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TONGUE "[a]venture"
(2000, Magnet Records, M3)

Songs (Click the -icons for some small realaudio-samples)

cover, sleeve1. La scene
2. Catch it
3. Twenty Times
4. Plastic Star
5. Mords-moi le neu!
6. Two by Two
7. Happy As I Am
8. Fake It
9. Into Lie
10. TV Comedy
11. The Fox & The Bird

Songs : Tongue

Musicians :
- Joachim Cliquet: bass
- Cedric Gervy : guitar, vocals
- Etienne Vernaeve : drums, flute
- Sebastien Wilin: keyboards, backing vocals
- Thomas de Mot : guitar
- Dominic Ntoumos : trumpet

Productie: Tongue
Opgenomen in Magnet Records studio, Brussels, July 2000 & The Soundstation, Liège, June 1999.

Design : Sebastien Wilkin
Painting : José Lopez


My opinion

legend :
;-) = "tongue" in cheek
:-p = sticking out "tongue"
=:-i = punk rock smiley (with a pierced "tongue")
:-! = biting my "tongue"

Tongue was one of the first bands that had the guts to send in a demo to this site and subject it to our judgement. For which I thank them. The group is reaping the reward of that initiative now: a record deal for three albums with the brand new label Magnet Records from Brussels, and an outlook to fame, glory and a free ride at Marie-Jeanne close the Gare du Nord ;-)
Another possible advantage of this would've been that a number of songs on their debuutcd [a]venture had already passed my ear in an older, rougher, form. But I have to confess that it was not a pleasant reunion with them : "fake it" is pretty boring, and "plastic star" is emasculated: an intro of 2 minutes and 12 seconds before getting down to business is a bit too much. And the horny moaning of some plastic star cannot change that. Unfortunately, a number of the new songs are "sick in that same bed" (extended guitars with nagging keyboard, with a fixation on the own bellybutton). And the symfo-rock-operette "The Fox & The Bird", is no light in that tunnel either :-p
The album is dedicated to Jerry WX (real name Jean-Pierre Poirier, who died on July 10th of last year): a noble unknown for many, but for the underground scene in Brussels a (no longer) living legend who played on one of the very first Belgian punk singles with Chainsaw (with Mickey Mike), did something with the brothers Klang in X-Pulsion and experimented with keyboards in Digital Dance and with garagerock in The Revenge. Not only a happy circumstance for this poparchive, but also a ssymptom: Tongue plays music in the rear view mirror, and it is in the days of Jerry WX that the focus lays: eigthies wave, Psychedelic furs, somber bass-lines. Two lightspoint in this - probably - dead alley are "La Scène", the fresh single, and "Two by Two" that stands out because of the added value of a trumpet to the melody. =:-i
Lastly, the confirmation that Tongue is growing. Slowly, with the tempo of an African baobab in a very dry season, but still: growing. A little bit of adventure in the [a]venture, svp. :-!

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This Album in the Press

- et in Rif-Raf : "si l'on a pu qualifier leur démarche musicale comme "hésitant entre la mouvance actuelle tournant autour de Mogwai et un pop alert ébouriffée", c'est le second plateau de cette balance qui fait dorénavant le poid. '[a]venture est en effet un album intrinsiquement pop aux compositions alertes et éveillées. ... Venus a démontré qu'il y avait une place pour un pop belge francophone qui pouvait s'exporter hors de nos frontières étriques. Je ne sais si Tongue s'engouffra dans cette voie d'accès, mail il ne tient qu'à eux".
- 6 Bears : "Sur une base relativement classique et répétitive, ce groupe belge nous balance une musique hypnotique aux forts accents psychédéliques. ... le combo démontre en anglais qu'ils sont calibrés pour lutter dans la cour des grands. ... Autant de titres, onze au total, qui font de "(a)venture" un excellent premier album qui mériterait sans aucun doute sa place dans toutes les bonnes collections de CD. Un début de carrière fort prometteur à suivre de très prêt, donc."

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More about this group :

- Tongue at the site of their label Magnet Records
- Tongue bio & sounds at the time of their demo "E.P."
- Contact:
- Book 'em : Intersection, rue De Wittestraat, 20 B-1050 Brussel Tél: (0)2 640 83 17 Fax: (0)2 649 31 42


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