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artist / song
Mintzkov Luna "Copper"
The debut single of the band that won Humo's Rock Rally edition 2000 (promo only).
Das Pop "Forever"
(album "I Love")

Mauro "Let Me Know"
The first solo-album of Mauro Pawlowski (ex-Evil Superstars) "Songs from a Bad hat" is awesome. This is the 2nd single.
D.A.A.U. "Mary Go Round"
The third album "Life Transmission" of Die Anarchistisce Abendunterhaltung has loads of variation. This tracks comes with rap-vocals of Ya Kid K (Technotronic).
Zita Swoon "Hot, Hotter, Hottest", first single from the new album "Life = A Sexy Sanctuary"
Ghinzu "Dolly Fisher"
Band from Brussels that's quickly gathering a devoted fan-base, voting like mad for this single from the album "Electronic Jacuzzi".
Monza "Van God Los"
The first single of the new band of Stijn Meuris (ex-Noordkaap), hovering at n°2 in "de Afrekening" and even entering the charts.
Zornik "Love Affair"
The 3rd from the Rock Rally 2000 also makes a splashing debut with a five-song EP and a radio-hit. Sadly, this limited edition EP is sold out.
Tom Helsen "Slowly"
Re-recorded version of the "I believe in ordinary sideburns"-song from the album
album "Tom is Doing Great".


Anton Walgrave "Show Me"
after a few gigs in Belgium with Arif Durvesh & Kevin Armstrong, he's back in the picture with his impressive solo-debut "The Hum".
New songs you could pick to enter the top:

- Starflam "La Sonora" Finally, the long-awaited album "Survivant" by this powerful hiphop-band has hit the shops. The first single is the poppy "La Sonora".
- Yum "Fake" Fake is the new single to come out of the debut album of Yum (Reinert D'Haene (Ashbury Faith) & dutch singer Lennard Busé) "Monokid", out on Sony.
- Laïs "Dorothea" , the title-track of the 2nd album was released a single - available in a few versions as well on the limited release of Dorothea. Laïs fans: check out the line-up for Werchter, or Marktrock, or Dranouter, or Boterhammen... Help! They are everywhere...
- COEM "How I Remember", Coem is short for Coin-Operated Entertainment Machine, and is Belgian guitar-band on a german label. 2nd album is called "Bandwi(d)thconsidertions"
- Darling Nikkie "Sugar Cane" Darling Nikkie is the current pseudo for Nikkie Van Lierop (Lords of Acid, Praga Khan, Jade 4U, ...) and "Sugar Cane" is the thing she's sucking on these days.
- Lords of Acid "Scrood Bi U" Said Nikkie is no longer the singer of LOA, replaced by Deborah Ostrega. Penthouse got quite lyrical over her "nicely manicured Belgian Beaver" (see article), and the lyrics to their songs ("I wanna be screwed by you, but anyone else will do, I wanna be screwed by you and you and you").
- Vive La Fête "Tokyo" Vive La Fête is getting close to releasing a 2nd album (in June) and has now released a vinyl-only single. Don't let this audio-excerpt fool you into thinking there's nothing more to it than saying "Tokyo" over a synth-beat. They switch to saying "Milano" a bit later on!
- The Dill Brothers "Right Time" The Dill Brothers are trying to maintain their reputation as one of the most exciting ska-bands from these parts with the album "Remedy" and have released this single to promote that idea.
- Moiano "Keep My heart with it" Peter Lesage & Friends get hyperfunky again with a 2nd EP of the project Moiano.
- Paranoiacs "In My Eye" Although the album "7 day weekend" is already almost 2 years old, the Paranoiacs are now releasing the opening track of it as a single, with video.

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