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BEVERLY JO SCOTT "Amnesty For Eve"
(Jour & Nuit, CNR 1999 - ARC 384)

Songs (click on the -icons for audio)
1. When the nickel drops
2. Chain Link Fence
3. Mona Lisa (Higelin)
4. Cool
5. Bye-bye Baby
6. Charades
7. Dinah Lee by Arnold Hughes
8. Daddy's Little Girl
9. Wide Open (R. Byrd)
10. Twisted
11. Heart For Sale
Bonus : Jean Baltazaarrr (duet met Arno)

Musicians :
B.J. Scott (vocals, acoustic guitar)
Lange Polle (guitars)
Luk De Graaff (guitars)
Bruno Deneuter (bass)
Walter Deconinck (drums)

Guests :
- DNA (scratches, loops, samples, genius), Wim Tops, Hans Francken (keyboards), Michel Massot (Trombone), Phillippe De Chaffois (violins), Aurelia Bovens (cello), Michel Berckmans (oboe), Michel Massot (trombone), Pascale Charpentier (piano), Yannick Fonderie (loops), J.P. Catoul (violins), Sabine Kabongo, Sylvie Nawasadio, Pascale Michiels, Françoise Vidick & Joanna Berlage (backing vocals),

Produced by Michel Gudanski

Coverdesign : painting by Marcel Gudanski, photography & philosophy Glen Sertin.


Press Release

"Amnesty for Eve" is a collection of works that range from the emotionally charged Chain Link Fence to the erotico-funk Mona Lisa Klaxon. Several of the titles were written in collaboration with her still existing band and makes this project all the more interesting.

The package also includes a special bonus c.d. " French Kiss " featuring four titles in French and the surprising frenglish duo with Arno , that is sure to get a buzz going. The duo is released as a promotional product only ( not to be commercialized) under the title of "Jean Baltazaarr ". It's a medley of two rock icons , Jacques Dutronc's " La Fille De Père Noël " and David Bowie's " The Jean Genie ", which could become, backed by it's dynamite video clip, is sure to make a great impact on media and public alike.

The future holds no bars for this prolific and energetic artist, who adores communicating with people from all over Europe, the United states, and Asia ( where she traveled and performed with Roland Van Campenhout ).

Be it through her music, poetry or good old southern cooking, Beverly Jo has left many a memorable moment behind her ? and she's stomping towards the future in loud clompy boots.

Source : BJ Scott - website


In the press:

- Bart Steenhaut in De Morgen, februari 1998: "This new record is probably the best of her entire career, yet it remains to be seen if there will be any buyers. The fact is that it is wrapped up in such a ugly cover that no-one with any tast whatsover would get it in house without torture. Too bad, because for the first time she has managed to give the recordings the same dynamics she give her live shows".
- Nieuwsblad, februari 1998 : "Finally a new record of this rocklady without compromise ... She hasn't made it easy for her record company : a lot of songs demand a few spins and are well over the four-minute limit. If the effect of the duet with Arno has faded away, what the heck are they gonna put out as a single ??"

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My opinion

In this country (and apparently in Switzerland too) Beverly Jo Scott had reached a very high status in music, based on her nice singles (from the period 1990-1993), a formidable live-reputation, a "genuine American" accent and the collaboration with a lot of other Belgian groups & artists. Yet that very reputation had been weakening these lats years. Out of ear, out of heart ?? It has been no less than 6 years since the last album (a silence that has been interrupted by a live album and a big number of gigs of course". So, with this "Amnesty for Eve" BJ had the task of setting matters straight again and reclaiming her rightful place in Belgian rock music.
To open that assault with a duet in the arms of Belgian rock animal n° 1 Arno by mixing two songs of Jacques Dutronc and David Bowie was a promising move. The fun that shines from the single "Jean Baltazaarrr"isn't around on a lot of tracks of the new cd however. Also the soul or gospel of songs such as "O'Desire", "Hey Nana" etc ... has vanished ... Quite often the choice has been made to bring drawn-out, broad, rather loud-rockign songs, in which BJ seems eager to prove that this grandma doesn't only rock her grandchild's cradle. Her main "asset", the flexible voice, is much less prominent then I can remember from her earlier work.
The climaxes on the cd for me are
- Cool (slow with Lone Justice-ish chorus)
- Charades (could be a single, rather traditional pop-rock with a few nice twists)
- Daddy's little girl (is bad to the bone. sluggish rocker)
- Wide open (if the whole cd was like this song, she'd rival for Grammy's)
- Heart for Sale (another very beautiful ballad).
But, it could well be that you would appriciate a whole different set of songs :
- The nickel drops (mine hasn't)
- Chain Link Fence (bombastic)
- Mona Lisa Claxon (cover of a song I've never heard, and probably that's why the purpose of this funky songs evades me. On the extra 4-track CD that comes with the first pressing, there's also a French version of the song)
- Twisted (another daughter on the rampage).
Conclusion : Comeback succeeded, with flying colours.

And your opinion?
Did I get it all wrong, or was I spot-on ? Do you want to share your opinion about this cd ? Send it in, and I'll put it up here !

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More about this group :

- More about this singer can be found at her brand new official website
- BJ Scott has of course been around for a long time already in the Belgian Pop & Rock Archives.
- Contact : DMP, Rue de Prague, 1060 Brussels, Belgium.


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