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(WEA 1999, 3984 29323 2)


1. Soulwax remix
2. Stuyven-Trouvé H.H. remix
3. Zita Swoon vs. La Sonora Starflam
4. Discoman (SKC home remix)
5. Live version
6. Love & Wisdom (Tom Pintens home remix)
7. Mac Bart remix
8. Video

Design : Tom Hautekiet & Aarich Jespers.

My opinion

Of course a warning is in place here : if you didn't like the original track "My Bond with You and Your Planet : Disco!"(and maybe it is even "chique" to say such a thing, now that the song has climbed up in the Belgian commercial charts !!), you probably will find this CD 7 times nothing. If however you were touched by the regular single or the CD-version, this remix-CD will offer you 7 new and amusing viewpoints on the song.
The remixes vary from complete cut-ups of the original (the Dewaele Bro's only keep some of the yells and dance the electric boogie on a chemical beat) to faithfull reproductions of the original (the "Heaven Hotel"-remix by Stuyven & Trouvé is nothing but the album version sent through a few echo chambers and with a bit of feedback).
The meeting between Zita Swoon and Starflam doesn't bring any particular chemistry : the rapcrew limits their contribution to a slightly changed beat, a number of "ah ha's" and a little rap ("Mais du fond de la forme, La Sonora transforme, Zita Swoon sort énorme, informe - conforme, de Liège à Anvers un front, La sonora pour le remix, Voici, c'est bon"). Still, this is the version of the song that - on its own - would stand the biggest chance of survival.
Stef Kamil's homebrew versie is very funky, but until the clever discovery of the old-witch voice there are too many off-tune organs wandering about in the song.
The home-remix by Tom Pintens is spacey and rather funny, that by mixmaster Mac Bart puts the emphasis on beats and basses and delivers the trance-effect it is aiming for ("up down turn around hit the ground come about").
The "Live version" is quite fast, but it is a dissapointment to find out that it is not one of the famous "disco medley's" they have been playing (at the Werchter-festival for instance they almost made a tent explode with a series of old disco-tunes). I guess we'll have to wait for a live-album to get that ??

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