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Our very own charts, with nothing but Belgian bands in it. You - the visitors to this website - decide who's in it and on what place (you can even win a prize - usually a cd - in doing so!!).
With lots of real-audio bits and dozens of links to illustrate the chart.

n° 1 in the past :
November 2001 dEUS "Nothing Really Ends"
October 2001 Ozark Henry "Rescue"
September 2001 Ozark Henry "Rescue"
August 2001 Zita Swoon "The Banana Queen"
July 2001 Zita Swoon "The Banana Queen"
June 2001 Tom Helsen "Slowly"
May 2001 Mauro "Let Me Know"
April 2001 Mintzkov Luna "Copper"
March 2001 Zita Swoon "Hot Hotter Hottest"
February 2001 Novastar "Lost & Blown Away"
January 2001 Novastar "Lost & Blown Away"
December 2000 Hooverphonic "Vinegar & Salt"
November 2000 Das Pop "The One"
October 2000 Hooverphonic "Mad About You"
September 2000 Mauro "A Faint Smile"

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De Afrekening
This chart is voted on by the listeners of the radio-station Studio Brussel. Usually on the verge of mainstream and alternative rock.


  • Ultratop Singles Top 50/40
    The Official Belgian Singles Charts, the "Bilboard top .." of Belgium. Note that Belgium has two sets of charts: one for the Flanders, and one for Wallonia. Variations on this list are the Radio2 top 30, or the Prima Donna.
  • Ultratop Album Top 50
    The Official List of Best-selling albums in Belgium. Some radio-stations have their own "flavour" of the ultratop (eg. the Stubru 50).
  • Vlaamse Top 10 / Top 10 Singles Français
    Best-selling songs in the Dutch / French language only
  • Ultratop Dance Top 20
The Belgian Dance charts.

IDP's Belgian Dance Chart 50
Broadcasted almost entirely via the web in narrow- & broadband + overview of new releases

On Air Topparade
Airplay chart of Topradio

Contact 40
Hitlist of radiostation Contact



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