edition : October 17, 1999
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Voting period : September 27 - October 17. Number of casted votes : 236. Rejected votes : 21 (click on the -icons to listen to a small real-audio sample, click on the -icons to go and buy it at Frontstage. The links on the band-names take you to a biography, the links on the albums take you to a cd-review):

Pos Diff. Band / Song / Album
1 +5 Arid "Life"
(cd "Little Things of Venom")
2 -1 Soulwax "Too Many Deejay's"
(album "Much Against Anyone's Advice")
3 new Novastar "Wrong"
(first single from Joost Zweegers & co, winners of 1996's Rock Rally)
4 -2 Zita Swoon "Our bond with you and your planet: disco!"
(cd "I paint pictures on a wedding dress")
5 +4 Arno "In my Bed / Dans Mon Lit"
(cd "Le European Cowboy / A Poil Commercial)
6 -3 dEUS "Sister Dew"
(cd "The Ideal Crash")
7 -3 Arid "Believer"
(cd "Little Things of Venom")
8 -3 Soulwax "Saturday meets Billy Jean"
(remix-track that can be downloaded from
9 +4 Wizards of Ooze "Bustin' Loose"
(album "Almost ... Bikini")
10 -3 K's Choice "Cocoon Crash"
(cd "Cocoon Crash")
11 = Hooverphonic "Lung" (album "Blue Wonder Power Milk")
12 new Praga Khan "Breakfast in Vegas" (album "21st Century Skin")
13 -5 Eden "Party Girl"
(cd "Seafood")
14 new Fence "Always Ultra" (album "The Return of Geronimo")
15 -5 De Mens "Radiohoofd" (cd "Sex verandert alles")
16 +1 Kamino "Donut"
17 +2 10000 Women Man "Down & Out" (album "10000 women man")
18 -6 Clement Peerens Explosition "Asbak" (album "Vindegij mijn gat ...")
19 new Esta Loco "Lena" (album "Cerca de ti")
20 re Venus "She's so disco" (album "Welcome to the modern dance hall")

out went (see the previous edition):
- Hof van Commerce "Bol" (from 14)
- Mitsoobishy Jacson "Mitsoobishy Jacson" (from 15)
- Axelle Red "Faire des mamours" (from 17)
- Kadril "Van boord" (from 18)
- Ozark Henry "Ocean - slipping away from me" (from 20)

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