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(Dancedelic-D 1999, cat n° 3001)

Songs (click on the -icons for audio)
1. u.b. there
2. the fire
3. time
4. total wam bam
5. u. always
6. 1 direction
7. superman 3000
8. a new miracle
9. flash baby
10. u.b. there (d-mix)

Played & Produced by dirk da davo except track 4 and 5 : da davo & remo perotti
additional samples on track 8 & 9 : tb

Recorded at home & at "la bush".

Graphics : Elissa

My opinion

"You, You should've been there" (x 44), "The Fire (x26) The fire is getting higher (x6)", "Wam bam Slam bam, Call my name and here I am" (x24). "In one direction, baby (x4) You got me walking in one direction, baby (x20), Baby, baby (x8)", "Baby, baby (x60)", "Flash baby (x95), Isn't that beautiful (x8), Flash (x40), Flash Baby (x34)", "You, You should've been there (x30).
Thosse words are the highlights from the collected lyrics on this cd of Neon Electronics (or what we made out of them). On this basis we suspect that this cd is about the love for a one-wayed exhibitionist who came too late for a fire. Or something along that lines.
From Neon Judgement (because this is a project of NJ-half Dirk Da Davo together with Remo Perotti, Flemish TV-audiences might recall him as the "Sjamajee!"-man) this project has inherited the dark atmospheres. To that there have been added a firm gulch of electronic beats, samples and synths in various styles. At times from this mixture comes crawling a well-succeeded combination, such as on the single "u.b.there", the Kraftwerk-ish "Time" and the breakbeats of "u.always". But even more often this gives nothing but what is imho rather silly, over-repetitive and kinda boring.
For the time being, this cd can only be bought from the internet, through a brand new label. U there, in the real world, U haven't been missing much.

And your opinion?
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More about this group :

- Dirk Da Davo was part of the band Neon Judgement for years.
- the official website of Neon Electronics is
- Management : Groove Station. Tel : 0032-(0)75-940213. Fax : 0032-(0)9-2339337.
- Dancedelic-D has a website at, an e-mail at, a telephone & a fax at 0032-(0)16-294896 and an address at Blijde Inkomststraat 98, 3000 Leuven, Belgium.

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