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MITSOOBISHY JACSON "Boys Together Out Rageously"
(Heaven Hotel 1999, HH99019)

Songs (click on the -icons for audio)
1. Lena Love
2. Mitsoobishy Jacson
3. Insatiable
4. Let's go swinging
5. Violence (don't fail me now)
6. Compilation tape
7. Memory Fast
8. Brink Returns
9. Jesus Cried
10. Dirty Cowboy
11. Map To The Stars
12. Put Your Love Jacket On
13. Foodchain of love
14. Mountain Glider
15. Beer
Bonus :
16 : For Your Recycling Heart
17 : My Favourite Crime

Written by Peter Houben, Mauro Pawlowsky & Paskal Deweze

Musicians :
- Peter Houben
- Mauro Pawlowsky
- Paskal Deweze
- Guy Van Nueten (keyboards)
- Hermand Houbrechts (drums)

Artwork : Herman Houbrechts (Beeldzorg)

My opinion

"It's all a lot of horseshit and no blue pearls" sings Mitsoobishy Jacson on "Map To The Stars". A very apt conclusion of this cd, some might argue, especially those who are currently waging a campaing against the "Antwerp scene". Because although there are only imported Antwerpians on this album (Peter Houben is from Nemo, Mauro Pawlowski is from Venus and Paskal Deweze from Werchter), this is a typical example of what the Dutch call "the Antwerp school". "Arty Farty", rambling from one style to another, desperately trying not to become tóo popular, poppy & catchy yet contrary at the same time ... all these qualities/flaws apply heavily to "Boys Together Out Rageously" by Mitsoobishy Jacson (the title and name alone!). But before jumping to conclusions, one should know that "Horseshit" is about the only dioxine-free manure available in this crazy country for the time, and that this album is completely filled with "Blue Pearls".
These blokes have learnt the trick of writing a catchy song quite well. Just as on for example "Profools" by compadre Daan, they seem to produce catchy tunes with the same ease as Geert Hoste ruins his jokes. At least half of the songs on this cd is the kind of song that should become a radio-hit, but won't.
Excellent fodder for the music-critics also, who are ROTFLTAO with the shameless and endearing way in which Mauro & co dare to ridiculize themselves. Listen for example to "Mountain Glider" - in which barking on top of a great funky bassline turns into a terrible smoker's cough - or to "Insatiable" - about one "Lesbian 16 in a jacuzzi or to "Brink Returns", to name just the three most insane track on the album.
Better not listen though to songs such as "Beer", "Dirty Cowboy", "Foodchain of Love", opener "Lena Love" and the "bonustrack" "For your Recycling Heart", because these songs turn and dally all the way to absolutely nowhere.
There also a number of gorgeous track on it, such as the fragile "Map to the stars", or the song "Mitsoobishy Jacson" - somthing about weed, but also with the beautiful line "Buy a parachute the color of the sky, a running joke for you and I" - or "Violence (Don't Fail Me Now)" and "Jesus Cried" - Beatles on the Dender - "Compilation Tape" - Lou Reed in a happy mood - or to "Memory Fast" - à la Mad Dog Loose. And give yourself in.
In short : when it comes to these kinds of albums, I'm absolutely "Insatiable". Long Live Mitsoobishy, and give a drink to Jacson as well.

And your opinion?
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This Album in the Press

- BVD in Het Nieuwsblad, May 29: "Also on this cd, MJ doesn't exactly give the impression that it is desperately striving towards world-domination. The cd feels a bit shabby and has a high we're-just-doeint-something-no-matter-what factor. ... MJ hardly reminds of Metal Molly, even less so of Nemo and completely not of Evil Superstars, but so what. The group brings pretty melodies that excell through their simplicity. An ode to popmusic."

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More about this group :

- The page about Mitsoobishy Jacson in this archive
- Contact : Heaven Hotel (+32.3.4582993) or Beeldzorg.

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