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KOLK - "Nachtschade"
(Columbia 494461 2)

Songs (click on the -icons for audio)
1. Lemmet
2. Uma
3. Huid
4. Liever
5. Winter
6. Mild
7. Lust
8. Bleue
9. November
10. Tijd
11. Roes

Production : Luc Gulinck & Gerry Vergult
Mix + additional production : Frank Duchêne

Recorded at studio Kolk, Gent, Louisstudio, Tienen, and Studio Aaltrack, Gent.

Musiciancs :
- Maud Verlynde : voices
- Gerry Vergult : synthesizers, samplers, programming, guitar, voice
- Luc Gulinck : synthesizers, samplers, programming, bass-guitar, voice
Guests :
- Pieter Gulinck : synthesizer
- Olivier Nkongolo Bia Munjila : voice
- Gerrit Valckenaers : piano, basklarinet
- Carol Minor : violin
- Ann Vancoillie : viool
- Traudi Helmberger : alt-violin
- Greet Gils : cello
- Boudewijn Buckinx : string arrangements
- JP Bouchard-Rees : drum-programming


My opinion

With one leg in the wave & punk of the eighties (Gerry Vergult & Luc Gulinck have a history in bands such as Aroma di Amore and Men 2nd), with a second leg in the contemporary drum'n'bass and dance-scène (synths & samplers & drummachines are everywhere), and with a third leg in "het nederlandstalige lied", such seems to be the idea behind this Kolk.
Singer Maud Verlynde sounds a bit like Queen Amidala in the new Star Wars looks like. Cold and warm at the same time, and far from frigid. With a colour of voice somewhere in between Della Bossiers and Geike Aernaert (of Hooverphonic, her voice(s) were recorded by ex-Hoover-Frank Duchêne).
A peculiarity is that the dutch lyrics to the songs are all from the hand of Gerry Vergult, and most of them written about a woman in the third person. Those words in the mouth of the female singer make up for an alienating effect.
Hopefully Kolk won't fall in the gap that exist between the musical tastes of contemporary subcultures, since it certainly is incomprehensible that neither cd-opener "lemmet" (enchanting single from the spring of 1999), nor "uma" (the current radio single) have (yet?) made it to a prominent place in the airwaves and your memory. This although both have the stamina and posture of a classic song.
Sadly enough, these two opening tracks also prove to be the best material on "Nachtschade". The tracks "liever" and "bleue" also show a slight display of hit-potential as a sort of dark and feminine version of the Pet Shop Boys, and the tracks "huid" and "tijd" (an arrangement of classical composer Boudewijn Buckinx) jump out by the wayward use of strings and are 'growers'. Lesser tracks are certainly "winter" and "lust" (Neon Judgement-beat that knocks the melody away) and closing track "roes".
In Dutch without being a barrage of cliché's, in the dance-scene without a fascistoïde beat, from the underground without being marginal ... O krinkelend winkelend waterding ... here's Kolk.

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This Album in the Press

- mvs in Café des Arts (De Morgen) : "Not one bad word about the music : it is so colourful and subtle that new details come to light on every new time you listen to it. "Nachtschade" gets better with each spin and has a title that perfectly summarizes it's main theme. If they work on the lyrics a bit more, Kolk has a bright future ahead.".
- mvs in HUMO : "Het uitgangspunt van de splinternieuwe Belgische groep Kolk leek op papier een goed idee : als er in het Nederlands met succes gerockt kan worden, dan zou de combinatie van hypermoderne beats en dansritmes en in eerlijk Nederlands gezongen teksten ook wel moeten lukken. En Iemand moet per slot van rekening de eerste zijn. De kans dat "Nachtschade" de aanzet vormt tot een nieuwe bloeiende scène, de muzikale mijlpaal waar over vijf jaar nostalgisch en met gepast respect op wordt teruggekeken, lijk ons echter bijzonder klein".

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