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(1999, I Scream Records, 88.957.02)

Songs (click on the -icons for a small audio-sample)
1. In my Eye
2. 2009
3. Fishy
4. Born a sinner
5. Rock'n roll show
6. Jonas' Song
7. Back from nowhere
8. Bad feelings
9. Dog day afternoon
10. Shake me up
11. I want it now
12. 2.a.m.
13. (We are going on a holiday)

Produced by Paranoiacs & Frank Van Bogaert
Recorded at Ace studio (Aartselaar, Belgium)
Artwork : Hendrik at
Songs : Stevens & Stevens

Musicians :
- Hans
- Jonas
- Stef
- Axl
- Raf


My opinion

There's still life in the Flemish garages. It smells a bit stale, hasn't changed on single inch in all those years and thus is recognizable from a mile in distance, but it lives, and it has found it's way to new audiences. In the slipstream of the trend American "punk"-bands such as Green Day and other Offsprings have set some time ago, there has been found new room within the Belgian scene for 1-2-3-4 no prisoners rough rocking punkpop (eg. Janez Detd, Spanks ... and certainly these Paranoiacs).
Stevens & Stevens have gathered new people in the band, including the awesome Ashbury Faith-bass-player Axl Peleman. 12 (and an extra) song in 38 minutes : the tempo is fast and furious, pauses are down to a minimum. Our "Clement Peerens"-theory in this that they play so fast these days to prevent Axl from dropping his pants (he's the Flea of Belgium), but that's just my theory.
Included on "7 Day Weekend" are the six songs that made up their comeback-EP of last year "Back from Nowhere", and six and a half new ones. The Paranoiacs struggle their way through these without big dips (2.a.m., Shake me up). Within the tight garage-rock scheme some "new" influences can be heard : Clash-ish ska in "Rock'n'Roll Show", Levelers-ish speedmetal folkrock in "I want it now", Scabs-ish rock op "Dog Day Afternoon". Ohter songs would have fitted just like they are in the garage"boom" of fifteen years ago (eg. "In my eye", "Born a sinner"). Best song on the album for us was still "Back from nowhere", although "2009" and "Jonas' song" also can boast a killer chorus.
Paranoiacs anno 1999 : future indeed.

Sent-in Opinions :

Lieven Bousard wrote : "Well, The Paranoiacs sure proved that they still kick ass with this album, and I hope that 7 Day Week end won't be their last CD. Always in my heart. Hanske, rock on mate!!!"

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This Album in the Press

- Peter Van Dyck in Weekend-Knack : "Paranoiacs are back and haven't changed a bit. That's because they known damned well in what they excell : pointy, complexless punkpop. (...) Paranoiacs are fun."
- ts in Rif-Raf : "Depression? No spunk ? Then it's about time you put this disc in your cd-playre, it'll make you feel a lot better. (...) Simple punky rock'n'roll songs with choruses that yearn to be shouted along. (...) A welcome relief in the strongly intellectualised Belgian scene. Don't think, rock on!'

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More about this group :

- Paranoiacs' history in the Belgian Pop & Rock Archives
- Paranoiacs Official Site (to be opened soon)
- I Scream Records.
- Booking : L&S Agency (+32.(0)11/671701)


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