johan De Smet, who is responsible for the musical framework, because we hardly heard him ... The Tactless Top 30 is mostly about Kama's delicious absurdities and at times - that's the way it is with good humour - keen obervations of Man And His Nature. ... Hilarious."

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