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PURPLE PROSE "Purple Prose"
(BMG Ariola 1999, Cat n° 74321 659962)

Songs (click on the -icons for audio)
1. Dirty Gold
2. The Heart Hunts Alone
3. L'amour lointaine
4. Estoy embriagada
5. I Didn't Know
6. Es wird schon wieder gehen
7. Dios te lo devolverá (Until Forgiveness Comes)
8. Little Death
9. The Voices Warned Me
10. Une voix nous manque
11. Southern Moon
12. Grand Tralala
13. Who Wants To Be Lonely?

Composed, performed and produced by Purple Prose

Musicians :
- Dani Klein (vocals)
- Werner Braito (harmonicas)
- Jan Cordemans (bass)
- Thierry Plas (guitars)
- Marc Ysaye (drums & percussion)

Recorded at Zoo homestudio, Brussels

Artwork : Jan Cordemans & VM2, photograph : Danny Willems

My opinion

Purple Prose is being sold with a little sticker on the cover with "Purple Prose, featuring Dani Klein from Vaya Con Dios". Of course, it's no small feature to have one of Belgium's most succesful women singers (apart from Soeur Sourire of course) as the vocalist in a band. The flipside of that medal is however that about all interviews & reviews fill three quarters of the space alloted analysing the end of Vaya Con Dios, speculating a possible re-emergence of Vaya Con Dios, comparing the quality with the songs Vaya Con Dios had to offer, etc ... etc ... So, it could well be that the promotion campaign for this album will lead to a bigger increase in sales of "The Best of Vaya Con Dios" than the copies of this album that will be sold. Not that the record firm would think that such a disastrous follow-up : Dani Klein has managed to sell this here hobby project to her former record firm.
So, Purple Prose is a sort of musical-friends-get-together, but the level of music-making is of a very high level : the voice of Dani Klein is still in tiptop shape, the harmonica of Werner Braito is given a prominent placing and acknowledges this without falling in the trap of note-diarrhoea, the member of Machiavel Thierry Plas and Marc Ysaye have undergone brain surgery before joining this band ...
Still, I get a dark brown suspicion (the color of the cd btw) that this won't be a big sales-topper. There are songs on it in four languages, making it possible for a large part of the worlds population to feel touched. But although the quality is there, there are just too few songs on it that really grab you. Despite this being a debut, the group sounds too often likes it's playing routineously. Only the opener + single "Dirty Gold" and the chilling "Who Wants To Be Lonely" have made a big impression on me. The rest - tranquil chanson-blues - didn't.

And your opinion?
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This Album in the Press

Peter Van Dijk in Knack : "To take a step back can sometimes have a healing effect. Two year after the end of Vaya Con Dios, Dani Klein can take pleasure in making music again. With her friends from Brussels she has chosen the simplicity of chansons that were marinated in blues".

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More about this group :

- Purple Prose bio in the Belgian Pop & Rock Archives
- Purple Prose official site.
- Contact : Eddy Godijn (

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