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Zita Swoon "The Banana Queen" :
"Hey My Life is OK" is the new chant. The most funky track of the album "Life= A Sexy Sanctuary" is also out as a maxi-CD out, with remixes by Tom Tom Club, CJ Bolland, Praga Khan, the video etc ...
Mauro "Let Me Know"
The first solo-album of Mauro Pawlowski (ex-Evil Superstars) "Songs from a Bad hat" is awesome. This is the 2nd single, still hanging on to n°2, but there's a new single already (see below).
Das Pop "The Love Program"
the latest Das Pop single (with as B-side a users mix). The radio mix of this song from "I Love" was done by Wim Tops & Peter Revalk of the recently "deceased" Wizards of Ooze.

Tom Helsen "Slowly"
Re-recorded version of the "I believe in ordinary sideburns"-song from the album
album "Tom is Doing Great".
De Mens "Denk je nog aan mij",
2nd single for Frank van der Linden & Co from the album "Liefde". The female voice on this track is Tine Reymer (of Flowers for Breakfast). For the 1st time in Mens-history, a videoclip was shot.
Venus in Flames "Cynthia's Gone" . Venus in Flames is Jan de Campenaere, a one-man band that made a lasting impression at the Rock Rally. Now he has a band and has finally recorded a studio-version of his best-known song
Yum "Fake"
Fake is the new single to come out of the debut album of Yum (Reinert D'Haene (Ashbury Faith) & dutch singer Lennard Busé) "Monokid", out on Sony.
Zornik "It's so unreal".
After the success of the debut single "Love Affair", Koen Buysse & co released this new song, which is doing equally well in the Afrekening etc.
Filip Kowlier "Welgemeende"
"a heartfelt <fuck you>, a heartfelt <you can kiss my nuts>", the lyrics go. Taken from the forthcoming album "ocharme ik", this rapper-turned-singer/songwriter from 't Hof van Commerce is preparing.


Sue Daniels "Constant (raving)" Sue Daniels is definitely a young talent from Antwerp, backed on his debut-CD "Paris" by Mauro, Cinérex, Rudy Trouvé and such. Recorded on Sundays, hence the "Sunday Afternoon Sound System" credited.
New songs you could pick to enter the top:

- Millionaire "Body Experience Revue" . Millionaire is the exciting new band of ex-Evil Superstars guitarist Tim Vanhamel (also known from his guitar work for dEUS on the Ideal Crash tour) & friends. This is a first single, a full CD will be out on PIAS in September.
- Ozark Henry "Rescue" . After his jazz-like excursion in the project Sunzoo Manley, Piet Goddaer is returning to his main band Ozark Henry. As a prelude to a new full cd coming up in the next months, he's now issued the single "Rescue". Watch out for his performance on Pukkelpop this month.
- Automatic Buffalo "What if we made love in the end" . The single "All Men Are Equal" missed the current top 10 by one measly vote, so we're willing to promote a 2nd song from the debut EP of this Luc De Vos/Ashbury Faith project.
- Wawadadakwa "Ayama Zira" This very festive combo from Antwerp made an "ode to all women" with the help of "het knappe Koor", and released this cheerful track as a single, with a number of remixes by DJ Stephanie etc ...
- Marka "Letches Bong". Serge Van Laeken, aka Marka, started out in the eighties with Allez Allez, but has been fine-tuning a solo-career in french chanson with a twist for some ten years now. "Letches Bang" is the prelude to a new album coming out this fall.
- Gido Van Gent "Mayuko / Plant den boel moar vol". Gido doesn't conceal where he's from (Ghent that is), by singing in the local dialect. A debut album "GidovanGent", produced by dirk Blanchart, is coming up in September.
- Mauro "Finish it all off (with love)" Mauro - that other ex-Evil Superstars - keeps on releasing songs from his debut album "Songs from a Bad hat" at a great rate. "Let me know" and "Faint Smile" both topped this list in the past, let's see if "Finish it all off" makes that three in a row.
- Gore Slut "Stop" . Gore slut is another one of the bands of Rudy Trouvé (dEUS, Dead Man Ray, Kiss my jazz ...). Stop is a first teaser for the album "Girls+Turtles", which will come out on Heaven Hotel/Virgin in the month of September.
- Jean-Louis Daulne "Zusje" . Jean-Louis Daulne is the - slightly - lesser known brother of Marie & Anita - Zap Mama - Daulne, but he has been steadily building his scat/funk/chanson-career as well. "Zusje (P'tite soeur)" is a tri-lingual single from his third album, which is simply entitled "Jean-Louis Daulne".
- Lester "Small Lies" . Lester is a new band, consisting mostly of ex-Beautiful Babies, and have taken their name from the main character in "American Beauty". "Small Lies" is their debut single. Check 'em out at Marktrock in August.
- Groove Cartel "Ultra Love" ("latin house" band recently signed to Universal, this first single features mixes by Llorca & Tcheelab, another production of Frank Duchêne)
- Bolchi "Get Your Groove On" Another fresh project in the dance-sector (formerly known as Bolchi 'n Imagu) whose demo was picked up by Studio Brussels. This band from Ghent around Jeroen De Pessemier promise to self-release this mix of pop & dance soon.
- Jo Lemaire "La saison des amours" : After toying around with the repertoire of Edith Piaf for a while, Jo Lemaire is now heading back to her own songwriting. A full album, "Flagrants délices" produced by Frank Duchêne, is coming up, and this is the first single of it.
- Mud Flow "Oh Yeah" (re-formed after a split, they too will be releasing a new - 2nd - album soon)
- Paul Michiels " Daydream" (another cover by the ex-L&M&Soulsister, but this is no wonder, as he'll be releasing a full CD "Forever Young" with nothing but cover in the next weeks).
- Tanja Dexters "Shake Your Thing" . Her "thing" now features dark coloured hair!
- D.A.A.U. "Piano Dub" One of the two tracks with vocals (by Angélique Willkie) from the "Life Transmission" album has been released as a (promo only) single, in a oembwaweebhoewadijabedabetundee mix, done by their producer/technician Phil Evans.
- Moiano "Putain Putain" . This is the cover of the legendary TC Matic song that won Peter Lesage & Co "de Prijs", the yearly contest for new bands on Studio Brussels. They turned this Arno-Aerts song into a sexy & funky track.

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