edition : August 15, 1999
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Voting period : August 1 - August 15. Number of casted votes : 135. Rejected votes : 12
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Pos Diff. Band / Song / Album Ra
1 = Zita Swoon "Our bond with you and your planet: disco!"
(album "I paint pictures on a wedding dress")
2 +1 Arid "Believer"
(album "Little Things of Venom")
3 -1 dEUS "Sister Dew"
(album "The Ideal Crash")
4 new Soulwax "Saturday meets Billy Jean"
(remix-track that can be downloaded from
5 -1 K's Choice "Cocoon Crash"
(album "Cocoon Crash")
6 +1 Eden "Party Girl"
(album "Seafood")
7 -1 Mitsoobishy Jacson "Mitsoobishy Jacson"
(album "Boys Together Out Rageously")
8 +2 Daan "Boots"
(album "Profools")
9 +6 Kamino "Donut"
10 -4 Hooverphonic "Lung"
(album "Blue Wonder Power Milk")
11 = Praga Khan "Visions & Imaginations" (album "21st Century Skin")
12 -4 De Mens "Radiohoofd" (album "Sex verandert alles")
13 = Kiss My Jazz "Easy Money" (album "In a Service Station")
14 +2 Q "Jelly"
15 +2 Gwyllions "I Can Hear Music"
16 new Milk Inc. "Oceans" (album "")
17 -5 't Hof Van Commerce "Mag et entwa mjir zin" (album "Herman")
18 +2 Buscemi "My Suitor"
19 new Soulwax "Too Many Deejay's" (album "Much Against Anyone's Advice")  
20 new Neeka "Eve" (album "Neeka")

out went (see the previous edition):
- Noordkaap "Geweldig mooi lied" (from 9)
- The Paranoiacs "Dog Day Afternoon" (from 14)
- Wizards of Ooze "Big Red Balloon" (from 18)
- Zap Mama "Rafiki" (from 19)

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