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artist / song
Mauro "Let Me Know"
The first solo-album of Mauro Pawlowski (ex-Evil Superstars) "Songs from a Bad hat" is awesome. This is the 2nd single.
Mintzkov Luna "Copper"
The debut single of the band that won Humo's Rock Rally edition 2000 (promo only).
Das Pop "Forever"
Although it might be time you started voting on the NEW single (The Love Program, see below). From the album "I Love"

Tom Helsen "Slowly"
Re-recorded version of the "I believe in ordinary sideburns"-song from the album
album "Tom is Doing Great".
Zornik "Love Affair"
The 3rd from the Rock Rally 2000 also makes a splashing debut with a five-song EP and a radio-hit. Sadly, this limited edition EP is sold out.
Yum "Fake"
Fake is the new single to come out of the debut album of Yum (Reinert D'Haene (Ashbury Faith) & dutch singer Lennard Busé) "Monokid", out on Sony.
Zita Swoon "Hot, Hotter, Hottest", first single from the new album "Life = A Sexy Sanctuary"
Starflam "La Sonora"
Finally, the long-awaited album "Survivant" by this powerful hiphop-band has hit the shops. The first single is the poppy "La Sonora".
Monza "Van God Los"
The first single of the new band of Stijn Meuris (ex-Noordkaap), hovering at n°2 in "de Afrekening" and even entering the charts.


D.A.A.U. "Mary Go Round"
The third album "Life Transmission" of Die Anarchistisce Abendunterhaltung has loads of variation. This tracks comes with rap-vocals of Ya Kid K (Technotronic).
New songs you could pick to enter the top:

- Venus in Flames "Cynthia's Gone" . Venus in Flames is Jan de Campenaere, a one-man band that made a lasting impression at the Rock Rally. Now he has a band and has finally recorded a studio-version of his best-known song (and he's even giving it away, as you can see on the MP3-page).
- K's Choice "Another Year", the 2nd single from the "Almost Happy" album, just as Sarah injured her leg and had to give her performance as headliner at the Pinkpop festival on a barstool. Sadly, the album isn't selling as expected, and Sony has even buried plans to release it in the States.
- Technotronic "Runaway Blues" , Jo Bogaert got the hang of his project again, and gave it the Moby treatment, based on voice samples of singer Vera Hall (the same voice of Moby's "natural blues", u weet wel "trouble so hard").
- Sue Daniels "Constant (raving)" . This is one of the stranger releases, as Sue Daniels is a man, and he is backed by Mauro Pawlowski, Cinérex, Rudy Trouvé . The track is part of the album "Paris", released on Heaven Hotel.
- Das Pop "The Love Program" , this will be released as the new Das Pop single soon (with as B-side a users mix). The radio mix of this song from "I Love" was done by Wim Tops & Peter Revalk of the recently "deceased" Wizards of Ooze.
- ABN & Rudeboy "XXtra Large" ABN wasted no time whatsoever to come up with the successor to last year's "Seriewoordenaar": the third album goes by the name "Nachtschade" and features this single in conjunction with the ex-Urban Dance Squad Rudeboy.
- De Mens "Denk je nog aan mij" , 2nd single for Frank van der Linden & Co from the album "Liefde". The female voice on this track is Tine Reymer (of Flowers for Breakfast, which is rumoured to have broken up). For the 1st time in Mens-history, a videoclip was shot.
- Praga Khan & Roos "Rhythm" . This disco track is curious because it's the first time that Roos van Acker sung on a track after she said goodbye to Eden.
- Ultracowboy "Over The Hill" . Peter Houben (Nemo) & friends have released another single from the forthcoming album "Feel Good International", although the single "alright" went by almost unnoticed.
- Sioen "Souvenir" . Sioen is often referred to as "Man Pierlé", a male version of singer An Pierlé behind the piano. He was hoping to get into de Afrekening with his best-known song "Souvenir" (not released), so he might as well try here.
- Monza "De Stad Kan Zo Koud Zijn" . Monza hung on the verge of getting the top spot in de Afrekening with "Van God Los" for several weeks, but never cracked it. To justify their position at Werchter more, they release this 2nd single. Album still scheduled for the Fall.
- The Semitones "Members Only" , Nu-metal isn't the prerogative of American or German bands. One of the main Belgian bands in this genre are The Semitones, ready to release a new album "Glitch".
- Danaë "Little Girl in Me" , pushed by BMG (as seen on Man Bijt Hond) towards stardom, "Little Girl in Me" is the first single from the album "Rain".

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