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THOU "Put Us In Tune"
(2000, PIAS - PIASB031CD)

Songs (Click the -icons for some small realaudio-samples)

1. Kids Do Ride
2. Weak Lady
3. Perverts
4. Soon Daladies
5. Amuse
6. C'est moi
7. Plasticine
8. Panic Breaks
9. Up To Me
10. Calling Me
11. London
12. Cool
13. Colour The Sun
14. Okeh
15. Before We Get Lovers

Musicians :
- Bart Vincent : vocals, guitars, accordion, rhodes
- Does de Wolf : vocals, piano
- Bart Depoorter : bass, slide guitars
- Kurt de Vylder : drums, conga, rhodes
- Boy : soundlab & Jx3P
Guests :
- John Parish : guitars, Rhodes, tambourine, shaker, accordion
- Richard Hunt : violins
- Si John : flügelhorn
- Mauro Pawlowski : vocals
- Pim de Wolf : guitar, loops, distorted Hammond, bass
- Vis : piano & Hammond
- Bart Maris, Pol Mareen, Mark Demaseneer : horns
- Jesse Vrielynck : double-bass
- Kristof Rosseel : musical saw

Produced & Mixed by John Parish
Recorded at State of Art (Bristol), Boy's Place (Gent) and at home.
All songs written by Vincent / De Wolf

Artwork : Beeldeman. Photo's : Does de Wolf


My opinion

Albums that grow on you, convince you bit by bit, tug you in, convince you, suck you in : Put us in Tune is definetely one of that kind. Quicksand love.
At almost every spin it's another track that strikes the ear. The range of sounds and styles is impressive, from cosy acousistic to Cardigans-ish rock, from indiepop to Nine-Inch-Nails-ish dark soundscapes, from triphop to This Mortal Coil. Thou is mighty effective with tones and colours, and the variety is even enhanced more by the three singers that carry the songs (Bart with Nemo-ish vocals, Bart with falsetto vocals, Does de Wolf with her innocent girly vocals). Thou cannot be confined to a small space, and that is her strenght, and perhaps also her weakness.
"Hurry, hurry hit me, hurry won't you hit me", it is the most catchy of phrases on the cd, and not suprisingly it is from "Weak Lady", the single that was released at the same time of the album. The other highlights are to be found on "soon daladies", the scheurrock of "c'est moi", the simplicity of "calling me", the increbible melody of "calling me", or the Mauro-ballad "before we get lovers".
The financial troubles, the fact of having to look hard for a publisher with the finished product in hand ... and despite credentials such as the production by PJ Harvey sidekick John Parish and the use of the Portishead-studio in Bristol ... this all becomes very unreal when you have the fine result in hand. Because "Put us In Tune" is a big step forwards for a band that was already very interesting ...

And your opinion?
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This Album in the Press

- Metro (De Morgen) : "Put Us in Tune of Thou is not one of the best Belgian albums of the first half of this year, but one of the best in general. The music ranges from scorching rock to a torchsong, with many steps in between."
- Surf-Inn : "Zoals de titel het al lichtjes doet vermoeden, de nieuwste cd van Thou verorber je best vr het krieken van de dag. Bij voorkeur tijdens een zwoele zomeravond met een pastis of een bacardi-cola voor het grijpen. 'Put Us In Tune' incarneert immers klankkleuren die zich best karakteriseren als droog, ruw, warm en wijds."

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